Hospital Escape

Adam: Kris, is this really necessary?

Kris: YES! It is.

Adam: UGH. Kris, how are we going to get you out of the hospital? Your leg is broken and you're supposed to stay here for like three days.

Kris: I dunno. Can't you like come up with something?

Adam: Why do I have to make all the plans?!

Kris: Cuz' youre good at it. I'm ditzy, remember?

Adam: ugh…fine!

Thirty Long Minutes Later:

Adam: Okay heres the plan! I'm a doctor and I'm taking you to surgery. You're deaf/you cant talk.

Kris: Why am I deaf and why cant I talk?

Adam: Because when you speak you generally screw everything up.

Kris: That hurt. Right here Adam. *points to heart*

Adam: *rolls eyes* Moving on! Okay we can do this. Just don't talk, okay?

Kris: But but I have important things to say….

Adam: Well hold them in. I'm sure the world can do without them for a few more moments.

Kris: FINE.

Adam: Okay here lets put you on this rolling cot thing.

Kris: Kay.

Adam: *helps Kris onto cot*

Kris: Okay let us go forth! HUZZAH!

Adam: Kris…remember our discussion?

Kris: No, not really. That shiny television was distracting me.

Adam: *sigh* Okay, NO TALKING!

Kris: Why are you always so edgy? I won't talk gosh!

Adam: Okay here we go! *pushes Kris out of room*

Kris: *whispers* ADAM!

Adam: Kris. No talking.

Kris: But ADAM!

Adam: no kris!

Kris: But I need to go to the bathroom!

Adam: OMFG! Kris! You can hold it.

Kris: Nooooo, I can't!

Adam: Well try!

Random Doctor: Hello Doctor, Whats this patient in for?

Adam: Uhmmm…surgery?

Random Doctor: Oh what kind?

Adam: Uhmmm. A sex change.

Random Doctor: Oh. Okay, well Doctor you're going the wrong way.

Adam: Ooops. My bad. Thanks.

Random Doctor: No problem *walks away*

Kris: I'm getting a sex change? I don't wanna be a girl!

Adam: No Kris. You aren't getting a sex change.

Kris: Oh, but you told the doctor I was!

Adam: Kris, I lied. We're trying to get out of here, remember?

Kris: YOU MEAN YOU LIED TO A DOCTOR!? OMG! Adam! That's a crime!

Adam: Kris. Do you want to bury the damn doll or not?

Kris: Well yeah. I mean I…I…murdered him. *sobs* It would be cruel of me if I didn't bury him!

Adam: *rolls eyes* Well just go along with what I say and all will be well!

Kris: FINE!

Adam: Okay then. Lets go!

Kris: Poor Stephen….*sobs*

Adam: Kris STFU! You're deaf and you can't talk, remember?

Kris: fine….*sobs silently*

Adam: *rolls Kris down the hallway*

Kris: Adaaaaaaaaaaaaaam……

Adam: Shuttup Kris!

Kris: But Adam I gotta pee! Really bad.

Adam: Hold it!

Kris: UGHHH.

Adam: Stop complaining! *runs into doctor*

Random Doctor: Oh you again. Here lets take the patient in. I'll be operating today. Sex change, right?

Adam: Yeah. . . *Kris punches Adam* OWW!

Random Doctor: Did you say something?

Adam: Oh no, Sorry doctor continue please.

Random Doctor: Okay well I'll be back in 10 minutes.

Adam: Okey dokey.

Kris: ADAM! Get me out of here!

Adam: Okay okay okay! *rolls Kris to the window* Okay I'll just gently lower you out of the window. Kris…why are you wet?

Kris: I couldn't hold it…

Adam: OMG…Kris….*gently lowers Kris*

*loud smacking noise*

Kris: OW OW OW OW OW! Damn it. I thought you were going to lower me gently.

Adam: Sorry. You're slippery.

Kris: *moaning*

Adam: Okay I'll take these ugly doctor clothes off and meet you down there. Don't go anywhere!

Kris: How the hell am I gonna go anywhere? My legs broken….*mumbling* thanks to you…

Adam: Oh Kris get over it. I'll be there in a few moments.

20 Minutes Later

Kris: Adam what took you so freaking long?!

Adam: Well I was really hungry and there was this really hot guy…

Kris: MY LEG IS BROKEN AND I PEED ON MYSELF! And all you can think about is food and hot guys. EPIC FAIL

Adam: Well excuse me. Lets go bury the damn doll.

Kris: Oh Stephen *sobs*