Chapter 12: Connections

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Amanda looked at Igor, dumbfounded. Somehow he had known what her face down card was, but she was not willing to believe that he had psychic powers. That aside, she was still at a disadvantage against this opponent. It was his turn and he had just summoned a monster stronger than the one she had out, and his declaration made her think he had some way of removing her trap card, even though she hoped against it..

"I think you just got a lucky guess," taunted Amanda. "Besides; even if you know what my card is, you can't get around it that easily."

"Oh, so you don't think my abilities are legitimate eh?" came Igor's reply. "Perhaps this will convince you: in your hand you are currently holding 'Plaguespreader Zombie', 'Mezuki', and 'Zombie Master'."

Amanda grimaced; he had been right about all three cards. "That still doesn't mean you'll win."

"Perhaps not, but it does give me a distinct advantage. Now I shall show you why. I summon 'Destructotron', in attack mode."

Since Igor had only performed a Synchro-Summon this turn, he was still able to summon a monster normally. This new monster was mechanical in nature, with four thin legs supporting him. Its chest was a mess of wires and tubes, the center of which had an eerie glow. Its head resembled a television set with a deformed head inside it. Its arms were also a mess of wires, and ended in four-fingered hands. This new monster was weaker than the first, with sixteen hundred attack points.

"Now by paying one thousand life points, my 'Destructotron' can destroy one face down spell or trap card on your side of the field."
Igor's life point counter dropped to fourteen hundred, and 'Destructotron' stepped forward. It raised a mechanical hand, which shot out a spark of lightning. The bolt struck Amanda's face down card, shattering its projection. The Duel Disk ejected the card from its slot and the light on that slot turned red. When Amanda removed the card, the light went back to normal, indicating that the slot could now be used again.

"Now I'll have my monster attack you! First; 'Magical Android' will take out your monster, and then 'Destructotron' will attack you directly."

Igor's 'Magical Android swung its weapon in the air without getting any closer to Amanda's monster. Instead, the weapon generated a shockwave, which tore through 'Il Blud', causing him to be destroyed. The remnants of the wave nearly knocked her off her feet as her life points dropped to thirty-seven hundred. Immediately afterwards, 'Destructotron' struck her directly with an energy bolt, causing her to wince painfully and let out a grunt. She was shuddering a little in the aftermath, and her life points dropped to twenty-one hundred.

"Ergh," grunted Amanda, "no wonder Alex didn't want us getting involved. This stuff hurts."

"Like it or not, you're involved," replied Igor. "Master Michael saw you the day he first sought out the Guardian of Light. Since your friend decided to be uncooperative, Master thought it might be best to acquire something with which to coerce him."

"Which is why you came after me, Tom and Will, right?"

"That is correct, but you so much more so now. Although I had to send the other two back to him, you will suffer a different fate."

"How so?"

"Simple; you will become the Dark Guardian's servant right here once I defeat you."

"Care to run that by me again?"

"Master Michael is capable of taking over the minds of others. Due to my psychic talents, he is capable of channeling that ability through me. However; he must first make a conquest of the person to be controlled. Once I defeat you in this duel, you shall be sufficiently conquered, and the Dark Guardian will take control of your mind."

"What exactly does controlling my mind get you with Alex?"

"That should be fairly obvious, even to those without psychic talents. With his friends at the mercy of his opponent, the Guardian of Light will have to surrender. This will allow the Guardian of Darkness to obtain the power he needs to complete his mission."

"Like hell I'm gonna let you make me a part of that!"

"I'm afraid the only way you might stop that is by winning this duel. Believe me; that is not going to happen, so you might as well save yourself the hardship and surrender now."

"That ain't gonna happen, ugly."

"So be it; it is your turn now. But before that, my monster has a special effect. I gain six hundred life points for each psychic monster on the field." Igor's life points rose by twelve hundred for a total of twenty-six hundred.

