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BEEP BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP BEEP! "GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING SINGLETOWN! It's a wonderful, sunny, Tuesday morning and it's time for true love and romance cause' it's a VALENTINES DAY!"

Ohhhhhh, shut up already. We ALL know what day it is. Just nobody cares…..

Of course, the talk show host had said a few more things and all, but I sure wasn't listening. I silently got up from my bed. Curse my Grandpa for putting my bed in front of the window. The sun rays can hurt too early in the morning! I made my bed and slumped my way over to the dresser. What was I going to wear today? Oh yeah. Pink. Pink and green. Like I always wore. Honestly, Wendy was right when she said I needed new clothes.

Wait, I forgot you didn't know who "I" am. Sorry, my name is Cathy Smith. I'm 700 in HUMAN years, in Rhapsodian (sp?) I'm just 14. Umm… Did I say alien-I mean Rhapsodian? I ment…..oh what's the use. I'm sure the Galactic Commander won't mind. I'm from planet Rhapsodia. So am I an alien? Yes, yes I am. I came here to earth with my Grandpa to start up and age old secret society. At first we didn't know who was going to join the MBC. For those of you whom don't know, that's the "Monster Buster Club." However, as soon as we landed we were in front of 3 human kids, and that's exactly how many more members we needed in the club. So it kind of ended up like that.

(Normal POV)

"Grandpa! I'm going to school! Bye!" Cathy zoomed out the front door, closing it on her way out. She lied to you all this morning. She actually gets VERY pumped up about Valentines Day, more than anybody else sometimes!

"Hey Cathy! Wait up!" A dark skinned girl made her way up to her best alien friend. "Hey Sam!" Samantha was the yellow member of the MBC. She often played an alike part of a leader. She wasn't the leader though. The MBC didn't have a leader. It kept people of the club from fighting. "Can you believe it? It's already Valentines Day!" Somehow, the only one who could possibly beat Cathy at hyperness on this romantic holiday was Samantha.

"Let me guess…..your hoping Chris will ask you out?" Cathy whispered to her slyly. A dark cherry blush crept across Sam's facial features. You see, Sam had a secret crush on Chris. Cathy was the only one she told. "N-N-NO!" Sam turned away from the pink Rhapsodian. Cathy just kept staring at her as they continued to walk. Sam turned around to face her best friend again. "Okay. I am hoping he will." Cathy smiled in victory. "But please don't tell anybody!" Samantha gave her a pleading look. Cathy smiled at the yellow member. "Hey, you're keeping MY secret hidden so why wouldn't I hide yours?" She responded. Sam smiled in relief, blowing some old air out.

"Hey guys! Wait up!" Sam's blush returned and she walked a little faster than Cathy, because Cathy stopped. "Sam, stop! Chris is coming!" Sam stopped but she still had her back turned towards the two friends. Chris, the blue member of the group, also the tech guy, ran up to his two feminine friends. "Hey! What's up?" "Nothing much Chris just….." Cathy smiled at Sam. "Giving Sam a few romance pointers!" Sam: turned around and looked at Cathy frightened. "CATHY!!!" Cathy just smiled and winked at her. "I already gave her all the girl pointers I could POSSIBLY give her, now she needs a guy friend's help!" Chris looked at Cathy strangely. "Uhhhh okay. So what do you need me to do?" Sam gave Cathy a pleading look that said 'please don't!' Of course, this only made Cathy want to do it more.

"Well Chris, let Sam explain her scenario and tell her what she needs to do to get this certain guy's attention!" With that, Cathy walked away, leaving the two kids to stare blankly at her as she left. "Sam? Are you okay? You look sick." Chris commented. Sam just looked at him for a second then turned away. " Uhhhhhhhh…" Chris stepped in front of her. Sam took a giant gulp as he put his hand on her forehead. "Hm, you don't have a fever, but your cheeks are burning up." Chris grabbed her hand. "Well come on. Let's go. We're gonna be late if we don't." Sam's blushed tripled in darkness as he lead her to the classroom of doom.

Cathy sat down on a bench outside the school. Everybody else was chatting somewhere else this morning. I wonder why…Cathy thought. She looked sadly at the ground witch, because of the season, was covered in flower pedals and such. The reason Cathy was so upset was because, besides Jeremy, what guy would want her? The only guy that had ever asked her out was Jeremy…never the guy she really DID like. Cathy was in love. Complete, and utter, love. The person she was in love with: "Hey Cath!"


The object of her affection rode on a skateboard towards her. He was the red member of the MBC. His jokes made her laugh and his smile made her melt. Cathy was in love with: "H-hi…Danny." The boy skated over to the blond.

