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Mekt has also joined the legion, even though hardly anybody trusts him (in case you do not read memos or do not read this one or have veeerry poor memory, This will be mentioned in the story in this chapter). The Suppis (both of the Supermans) have came to the 31st century to visit the Legion. Enjoy!

Dialogue written like this are thoughts that are read/felt or are parts of thoughts/speech that are greatly exaggerated or very loud sounds.
Dialogue written like this are thoughts and sounds or terms that don't state what it is directly.

"Come in." The heavy metal doors creaked open. The commander was standing there. The Director looked at him, his eyes hard and cruel. "What is it?" "Um, the subjects that were suppose to be captured? They... they, ah... they managed to intercept and pass the security of Alkeria's lab and they stole one of their ships-". The director head was ready to explode for the thirteenth time in the same day. "WHAT?! Those smart mouthed, rebel subjects have escaped again?!" the commander took a few steps back and tried to find something else that would calm down the Director.

"Locate them down! Send all of the spies we have after them!!" The phone on his desk rang. He picked it up swiftly and holds it in a manner that suggests that he was going to throw it to the commander as soon as he was finished . "What do you want?! Hm? The subject's ship has gotten in an accident? Yes, I see... Earth? That is where they are going? Very well. Send several assassins after them once our spies find them. If they survive the accident." The director hung up and looked at the commander who was still in his room, and was still recovering from the outburst just a few seconds ago. "Tell all of the scientists and all of our followers to send all of the Demons available to Earth." He tuned away, and for the first time all day grinned. "They have no idea what's coming to them." There is another knock at the door. "Come in." Then a young woman with white-blond hair walked in. On her shoulder was a golden furred monkey.

"Ah, hello Mrs. Amleran. How are things at the Collage in Laurken, Europe?" "The Master has been busier than usually. He hasn't noticed any of our business yet, or at least he hasn't showed any notice of it. However," she paused for a moment. "... Lord Damien will be back at the Collage in a week, and he wants to show some sort of presentation, involving on of his recent expeditions." "The one up in Greenland, I suppose?" "Yes." The Director stared at her, his expression unreadable

"Will you be occupied with other business by that time?" "No, I shouldn't be." The Director gave another smile, but worse. "I want you to go and attend to this presentation of Lord Damien's. He may have important information to present that we can use... or keep the rest of the galaxy from learning of. If it has anything to do with it, you must start helping with our other operation." He turned away and looked into a small window, revealing a room with hundreds of tubes that all seemed to have some kind of creature in each one of them.

One of them broke and something that looked like a person emerged from it. Up close, scales and hair were noticeable. It had gills. It slowly opened it's mouth. It had several rows of teeth. It noticed a bird flying around. It reached for it, and grabbed. Then, it shoved it's head into it's mouth and bit it off. The Director's smile looked even crueler.

"After all, we owe what we have succeeded to do so far to our sinful Demons and the current youth, the children. Do we not?"

"That's the ship?" Cham saw the ship that was brightly on fire that had crashed into an asteroid earlier, igniting the fuel. It managed to crash land on a deserted artificial moon of Jupiter. Several people who saw the burning ship contacted the Legion once it had passed. "Yep. Let's get the passengers off of it while they're still alive," Superman instructed as he started to rip open a metal panel. "You mean if they are still alive." Every one turned to glare at Maya, a new tomboy legionaries with an attitude."Just saying."

Kell groaned at her smart-mouthed attitude. "Can't we just get the laser and shoot a hole through it to get in?" Lightning Lad was holding some sort of weapon that looked a lot like a gun, and was pointing it at the ship. "Yeah, sure Garth. Let's just find a faster way to get the passengers killed by shooting a laser in the ship, causing it to burn even more." Lightning Lad shot a look at Mekt, who had joined the Legion a month after his release from jail, but, due to his past crimes, most of the Legion didn't trust him. Maya did, since she had a brother who was a lot like Mekt when it came to crimes and redemption.