"Fine then, let's get this going!" Amanda drew her card, but Igor chuckled at her.

"Your 'Pyramid Turtle' is too weak to stop my monsters. Still; it might be able to forestall the inevitable, since that seems to be your goal."

Amanda grunted at Igor but didn't lash out at him. It was true that her 'Pyramid Turtle' monster was fairly weak by itself, with only twelve hundred attack points and fourteen hundred defense points. However; once it was destroyed, she would be allowed to summon another zombie monster from her deck, so long as it had two thousand or fewer defense points. She had one zombie in mind that might be able to hold off against Igor while she put together a plan to beat him. She set the 'Pyramid Turtle' face down in defense position, and ended her turn.

"It is now my move," called Igor, drawing a card. "My 'Magical Android' will attack your defending monster, since I already know what it is."

'Magical Android' swung its weapon again, aiming for the image of Amanda's face down monster. The monster was revealed, and its form was that of a rather large turtle. However; in place of a shell on its back it carried an entire pyramid, although it was presumably smaller than the actual ones in Egypt. The monster was destroyed, but this only cause Amanda to smile.

"Now the special effect of my monster activates!" she called. "Now I can summon another monster from my deck, and I choose 'Ryu Kokki'!"

Amanda's Duel Disk immediately ejected a card from her deck, which she saw to by the one she had designated. She smiled at this feature and placed the card on the field. Her new monster materialized quickly, and dwarfed the other monsters on the field. It was a massive, skeletal, humanoid form. However, instead of regular bones, its entire body was made up of smaller skulls. The only exceptions were its claw like hands and a red jewel in its chest. Her new monster had two thousand defense points, but also carried two thousand, four hundred attack points.

"Since my 'Destructotron' can't fight your new monster, I'll switch him to defense position. I'll then set another card face down and end my turn."

Amanda smiled as she drew her card, thinking she now had a chance to take control of the duel. "Now I'll have my 'Ryu Kokki' attack your 'Destructotron'!"

"Before your attack connects," cut in Igor, "I'll activate my trap card. 'Psychic Rejuvenation' gives me an extra one thousand life points for each 'psychic' monster on the field. Since I have two of them, that's two thousand points."

Igor's life points increased to a total of forty-six hundred as 'Ryu Kokki' attacked. It picked 'Destructotron' up with one of its massive, claw like hands and proceeded to squeeze it violently. Igor's monster was crushed into nothing, but since it had been in defense mode, he lost no further life points. Amanda set another card face down and ended her turn.

"I think things are evening out a bit, don't you?" called Amanda.

"No, not really. I activate my other trap card; 'Psychic Tuning'. This card lets me bring back any psychic monster form the graveyard, and treats it as a tuner. The only draw back is that I take damage equal to four hundred times its level."

A series of cables shot out of the projection of Igor's trap card, and embedded themselves in his graveyard. When they were retracted, they had pulled out his 'Mind Protector', which was placed on the field next to 'Magical Android'. Since it was a three star monster, Igor lost twelve hundred life points, leaving him with thirty-four hundred. Since his new monster was treated as a tuner, he now had the capability of summoning an eight star Synchro monster.

"Now I'm afraid this is the end for you. I tune my 'Mind Protector' with my 'Magical Android', in order to call upon my strongest beast. Behold; the 'Thought Ruler Archfiend'!"

Igor's 'Mind Protector' dissolved into three spheres of light, which again began to circle around his other monster. Instead of two rings like before, three formed when the central one split. One stayed put while the others ran up and down the 'Magical Android'. When the rings dissolved, they left an odd green mass in their wake. However; from this mass emerged bronze and silver coloured skeletal structures, shaping the mass into a body. The body was massive, with the bones outlining wings, a skull like head, and massive claws at the end of its arms. This new monster had twenty-seven hundred attack points, enough to crush Amanda's monster.

"I'm afraid that this creature marks the end of our duel. I'm a bit disappointed actually, since I thought your spunk would make you more of a challenge. Now my great beast, attack her monster!"

