Title: The Daughter of Evil
Genre: Kingdom Hearts/Vocaloids(The Evil Series)
Rating: PG14
Pairings: Sora/Naminé(one-sided), Axel/Sora(one-sided), Axel/Roxas, (slight Roxas/Naminé if you squint)
Summary: Naminé is a crazily evil Princess with her twin brother Roxas, and when her love for the handsome Prince Sora is not returned... Roxas is sent out to 'deal' with the problem.

Note: This will probably make more sense if you youtube "vocaloid evil series" and watch those seven songs.



I was very so in love.

He had the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen and soft chocolate brown hair. He was kind and caring--he was perfect.

Sora--my knight in shining armor.

In between dull meetings with the peasants, who were just plainly annoying (I mean, really, asking me for money?), I would daydream of riding away with my perfect knight.

But, at night, I would sob into my pillow. Of course he would never want me. I was tainted. I was a witch, an evil witch.

If I couldn't have him... well, no one else could either.