Prologue: Searching

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A figure stood looking out of a window. He was in an observation booth above the stands in a moderately sized auditorium. Throughout the floor of this auditorium, a large number of tables had been set up. Gathered around each of these tables were groups of children who seemed to be enjoying themselves. Upon a closer inspection, the children all seemed to be engaged in the same activity. That activity was a card game.

The card game was known as Duel Monsters. It was a strategy based trading card game that had captivated young children across the globe. It even had its own television series, as well as a few video games. However; it had all started with the card game. This auditorium was currently playing host to a local tournament. This tournament had been sponsored by the man who was watching from the skybox.

The man was dressed in a suit and had a clean cut appearance about him. His short silver hair was brushed back and his yellow eyes were covered by a smart looking pair of glasses. He was watching the children intently, although he did not seem to be focusing on any game in particular. He was interrupted when a younger man in a suit bolted into the skybox. He stopped for a moment, panting, and then walked up to the first figure.

"Mr. Telham," he began, "I was hoping I'd find you here. The board of directors is in an uproar. You were supposed to be there today for their meeting. They wanted you to see the demonstration for the next…"

The man was silenced when Mr. Telham held up his hand. "You can give the board my apologies, but there was something much more important to attend to."

"You may think that, but the board disagrees. What are you doing out here anyways?"

"I'm searching for something; something critically important."

The young man looks puzzled for a moment, but then a thought crossed his mind. "By important, do you mean it relates to the Elemental Guardians?"

"Indeed it does, so you'll have to come up with some excuse for the directors."

"Of course sir, but what could you possibly be looking for out here?"

"Why, the sixth and final Guardian of course."

"In this little out of the way town? Why do you think the Guardian would be here?"

"It's all thanks to instincts, my young friend. They guided me here, and I have been rewarded."

"You mean you found him?"

"Not just yet, but I'm very close. I can sense his energy amongst those here today. With any luck, that power will guide him to victory in this tournament, and prove him worthy of the task ahead."

"Is it really going to be that simple?"

"Unfortunately, nothing is ever quite that simple. Sadly, we don't have enough time for more rigorous testing. We must find him before they do."

"Ah, that reminds me of the other reason I wished to find you sir. However, I regret that I am not bringing much in the way of good news."

"Regardless of good or bad, if you came all the way here, it must be important. Now tell me; quickly."

"Of course sir. I was told to inform you that we located the Guardian of Earth, as you instructed us. Unfortunately, we were not able to reach her before they did."

"That is unfortunate indeed. What of the Earth Guardian on the other side?"

"I'm afraid we have lost that as well. They are now in possession of five of the guardians on both sides."

"Then we may begin to notice the effects soon. This means that the Guardian of Light remains our only hope. Fortunately, he is right in front of us today. What about the one from the other side."

"We have managed to keep that one safe. I imagine you'll want to give it to the Guardian once you pick him out from this crowd."

"Of course I shall. The Guardian can only function if both sides are present. If it had not been for hesitation on my part, we might have gotten the Earth Guardian as well."

"You mustn't blame yourself for that sir; such a mistake could have been made by anyone."

"Even so, I hold myself responsible. However; if I can convince the Guardian of Light to join us, then I can still set things right. Speaking of which, I would like you to bring it here."

"The other side's Guardian of Light?"

"Yes; as I said it must be united with our Guardian of Light as soon as possible in order for disaster to be averted. While you're at it, bring that. It would probably be a good idea to equip him with it at the same time."

"Yes sir, right away," said the young man before hurrying out of the skybox.

With that, mister Telham turned to observe the tournament once again. The number of children present was starting to diminish, since the tournament was nearing the end. While many children had remained to trade cards or play fun matches, the actual tournament had reached its final rounds. Four children remained; one of whom was the Guardian of Light.