The 'Thought Ruler Archfiend' let out a sickening cackle as it approached Amanda's monster. It held out its claw like hands, off of which shot a massive pulse of lightning. The wave of energy struck 'Ryu Kokki', shattering it to bits. Amanda's life points dropped by three hundred points to a total of eighteen hundred. She still had a smile on her face and pressed the Duel Disk's button to activate her face down card. A pair of demonic hands shot out of it, reaching for Igor's monster.

"Good play Igor, but I got the drop on you this time. My 'Michizure' trap card lets me destroy one of your monsters if one of mine is sent to the graveyard!"

Igor snickered as the hands stopped just short of his monster. "I'm afraid you are incorrect. When you activate a card that targets one of my psychic monsters, my 'Thought Ruler' can negate it for the cost of one thousand life points. There's more bad news for you as well. When my 'Thought Ruler Archfiend' destroys a monster in battle, my life points increase by its attack points."

Igor's life points dropped to twenty-four hundred, but then increased by another twenty-four hundred, literally doubling them. His life points stood at forty-eight hundred, three thousand more than what Amanda had. Not only that, but she had failed to destroy his monster. One more turn and Amanda would be finished, but she wasn't about to let that happen. She drew her card and saw that it was 'Card Destruction'.

"I'm afraid drawing a new hand won't help you," called Igor. "I'll simply read your thoughts again to learn what the new cards you drew are."

Amanda growled to herself, knowing he was right. He has seen every card she had played to stop him so far, so there was no longer any doubt that he would see the new ones as soon as she did. With that thought, an idea occurred to Amanda. If this idea could actually work, then she might be able to turn the tables on Igor after all. She had nothing else to go for, so she decided to chance it on this move.

"I activate 'Card Destruction'," she called, activating her spell card. "Now we each discard our hands and draw the same number of cards." Amanda didn't watch Igor as he threw out his hand and drew a new one, focusing on how she was going to pull her cards.

"Come on now," chastised Igor, "hurry up and draw your cards."

A smile appeared on Amanda's lips. "I already did."

"What!? How can I not see them then?"

"That's because I haven't seen them either."

Igor looked curiously at Amanda, before noticing that she had indeed drawn her three new cards. However, she was currently holding them away from her body with the backs facing towards her. She had not looked at the cards after drawing them, and therefore did not know what they were. Due to this, Igor was not able to tell what they were either. He gritted his teeth and glared at her.

"Even if I don't know what your cards are, how do you plan on playing with them when you don't know what they are either?"

"Like this," called Amanda, plucking one of the cards from her hand. Her instincts told her to place it in a spell card slot, and she did. When she looked at the card on the field, her smile widened. "My 'Lightning Vortex' spell card is just what I needed. By discarding one card from my hand, all of your face up monsters are destroyed. Since it doesn't target any single monster, your 'Thought Ruler' can't negate it."

Igor scowled fiercely at Amanda as she discarded another card from her hand, leaving her with one. Bolts of lightning shot out of her spell card and struck his monster. It howled painfully before exploding in a flash of light. Igor's life points remained unchanged of course, but he was still dreadfully angry.

"Even if my monster is destroyed, that doesn't mean you've won. I still have three thousand life points more than you."

"I'm working on that," called Amanda. "Now, my removing from play the 'Mezuki' in my graveyard, I can revive any other zombie in the graveyard. I choose my 'Zombie Master'."

Amanda's graveyard ejected two cards for her. The first was her 'Mezuki', which she placed away in her deck box. The other one was her 'Zombie Master', which she then placed on the field in attack mode. This monster looked more like a sorcerer than a zombie, but the decaying flesh on its claw like fingers indicated its undead status. It wore a sweeping, tattered cape over its shoulders and a mask on its face. It had eighteen hundred attack points on its own, but Amanda was far from done.