"How's it goin'?"

"Same as always."

"Still haven't been asked out Cath?"

"No…no I haven't…"

"Don't worry. Jeremy is SURE to break that record today!"

"Hah. Hah. Very funny. What are you gonna' do about Wendy?"

"Ummm……." The spiky haired teen did his classic 'Confused to heck' face, earning a giggle from the alien girl. "Well who are you gonna' ask to be your VB buddy?" VB stood for Valentine Buddy. It was her and Danny's little nickname for a Valentine date. Cathy's face turned a little red and she turned away. "I…uhhhh…" She turned back around. "Danny….I was wondering…if-" "Like, Hey Danny!" The two teens turned to see the school snob, Wendy, walking toward then. Danny was crushing on her BIG TIME, which made Cathy jealous to say the least.

"H-h-h-h-h-hi….W-w-w-Wendy…" Danny stammered. Wendy made her way over to the two. OHHHH! WHAT IS SHE doing here? "Danny, I was like, wondering if you wanted to be my like, Valentine." Danny's face light up and Cathy's turned into a look of pure sadness. "O-Of course W-Wendy." Wendy smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "I'll call you so we can go out to dinner tonight. Like, bye!" Wendy traveled her way off to class. "I wonder why the sudden change of heart is with her." He shrugged it off. "You were saying something Cath-huh? Where'd she go?" Danny looked all around for the Rhapsodian. "Huh. I wonder where she went. Oh well." Another shrug was formed by his shoulders as he made his way to the building.

When Danny reached class, he saw Sam and Chris sitting down and talking. "Hey guys!" Well Cathy obviously didn't come to class…where did she go? Danny took a seat next to Chris. "Hey Danny!" Chris greeted. "Hello!" Sam greeted obviously in a daze from the blue haired boy in front of her. Danny smiled when the door opened to the classroom to reveal the blond that had left when Wendy came by. "Hey Cath-" He stopped his sentence in its tracks when he saw her hair was covering her eyes and that her clothes had a few wet spots on them. Was she crying?

(Chris's POV)

I looked up when Cathy entered the room. It was obvious she had been crying for some reason. How? Her hair was covering her eyes, probably to hide the wet streaks on her cheeks, spots on her clothes were wet and it wasn't raining, and to top it all off, she kept her eyes focused on the floor.

(Sam's POV)

Oh poor Cathy. What did Danny do this time? I just KNEW that the kiss mark on his cheek wasn't from her! Cathy doesn't use that shade lip-gloss! Yeah, the secret you might remember from mine and Cathy's conversation was the fact that she was in love with Danny. I'll ask her what's wrong during class. Just as I was thinking this, Cathy sat all the way on the other side of the room. Yeah…Never mind……

(Cathy's POV)

When I saw her kiss him, I knew that that's probably the end of it. Me and Danny most likely would not be together. I felt water fall onto my shirt so I looked up to see if it was raining. It wasn't. I touched my cheek. It wasn't raining, I was crying. Why, why was I so stupid to believe that it was possible me and Danny could ever even REMOTELY be close like that. Tears started to fall harder. Part of me wanted to stay and watch. The other part of me said to run and try to avoid Danny.

Guess which one I listened to…..

I could feel myself sprint out into a run. I turned on my heel and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I closed my eyes and begged for it to be over, for it to be all a dream and to wake up from it…I didn't wake up. It wasn't a dream. The pain that I felt when I tripped and fell was real, the jealousy I felt when I pictured him with her was real, the tears I felt try to calm me were just as real as anything that's ever happened to me. Only one thought crossed my mind.

How could I be so stupid?


I entered the classroom, my hair trying to hide my bloodshot eyes and the tears that I was still crying. "Hey Cath-" Danny stopped his sentence short. I could see the worried look that Sam and Chris gave me. Soon, Danny joined them with the worried look. I couldn't bring myself to say anything to them. I couldn't bring myself to say anything to him. All I did was walk over to the other side of the room, the farthest place from them, and look out the window so I wouldn't have to stare at the continuing worried glances I was being given.

(Normal POV)

Mr. Fusster entered the room. "Good morning class. Due to my new book on how aliens could never exist in a million years, you all may talk amongst yourselves the whole class." With that said, Mr. Fusster took out his new book and started reading. "P.S. You may move about as long as you find a seat and sit down."

(Sam's POV)

I, of course, DID want to help Cathy, so I tried to get up. Only, Chris tugged on my arm and pulled me down. "This is most likely Danny and Cathy's problem. We should send him over there to fix it." He whispered to me. I smiled and whispered to Danny. "Danny, why don't you go over there and talk to Cathy. She seems really upset." Danny looked at me with a worried expression then sighed and got up from his seat and walked over to Cathy.

