A/N: This is my first NCIS fanfiction, the characters are tough to write, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

Shai is pronounced Shay.

"Boss, that's a baby." Tony said as he looked up from his desk when the elevator dinged and Gibbs walked out with a toddler in his arms.

"Yeah DiNozzo, it is." Gibbs said as he set the child on the ground and walked to his desk.

McGee sat with his mouth open as he gazed at the little boy then back to Tony and Gibbs. "Uh, Boss?"

"What, McGee?" Gibbs asked frustrated as he looked up from his computer at the younger agent.

"Whose baby?" Tim asked cautiously as the little boy stuck his thumb in his mouth.

"I don't know." Gibbs said. "Someone knocked on my door at 4 in the morning. I answered it, and there he was." Gibbs continued looking at the little boy. "Just like that, with a bag."

"What's his name?" Tony asked as the little boy turned and looked at him.

"Shai." Gibbs said causing Shai to turn his head quickly and look at Gibbs.

Tony pursed his lips and studied the boy. He was maybe 20 months old, black hair, piercing green eyes, slightly tanned skin, and obviously shy.

"What are we gonna do with him?" McGee asked.

"Tony's gonna take him down to Duckie then to Abby." Gibbs said as he walked by the little boy and ruffled his hair before heading up to the stairs to Vance's office.

"Good luck." Tim laughed as Tony's eyes followed Gibbs.

"Shut up, McGeek." Tony hissed as he stood from his chair and straightened his tie before walking over to Shai. "Hi."

"Hi." He said softly as Tony held his hand out for Shai to take. Shai looked at it hesitantly before looking up to where Gibbs disappeared.

"It's okay." Tony said. "I won't bite."

"Tony, you don't even know if he speaks English." Tim laughed.

"He said Hi, McGee." Tony shot back.

"You said it first."

"Shut up." Tony said as he smiled gently at Shai.

With his thumb still in his mouth, he reached his other hand up and softly took Tony's as he was led down to autopsy.

"Duckie?" Tony called as he walked into autopsy. "Palmer?"

"To what do I owe the pleasure, Anthony?" Duckie asked as he stepped into the room.

"Gibbs wanted me to bring Shai down to you, then to Abby." Tony said as he let go of Shai's hand.

"Nice to meet you, Shai." Duckie said as he reached his hand out to the little boy, who gave it a gentle shake. "I am Dr. Mallard but you can call me Duckie." Shai simply nodded.

"Okay then." Tony started. "Call me when you're done."

"Done with what exactly?" Duckie asked.

"I figured you would know." Tony groaned and Duckie just gave him a questioning look. "Shai was apparently dropped on Gibbs' doorstep last night, and Gibbs brought him here."

"On his doorstep?" Duckie questioned.

"That's what he said." Tony shrugged. "I guess he wants you to examine Shai, do blood work?"

"Okay." Duckie said. "Come along, Shai." Duckie said as he walked over to an examination table and helped Shai get up on it. "Where do you think you are going, Anthony?"

"Squad room." Tony said turning back to Duckie.

"Not so fast, my boy." Duckie laughed. "You should stay with Shai."

"Okay." Tony groaned as the elevator dinged and Gibbs walked out.

"Whaddya got, Duck?" Gibbs asked standing next to Duckie, giving a small smile to Shai.

"I was just about to get started, Jethro."


"Well, Shai." Duckie started. "Do you speak English?"

"Duck, he's barely two, he doesn't know what he speaks." Gibbs said and Tony laughed.

"Shai, where's your mother?" Duckie asked as he looked over Shai's head, arms, and legs.

"Ima?" he questioned removing his thumb from his mouth.

"Ima?" Tony questioned as he moved to stand next to Gibbs.

"It's Hebrew for mother, mom." Duckie explained.

"Hebrew as in-." Tony started but Gibbs cut him off.


"Ima!" Shai squealed at his mother's name.