Then a loud crunch caught every ones attention as the metal panel was flung away and hot flames jumped upward. "CHARGE!!!" Saturn Girl and Mekt grabbed Lightning Lad who had almost jumped into the flames without turning on the fire protection shield that Brainy made for them before he left the Legion... which just made some of the Legionaries all depressed in the emo range for at least an hour. Especially the people who were very close to him.

Shrinking Violet then turned to Maya and Mekt. "This is going to be your first mission you two, and if you both screw it up, your both going to be assigned with chores and cleaning duty for the rest of your life. Or at least as long as you're in the Legion." "And it is going to scar my report card," Maya commented, which earned her a small smack from Saturn Girl. "Let's go!!" Lightning Lad jumped into the flames... and forgot to turn on the fire protection shield... again.

"OWW!" He popped back out, blackened with soot and carbon. And his hair was slightly burnt. "Is he always that clumsy?" Maya whispered over to Mekt. "Well, so far in my life, yes." Then her eyes met the glare coming from Lightning Lad's eyes.

If looks were ever able to kill, I would right now be something that had just came out of a sacrifice room without its gut.

"I'm going." With that she jumped down the open gap... after she turned on her fire protection shield. "Hey! This thing really works!" The other legionaries had already gone ahead of them, and after Mekt had gotten down, they both headed toward the part where several panels have caved inward. Lightning Lad growled to himself as he got ready go jump in again. "Wait!!" Too late. By the time Saturn Girl tried to stop him, he had already leaped inside and... well... considering his recent attempts... you can probably guess what happened to him. Yep...

"OUCH!" Saturn Girl groaned at Lightning Lad's repeated mistake then she turned on her shield and then she jumped down. "Honestly, can't you remember what happened before the first time?" "Can too." "Pff, you would have remembered to turn on the shield." After a moment of grumbling sexist about girls, he finally turned his shield on. Saturn Girl glared at him, proving that she over heard him. Then did a brain sweep, locating where the closest person was.

So... hot... my leg... hurts... broken... some one... any... one... help... me...

"There's someone in the room over there." She pointed to the right. Just when she finished saying that, a large piece of red-hot metal came crashing down from the burning ceiling and landed right in front of them, almost getting Saturn Girl. She turned to Lightning Lad, who also had a surprised face. "We better find those passengers now." With that, they headed to the right.

"Found anyone?" Maya strained her ears to hear Mekt's voice over the roar of the flames. "No! Just hot lead and steel!" She saw him silently but clearly curse under his breath. "C'mon, let's see if we can find someone in the next room!" She quickly sprinted over to him, not watching where she was going. "Maya!! Watch-!" Too late. A fallen bar of metal had caught her foot, and she fell flat and clearly on her face. "Augh!" She felt heat and some of the flames touch her face... wait, what?! FLAMES?! She pushed herself halfway up and looked at her legion belt which had the shield device attached to it. It was cracked.

Dang it. Then, while she was getting completely back on her feet, she felt something on her leg that stung, like if fire had entered and it was burning her inside the leg. Then she made another discovery. Her leg was cut by a piece of steel. The cut was about seven inches long and two and a half inches deep. "Maya!!" She looked at Mekt, who was already at the door way. "Come one! Look, I know that your injured, but not now!! The faster we manage to get the passengers out, the faster we can treat that cut!!"


Several bars had suddenly caved in from the ceiling. They were bended and red... from the heat... and some thing was spattered on them. It was also red. And it appeared wet. Maya stared at it for a while. "Come on!!" She carefully stepped over what ever was on the floor, and made it to the door way. "Gah!!" She stumbled over her feet, almost meeting the floor with her face again. Mektgrabbed her at the very last second and held her in the air for a few seconds. Then he held her even higher. "See if you can see any one!! Or at least some thing interesting!!" Maya felt herself whimper as she sensed the distance from her feet to the floor.

Karma or what ever-slash-who ever is in charge of all of this action-payback and destiny stuff, if others and me-... er, I, can just barely manage to get out of this damn, (BEEP)-ing situation and successfully manage to rescue the passengers, I will give up fried rock-cactus-fruit lizards, even though at home, they are part of the main diet and fried rock-cactus-fruit lizards are sooo tasty. I'll even give up any sort of chocolate if I have to... hold on, I TAKE THAT BACK!!!