(Chris's POV)

Okay, I didn't know for SURE if it was a problem between Danny and Cathy, but something just told me to keep Sam by my side today. And that's what I'm gonna do.

(Danny's POV)

Okay, this is weird. Why is Cathy so upset? Was she really crying? Who made her cry? I was getting more and more worried about her by the second! I saw Sam make a motion for me to come closer to her. I leaned over and she whispered in my ear. "Danny, why don't you go over there and talk to Cathy. She seems really upset." I looked at her worried. Then I figured, Hey? Why not? So I sighed and got up and walked to the other side of the room to ask Cath a few questions.

(Cathy's POV)

I frowned slightly more at Mr. Fusster's little announcement. I turned my head the least bit slightly to the left and saw Sam get up, Chris pulled her down though and whispered something to her, did I see blush? She smiled and nudged for Danny to come closer. She whispered something to him and he hesitated for a few then got up. What was he-awwww HECK NO! He started walking towards my direction and I moved my head away. I could feel him sit in the empty chair next to me-curse you Mark for moving, and moved it extremely close to my desk. I kept my eyes centered out the window.

(Normal POV)

Danny scooted his desk towards Cathy's. "Cathy?" She kept her eyes looking out the window. Danny gained his worried expression. Cathy…we need to do this is private…"Hey Mr. Fusster? Can me and Cathy go outside really quick? I need to talk to her privately." Cathy's eyes widened at this question. No Mr. Fusster…..please…no-"Of Course Daniel." NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Cathy felt a hand on her shoulder as she was pulled up from her seat and taken outside.


Cathy was put against the wall and Danny leaned next to her. "Cathy? What's wrong?" All Cathy had to do was look at Danny with her hair away from her face to let him know what's wrong. Danny's eyes widened. "Cathy…are you…"

(Danny's POV)

Is she jealous of me and Wendy? Does Cathy like me?

(Normal POV)

Cathy stared at him then moved her face away when she felt fresh tears coming. She felt Danny get in front of her and lean on the wall still. (For those of you who watch Sonic X it looks exactly like how Sonic was flirting with Amy in that one episode on the cruise.) "Cathy…why are you crying?" Cathy's tears started fallings willingly down her cheeks and she looked away. "Cathy. Please." Danny touched her cheek and moved her face to look at him. He could tell it WAS him she was sad about because tears were still going fresh down her cheeks. "Tell me what's wrong. I really care and I'm worried about you." Danny had no IDEA what he was doing. Was he flirting with Cathy? Wait. He loved Wendy, didn't he? Then why was he doing this?

Before his thought could go any further, His and Cathy's watches started to beep.

(Cathy's POV)

Tears continued down my cheeks as I felt a hand lean over the wall right next to my head. I got slightly confused when I realized what he was doing. He was leaning against me! "Cathy…why are you crying?" I looked away so he wouldn't see my blush. "Cathy. Please." He touched my cheeked and pulled my face towards him so I was looking straight at him. Crap…he can see my face clearly. "Tell me what's wrong. I really care and I'm worried about you." I could see that he was worried and that he really did care. I was about to respond to him when our V-coms started beeping. Whew…..saved.

(Normal POV)

Danny growled in slight annoyance at the small machine but he brought it up to his face and opened it. "Uh oh. Cathy, we've got trouble. Let's go." He grabbed her hand, earning a dark blush to cross her cheeks. "D-Danny….I…" She pulled her hand away. Danny looked back at her. "Huh?" Cathy looked at him with hurt eyes and walked to her locker. "I….can't bring myself to talk to you right now….MBC! Power up!" Cathy opened up the locker and stepped inside just as Chris and Sam left the classroom.

Danny stood there with a shocked look on his face. Sam walked up to him. "Danny, what the heck did you do?"


The MBC arrived at the scene. Cathy stood behind Sam and Danny stood in front of Chris. Danny took a look back at Cathy then sighed, turning back around. What did I do?

"Sam, I mean, guys? I'm getting a high reading of alien activity! It's off the charts!" Sam blushed and Cathy lightly smiled at them. They're so cute together…Cathy sighed. "Well well well, looks like I found you my love!" The MBC turned and looked all around. "What the HECK was that? Who's there?" Danny commanded more then asked, getting his blaster ready. Sam heard a slight worried breath come from Cathy. "Cathy? Are okay?" She turned and saw Cathy had a look of terror on her face.