"Since I revived a monster from the graveyard, I'm allowed to draw an extra card, thanks to 'Card of Safe return'. Then, by placing that card back on top of my deck, my 'Plaguespreader Zombie' revives itself. Since another monster was revived, I can draw that card back again."

Amanda drew her card, place it back on top of her deck, and then drew it again as her other monster revived. 'Plaguespreader Zombie' indeed looked like the cause of a disease. Its body was made up of nothing but rotting flesh and seemingly puss filled boils. It also had a tail, and a torn garment draped over its torso. It only had four hundred attack points, but it was a level two tuner. Together with her level four 'Zombie Master', it would give her the tools she needed to win.

"Now I'll activate this card," said Amanda, the extra slot on the end of her Duel Disk popping open. "The field spell card 'Zombie World'."

As Amanda played her field card, the ground around them turned dark and seemingly infertile. The trees around also died off and dropped off their leaves, leaving the surroundings of the two duelists rather desolate. Igor wondered why Amanda had played that card, since it didn't power up any of her monsters. Instead, it caused all monsters on the field and in the graveyard to be treated as zombies.

"Care to explain how you plan to win with this move?"

"I'd be happy to show you. I'll start by tuning my level two 'Plaguespreader Zombie' to my level four 'Zombie Master'. This lets me call out my 'Deathkaiser Dragon'!"

Instead of a display of light like Igor's monster had done, Amanda's tuner and material seemed to melt together into a single mass of flesh. This mass of flesh then expanded and took form, creating a horrifying new creature. The flesh had formed into a dragon with a long neck and a wide, gaping mouth. The flesh had been tinted a dark grey and had also been covered by an exterior skeletal frame. The dragon also had massive, slightly tattered wings, as well as a long, sweeping tail. Instead of arms or legs, this dragon simply had twin trails of spikes running down its underside.

"When it's summoned, 'Deathkaiser Dragon lets me summon a zombie type monster form your graveyard!"

"But that's… oh no!"

"Yup, I choose to revive your 'Thought Ruler Archfiend', since 'Zombie World' causes him to be treated as a zombie as well."

The ground next to Amanda's dragon opened up, and the form of Igor's 'Thought Ruler' clawed its way out of the fissure. This time though, the green mass had faded to a pale yellow, and its skeletal structure was tarnished and cracked. These were indications that the monster was currently among the undead, despite not originally being so. Despite this, it still carried all twenty-seven hundred of its attack points. 'Deathkaiser Dragon' had twenty-four hundred attack points, for a total between the two of them of five thousand, one hundred.

"Now both of my monsters will attack you directly!"

'Deathkaiser Dragon' extended its neck and clamped onto Igor's shoulder with its gaping maw. At the same time, the zombified 'Thought Ruler Archfiend' swiped at him with a claw, causing him to shriek painfully. Igor would have been sent flying if Amanda's dragon hadn't held him in place. Even so, his life points dropped to zero, and all traces of the duel disappeared, including the revitalization of the park surrounding the two of them. Igor fell to his knees and clutched at his head. Amanda recognized it as the same thing that had happened to Ted when Alex had beaten him.

"Greetings girl," came the voice from Igor that Amanda now knew to be Michael's. "I must say your dueling skill is quite impressive."

"What have you done with my friends!" she demanded.

"They are here in my company, and I would request that you come and join us yourself. I could use someone with your talents, since no one has ever before defeated Igor. Usually they become afraid of his psychic powers and surrender, but you did neither."

"Keep dreaming psycho, I'm going to let Alex know what you've done, and then you'll be sorry."

"You won't join me? Perhaps I shall offer you a deal then. If you come and join me willingly, I shall release your other two friends immediately."

Author's Notes: Yay, Amanda has dueling talent. Unfortunately, the other two didn't have the chance to fight back that she did, and are deep in Michael's clutches. Will Amanda give herself up to save the other two? Find out next time. Thanks for reading.