After a minute of being held up in the air like a five year old (much to her fear and embarrassment), she saw a metal panel move. "Mekt!!" He looked up and slightly and carefully brought her a little lower. "There's a panel moving over there! Someone may be underneath it!!" She pointed over to the panel that was slightly shifting.

Blang! Clruckle!

Shockingly, the piece of metal suddenly was flying across the room, almost getting the Duo. "... O-kaaay..." Then, something jumped up from where the panel had once been. It was a person, a girl. She appeared to be around the age of fifteen or possibly fourteen. She had brown hair, and she was wearing a jean jacket and a pair of jean pants. She was wearing a medium-sized brown back pack that looked like it had been through a lot. The girl was looking around wildly as if she was in a cage or something. "Um, HEY!!"

"GAHH!!" The girl suddenly slipped and landed on her back. Maya quickly leaped down, and was reminded with a sting of her injured leg. She started to limp over to the older girl. Her legs gave out just when she was at least five feet away from the girl. Now she had a good look of her face. Her facial appearance definitely suggested that she was older than Maya, but only about two years. Her hair fell as bangs that covered her fore head.

"Look out bal-low!!" A loud voice suddenly bellowed from above the three of them. The taller girl stood up and opened her eyes, revealing them to be amber colored with vertical slits for pupils, looked up and then her eyes went wide. "Oh, holy mol-ey." Then as the two Legionares looked up-


Suddenly, something just landed on the older girl, making her go "Oof!" and caused her to sit on the ground on her rear end. It was another girl, only smaller. She was around the age of seven, with short, blue, curly hair. The older girl now seemed to be fully aware of what was going on. "Inua! " The smaller girl, who had blue regular eyes, looked up at the older one, showing her face that was covered with soot, dirt and blood. "Ookami!!" Inua wrapped her arms around 'Ookami', and her embrace was returned with a small embrace. "Inua, where are the others?" Inua looked up and gulped. "I saw Ringo and Amaroq with this boy in a room above, but-" "Excuse me?" Theyboth stood up when Maya spoke to them, finally noticing her. "Uh, hi. We wont hurt you guys, were here to help," Mekt said while looking at the both of them.

They both stared at Maya and Mekt for at least ten seconds. Then, Inua trotted up to them and tugged on Mekt's cape with both hands and looked up at him, her innocent blue eyes pleading for something. "Mister, are you and that girl really here to help us?" Maya looked at Mekt, who was looking at Inua and smiling. "Yeah, we are here to really help you guys." He ruffled her blue hair making her curls bounce a bit. Maya tried to stand up, only to stumble a bit, before Ookami caught her. "If you're injured, you might as well treat your wound a bit." She turned to Inua. "So what is it about Ringo, Amaroq and uh... what's-his-face?" "I don't know who the other guy is, but they..." as Inua paused, she started to cry.

"What is it, sweetie?" Ookami looked at her. "... They are trapped in the room. Some of the ceilling caved in and blocked the door way. Amaroq and Ringo were trapped under some of the bars, so they... they can't..." she cried a bit more, leavingstreaks on her face. "Where is the room that they are in?" Mekt asked as he knelt down. "It's 'hic' upstairs, next to 'sniff' a tank of 'hiff' something. It was 'sob' green wi-'hic'-with a yellow and black su-'cough'-sign on it." Maya felt her stomach sink. An explosive radiation tank.

"What did the other kid look like?" Inua tried to rub away unwanted tears. "He, he was wearing this purple and black suit... and he had blond hair..." Far in the back of Maya's head, she knew that person, as if he was from a dream or maybe someone told her about him. "... He had green skin, and three white circles on his fore head." Mekt was silent before he spoke. "I know that person." Maya looked at him. "You do?" "Actually, most of the Legion does as well." "Who is he?" He was silent before he answered.

"Brainiac 5. The guy who left the Legion for five five months ago. Now he's here."

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