Title: The Message of Regret
Genre: Kingdom Hearts/Vocaloids(The Evil Series)
Rating: PG14
Pairings: Sora/Naminé(one-sided), Axel/Sora(one-sided), Axel/Roxas, (slight Roxas/Naminé if you squint)
Summary: Naminé is a crazily evil Princess with her twin brother Roxas, and when her love for the handsome Prince Sora is not returned... Roxas is sent out to 'deal' with the problem.

Note: This will probably make more sense if you youtube "vocaloid evil series" and watch those seven songs.



My legs gave away and I slumped to the ground, only caring enough to keep my sobs quiet so I wouldn't attract attention and make my brother's sacrifice a meaningless one.

My Brother! My mind cried, howling for its twin, its other half.

I barely felt a soft tap to my shoulder. Looking up, I saw the red warrior woman who had been the leader of the rebellion against us--me.

I shuddered, sure that it was my turn on the guillotine now.

But she leaned down and offered me a golden pocket watch. "You dropped this." She said softly. It was the watch Roxas had given me when he told me to hide.

I clung to it, "Thank you, miss." I said, my voice a mere whisper. My words seemed to have some effect on her, because she smiled widely at me before turning to leave with the others.

With shaking hands, I undid the clasp on the pocket watch, retrieving the carefully written note inside.

"Please be happy, even without me at your side.

And I wish, that maybe if we get another try, we could be twins again. In some other life. What do you think?


I could only sob harder, nodding fiercely even though his eyes were sightless now.

How could I have been so blind to the person who was everything to me? So selfish as not to see his love?


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