Chris turned as well. "Cathy? What's wrong?" Danny turned to Chris then looked at the frightened Rhapsodian. The pink member never took her eyes away from them but kept backing up. "No….." She whispered. "He…found me……" Sam looked at her troubled friend. "Who found you?" "I DID!" The human MBC members turned their attention from their friend to a giant machine coming up from the ground.

"What in the?" Chris commented. An alien was riding on the shoulder of the galactic machine. "Greetings, MBC……I am Prince Galaxy, soon to be ruler of the planet Gensor," The alien stopped his introduction speech and smiled evilly. "…..and your friend there's fiancé." Everybody's mouth dropped and they turned to Cathy, whom still had the frightened look on her face. "Cathy?!" They said at the same time. Danny was extremely worried at the thought. No….please don't tell me Cathy's really….why do I care? Cathy snapped out of it then looked at her friends. "I…I'm sorry…that I didn't tell you guys." Danny face dropped. "Awwww, what's the matter, in love with my bride?" Danny turned around to face the alien.

"There's no WAY Cathy loves YOU!" The alien frowned. "Well of course she doesn't, she's my prize." "WHAT?!" Sam gasped taken aback. "Okay! Now THAT'S what sexist is!" Chris commented. "No, guys. I…I am a prize…I did it to rescue Grandpa. He got kidnapped by their kind….and Galaxy had an attraction to me…so…the people in their kingdom had a contest to get me and he won. However, me and Grandpa escaped…we knew he'd find me though…"

Prince Galaxy smirked. "I'm so...so…sorry for getting you guys into this mess…" Danny turned to her. "There's no problem Cath. This guy needs a good busting anyway!" Danny turned towards Galaxy. "HEY! LEAVE CATHY ALONE!" Galaxy glared and shot Chris, Sam, and Danny with some type of ray. "DANNY! CHRIS! SAM!" Cathy looked up worried at her three friends. "GAH! WHAT THE OW HECK IS THIS!" Danny screamed. The three friends screamed in pain as they were shot back through the air and into the ground. "GUYS!" Cathy screeched after them in horror. She turned slowly towards Galaxy.

"I'll be back, princess." His smirk only grew. "You better have a good answer ready when I arrive…" With that said, Galaxy teleported away. Danny forced his body to finally move from the ground. "Who the (Hey! Let's keep the rating low!) was THAT dude!" "Whoa Danny! Language!" Chris noted. "We'll protect you Cathy, we'll just have to stick closer in communication." Sam got up and comforted Cathy. Chris and Danny followed suit. "Come on. We better get back to school…" Cathy's attempt to cheer up failed. "Well, we'll trespass if we do. School's over now!" Chris corrected. "Oh…." Cathy sighed. Well…she probably forgot all about our little…problem by now. Danny stepped up to Cathy. "Do you want somebody to walk you home?" He attempted to put a hand on her shoulder only to have her move away in a sad motion. "N-no……I'll…be fine…" "Cathy. You have a love-crazed MANIAC after you! You need some sort of protection!" Sam pleaded to her. Cathy kept her eyes on the ground. "I don't want any more of you getting hurt…"

Before anyone else could say a thing, Cathy zoomed off back to her house. "CATHY!" Danny threw his hand out to stop her but Chris put a hand on his shoulder. "Just let her be for now." "Yeah. She's not exactly peachy with YOU right now!" Sam agreed full heartily. Danny looked at them with unsure eyes yet soon gave up when his eyes were matched with stern ones.


The next day, everybody went through their same old routine. Well, almost everybody, because usually Sam, Chris, Danny, and Cathy would meet up in front of the school. Only three of them were there. The yellow, blue, and red members had shown up that morning. The pink member did not arrive. When the team got to their class, the pink member was absent. This left a single thought in everybody's mind. Is she gone?

The MBC came to stop by Cathy's after school. After all, that's just what they did. The three members stepped inside the clubhouse, the switch was on so that the MBC equipment was showing. "Hey Cathy!" They all greeted as they saw her sitting on the moving thing. (I seriously didn't know what to call it! Sorry! XD) "Why weren't-" Sam gave a death glare at Danny that said 'she's probably still mad at you so shut up.' "Why weren't you at school today?" Sam finished Danny's sentence. Cathy looked at them. "I don't know…I just didn't…..I didn't….I just don't know anymore." Cathy was baffled. Why DIDN'T she go to school today? Never mind, she knew exactly why. She knew Danny would be making kissy faces with Wendy…and she couldn't bear to see that.

