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Summary: He was the single father, working as an Emergency Room doctor, not able to spend much time with his daughter. She was the gunshot patient, he was assigned to treat. ExB, canon pairings.

So far the day had entailed way too much chaos. Then again working in a hospital always entailed chaos. I hadn't been home in nearly twenty hours. I had decided to work two shifts in a row, so he could be home over the weekend. I hoped he wouldn't get paged in, I needed a break.

If I didn't love my job, I wouldn't be doing it. The job entailed endless commitment and patience. Sometimes I didn't think I had any of either left. Then an emergency would come in and I'd realize I had more strength than I ever thought possible. The number of patients I saw always varied. Some were so poor they could barely afford the bill of there medical treatment and were some of the nicest patients, while others had money out the wazoo, and treated everyone around them like crap. In the end though, I was only the doctor, I did what he was supposed to do, and that is save lives.

I knew from the time I was little I had wanted to be a doctor. It just seemed natural to me. My father was a doctor and every time he came home, no matter what the day entailed, he would always tell stories of what his day had been like. He was always positive, always willing to do whatever it took to keep his patients happy and well cared for. So in the long run, I wanted to be able to do the same, be just like his father.

I knew my shift was almost over. Even after working as many hours as I had, I wouldn't sleep when I got home. I always had to spend a good hour reflecting on the days and/or nights events. I couldn't sleep without remembering all the patients I'd seen. Some whom I'd saved and others who I had lost. I was always looking for ways to make myself better, because being better and more efficient at my job allowed me to react quicker to emergencies. Although there was no time for relaxing I still had a job that had yet to be finished.

Suddenly the emergency doors opened and the paramedics rushed in.

"What do we have?"

"Female, 21 years of age. Gunshot wound to the upper right shoulder and another one to the lower abdomen. It appears she also may have been beaten."

I took one look at the victim and knew she was in terrible shape.

"Get her in trauma room, number 5."

I could only watched as they rushed her in the room. Adrenaline coursed through my veins, making me quiver in anticipation of what would come in the next few hours.

"What's her name?"

I looked over at one of the paramedics. I watched as they quickly opened up the chart..

"According to the I.D. we found on her, her name is Isabella Swan."

Isabella, although somehow I felt she liked to be called Bella. I decided not to worry about what she liked to be called; all I was worried about was saving her life.

"Get X-ray in here, I'm not taking any chances are where those bullets are located. Get me the results, ASAP."

"Yes doctor."

I watched as, Angela, one of the nurses rushed off to do as she was told. I quickly stood by his patient's side, assessing her injuries by eye. I could see many bruises on her naked skin. Her clothes had been stripped off. Here right shoulder and abdomen were tightly compressed. She was pale, way too pale. There was most likely internal bleeding; surgery was definitely a course of action. A blood transfusion was also going to have to be given.

"What's her blood type?"

The nurse quickly looked through the report that the paramedics had done. She shook her head.

"Let's get a test kit in here; this girl is going to need a transfusion."

A nurse immediately had a kit waiting. I could only watch as a slender finger was lifted and pricked. The nurse swiped the drop of blood off with a testing stick. I grabbed it as it was handed to me. –A. I was glad there had been a blood drive a few weeks earlier. As X-ray came in, everyone stepped back. The X-rays were done and over with in a span time of 5 minutes.

"I'll get you those results as soon as possible."

I smiled tightly, knowing time was running out. It was of utter importance that the bullets be found and located before any surgery was even attempted. It seemed like hours before the X-ray tech was back.

"Dr. Cullen, the results are in."

I quickly excused himself and headed to radiology. The radiologist rushed him over, putting three X-rays on the board. The radiologist turned it on and the bullets were easy to see.

"It appears this bullet, the one in her shoulder, is just below the collar bone. While this bullet is, 4-5 inches above the pelvic bone. It also appears there are 3 broken ribs."

I studied the X-rays very carefully, making sure to collect all details, take everything in. In surgery no mistakes could be made, the patient didn't deserve it. He could only give a nod of thanks as the X-rays were handed to him. It was going to be a lot longer shift than I ever could have anticipated. It was time to go to surgery and save a patient.

Author Note: Alrighty, this little plot bunny just hopped into my head while I was laying on the couch with horrible nausea and back pain. A Tums and 2 ibuprofen later, and I had the energy to write this. I'm not sure how good it was, seeing as how I am NO doctor, although I do watch my fair share of medical shows. I hope the character (Edward) stayed in character. I've never written a story as him as a doctor, so I'm trying to keep him professional. Hopefully the chapters will get a little longer...I have trouble with making the on the short side.

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