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Well this story started off being a totally diffrent story inspired by LightCameraFiction's The Importance of Being Bewildered. Very funny stuff. Go read it after you read this! So read on! AND PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!Chapter 1

The whole day had been absolutely crazy. Paparazzi around every corner, brandishing cameras with full memory sticks. Tony was losing his patience. He tried to put on a smile for them, but it was only half-hearted. It was both good and bad that Pepper was with him. She was the only thing keeping him from flicking off all of the photographers on front of ecstatic fans. He Tony had a huge mansion just outside of London that was perfect this time of year. He had surprised her by holding her hand on the way to the airport. She probably almost had a heart attack. Tony chuckled and cheered up a bit as he remembered what happened the day before.

Tony leaned against the window of the Rolls Royce on the way home. He had butterflies in his stomach which was neither normal for a Stark or manly. Tony concentrated on what he was about to do, confronting his flipping stomach. He was so focused on the scenery because Pepper was just a foot away in the seat next to him. He was certain that she was suspicious about his behavior.

"Tony, what's wrong?" Pepper asked. Tony's head spun. Her voice was soft and caring. He craved to just look at her, but he couldn't afford to break down now. He cleared his throat so his voice wouldn't break when he came up with some lame excuse.

"Nothing. I've just never really paid attention to this road." Tony could almost see her frowning at how uncharacteristic his mood was. The car pulled up to Tony's house and Tony breathed a sigh of relief. He stepped out of the car before Happy could open his door. Tony ran around to Pepper's door and opened it for her before she could recover from his strange behavior.

"What is with you today?" Pepper asked. Tony found, to his dismay, that her words turned him to putty.

"Uh. Ummm. C-come in?" Tony stuttered pathetically. Pepper seemed to think Tony was going crazy as he saw her face show worry. As she walked up to the house on front of him, Tony took another deep breath and shook his head, trying to clear away the fog. He ran up ahead of Pepper to open the front door for her. Tony certainly thought he looked more coherent than before and was relieved when Pepper walked inside, looking more trusting than worried. Tony felt more brave and knew if he didn't talk to Pepper now, he never would.

"Good after noon, Mr. Stark. Miss Potts," greeted JARVIS politely.

"Hello, JARVIS. Could you give Pepper and I some privacy?" Tony said quickly. Pepper stared at Tony, surprised at his request.

"Yes, sir."

"Pepper, may I ask you something?" Tony requested. She looked unsure but finally agreed. Tony sat down on the couch and Pepper sat down next to him. "Hmmm, How do I do this...." Pepper suddenly looked appalled.

"Mr. Stark, if you dare ask me what I think you will, I swear I-"

Tony's eyes widened.

"No, no, no!" he interrupted, "It's not that at all!"

"Is this your sick idea of a joke?" Pepper asked furious.

"No. I Promise it's not that. Please just listen." Tony begged. Pepper eyed him cautiously but didn't say anything. Tony took this as her saying 'go on.' "I was just wondering, well I've heard around the office that, well you kinda have a think for me," Tony paused to see what she would say but she just turned a bright shade of pink and looked down at her shoes. Tony looked away so Pepper wouldn't know he was smiling with delight. "So I was sorta' hoping you would come to London with me for a vacation." Pepper looked up at Tony, still a slight shade of pink.

"I. But. What about work?" she asked. Tony could feel she was very close to giving in.

"They can survive." he said. Pepper's blue eyes were glowing.

"Vacation hours?" she asked.

"I made sure that you got more. I am the one who assigns that stuff you know." Tony smirked.

"Well, actually, I do but you already know that because that's what you told me to do. Ugh just stop talking already..." Pepper muttered quietly. Tony laughed quietly under his breath at seeing Pepper break down like this. He guessed that she meant to glare at him, but she just stared in to his eyes. Tony felt like electricity was flowing through his veins. He barely had the strength to look away before he could potentially ruin the moment by doing something totally out of line. Pepper rubbed her face and straightened her already perfect hair. Tony ruffled his hair, throwing it out of place.

"Well," Tony said, breaking the awkward silence, "are you comin' or not?"

"When are we leaving?"

Tony grinned. "Tomorrow morning."

"Oh my gosh! I have to pack now!" she gasped.

"Okay. I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven," Tony said, joyfully.

"It's a date," Pepper said smiling. As soon as she closed the door, Tony jumped up from the couch and started to do a victory dance. Just as he was shaking his butt, the door opened and Pepper came in. Tony whirled around and turned bright red.

"Ummm... My computer," she explained.

"Ah... Yes," Tony said pulling his fingers through his hair.

"I won't tell any one. I promise," Pepper murmured.

"Thank you..."

Pepper walked back to the door, and waved good bye before closing the door once more. Tony groaned at what had just happened and retreated to his workshop.