"Hey guys! There's an alert on the computer!" Chris stated as he set his book bag down. The blue tech made his way over to the super computer and began typing things that would confuse anybody with an IQ of under 170. "It was that Galaxy dude again! Isn't it?!" Danny exclaimed in an angry tone. "Yeah! It was!" Chris answered. Cathy gained a worried glance at the computer. "Don't worry Cathy! We'll protect you! I promise!" Sam said. "We better hurry though, he's gonna' cause trouble for the whole PUBLIC pretty soon!" Chris examined. "Well then, LET'S BUST EM'!" Sam yelled.


The MBC arrived, guns in hand. "OKAY PRINCE CHARMING! WHERE ARE YOU!?" Danny ordered. "Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I see you came." Galaxy appeared in front of the team, laughing maniacally. "Give up now Galaxy! The MBC always wins!" Sam exclaimed. The alien prince simply rolled his eyes. "So, sweet heart, have you made your choice yet?" Cathy growled at him. "That means NO WAY Mr. Tall Dark and Dangerous!" Sam translated. "Oh, is that so? Then I guess your little friends there won't live…" Galaxy took out some type of control with only two buttons on it, one red, and one blue. The MBC looked at each other and Galaxy pressed the red button.

The Human members of the team suddenly started to grasp their chests in pain and they fell to the ground in agony. "GUYS!" Cathy screeched. She turned her head towards the evil prince. "How are you doing this?" Sam managed to push out between her lips. "AH!" "Well…you DO remember that gun that I shot all three of you with, right?" Cathy's face got a look of horror all over again. "No…" she whispered. Galaxy laughed. "Yes, my sweetie. The gun held them there for so long in the air to place small microchips into them, which, if hurt them long enough, could eventually kill them in say, a few minutes?"

Cathy gasped again. What am I gonna' do? I don't wanna' marry him, but if I don't……Cathy slowly closed her eyes and leaned her head to the ground. "Cathy…ah….don't…do it!" Danny squeaked. She looked up with a defeated look upon her face. "………I'll do whatever you want…just don't hurt them." The MBC gasped. A single tear fell from the Rhapsodian's eye as she stepped towards her soon-to-be- husband. "CATHY! NO!" Sam ran up from where she sat in the dirt and tried to run towards the two. "Don't interfere!" Galaxy hissed as he threw six blocks towards the MBC, which made a shield between them and the two aliens. "AHHH!" Sam flew backwards into Chris's arms. "Sam! Are you okay?" Chris asked. "Yes." Danny got up quickly. "NO! CATHY! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR DOING!"

Cathy made a sad smile towards Chris and Sam. "Chris…Sam…you guys are the best friends a girl could ever ask for…Good luck." Chris and Sam looked at each other and blushed then turned back to Cathy. Danny looked a little upset about Cathy not saying anything about him. That is, until: "Danny…even though you're a flirt…" Cathy slowly walked towards the shield that separated them. "……and even though you love Wendy…" Cathy put her hand onto the shield. Danny went up and placed his hand where her's was. "Danny…I've never loved another person more in my entire life…" Danny's eyes widened as those words escaped her mouth. That explains it…that explains it all! The reason why she was crying…why she left when Wendy kissed me on the cheek…she's in love with me!

"Cathy…" Danny breathed. Cathy smiled at him as a few more periods of salty water fell down her cheeks. She retreated back towards Galaxy, whom was looking a little annoyed with her confession. As she was boarding the ship she said one last thing. "I hope you and Wendy have a great relationship without me…" Danny's eyes widened slightly more as the plane door closed the cubic shields exploded and disappeared. Danny ran off after the ship, which was high in the air. "CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The ship flew away, leaving the MBC. Danny fell to his knees and punched the ground. "How…..HOW-punch-COULD-punch-I-punch-BE-punch-SO-punch-STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!" Danny threw his hand one last time into the soil. Sam nodded for Chris to unwrap his arms from her. He nodded in return and unwrapped his arms, allowing the girl to stand up.

"Listen, Danny, I know that she loved you and that it ment a lot to you that she was safe, but you can't beat yourself up over it!" Danny looked up. "I know…I just…I can't believe I let her go…" "You didn't." Chris said as he got up. "We have one final chance to get her back. The wedding is going to be here on earth. We can crash the wedding and get Cathy back." Danny stood up. "Well I know one things for sure…I'm not going to let him get Cathy. Not our Cathy…" Danny turned around. "Not my Cathy…" he silently mumbled. "We better get back to the clubhouse so we can analyze where the wedding will be." "Sam's right, let's go!" Chris cheered.


So, How was my first MBC story? You guys were expecting Cathy to be kidnapped when she left the MBC in the middle, didn't you? XD It's okay, I thought she would too, but then I changed my mind! ^^ I know, I know. The characters were REALLY OOC in the beginning! Just give me an honest opinion, okay? Thank you! R&R!