Legolas Fanfic

Rating: PG-13

Author: Robinyj69

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Summary: Legolas is visited by Gandalf and the fellowship is forced to reassemble when a dark evil is after them all.

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Setting: About a month or so after the Ring's destroyed.

Author's Notes: This is not a romance! Why so many peeps are writing Legolas romances is beyond me. YUCK! Please don't flame me if I get some facts wrong or screw up characterization. Just remember, it's Middle Earth, anything's possible.

Longing for Adventure

Mirkwood. A beautiful Elven land ruled by King Thranduil. In the garden of the king's home sat an Elf of royal blood. Not the king himself, but his son, and prince, Legolas Greenleaf. He sat high atop one of the many trees, deep in thought. His mind was remembering all the amazing, and some, horrible things he had seen during his great adventure while a part of the fellowship. He had returned home only a month ago and there had been a great celebration for many feared the worst had happened to the prince since he had been gone for over six months*. But now that he returned to Mirkwood, and the initial joy of being home had worn off, he had to admit, he longed for adventure. He never thought he would be one to seek danger and journeys into the far world, but after his perilous quest he found it impossible to return to his everyday life.

Life in Mirkwood continued as it always did; there was nothing exciting or extremely out of the ordinary in the past month that he had been home, and Legolas found himself getting restless. He was still being taught the ways to be a fine ruler for his people for when his time came, but since Elves were immortal it could be centuries before he was forced to take the throne. So, he was bored and longed for anything to occupy his time, perhaps an adventure. A quest to preoccupy him. Not something as dangerous and undescribally important as the fellowship had been, but something to keep his wits sharp, and his bow true.

It was on this morning, as he sat thinking these thoughts, that it seemed as though his wish was granted. A handmaiden entered the garden, calling his name.

"Legolas! Prince Legolas, your company is requested by the king!" The handmaiden, Loret, was forced to walk through the immense garden shouting towards the treetops for several minutes, for when Prince Legolas wished to be alone, it was near impossible to find him.

Legolas sighed and jumped down from his tree, landing silently behind Loret. "May I ask what my father wishes of me?" He asked, startling the handmaiden, who hadn't noticed his descent from the tree.

"I'm not entirely sure my lord. But he called for you shortly after the arrival of an odd visitor. He was veiled in gray and rode the finest steed I've ever seen." Loret told him.

Legolas's eyes brightened, "Gandalf." He gasped in pleasant surprise, then ran towards the palace as fast as his Elf legs would carry him. Perhaps an adventure I have found.


Legolas rushed into his father's chambers, forgetting to knock in his excitement. He scanned the room and his smile somehow brightened even more as he found that the visitor was indeed Gandalf. The look of dread and seriousness on the wizard's features dampened his initial joy though, even as Gandalf tried to cover up his emotions.

"Gandalf! It is good to see you my friend, although I must admit, it has not been long since we parted company." Legolas told the old man as he embraced him affectionately.

"No, it has not. But I have missed your company as well my friend." Gandalf said, returning the hug.

"Gandalf has travelled far to speak to you." Thranduil said.

"Tell me, why does thou darken my doorstep so soon after our great adventure? Do you bring news of the our small friends and of Gondor?" Legolas questioned the wizard light-heartedly.

Gandalf's expression grew slightly darker, "There is much I must speak to you of, and it cannot wait. Sit, it is a long and dreadful tale I must tell you. We are all in danger you see, all of us who took it upon ourselves to be a part of the fellowship. Although we said we knew and understood the risks, nothing could have prepared us for, and no one could have foreseen what lay before us."

Legolas sat in the chair across the table from his father; Gandalf sat next to the prince. "What has happened?" Legolas ventured to ask warily.

Gandalf's gaze fixed suddenly on Thranduil, Legolas's father, "If it would be possible your highness, I wish to have words with your young prince in private." Gandalf said politely.

Thranduil seemed a little surprised, but conceded and left the room with a nod of his head.

"Now, tell me what is so important that you have come this far to tell me in person." Legolas requested.

Gandalf's gaze lowered momentarily. He looked up again, a resolute look on his face as he met Legolas's stare. "It has not been long since the defeat of Sauron, but I have come to warn you of another evil, not as great, but just as deadly. It comes for the fellowship."

"Explain yourself Gandalf." Legolas said, not demanding but with a yearning for more information.

"When Sauron found out the location of the One Ring, he believed it only a matter of time before he would rise once more; his followers believed this also. So it was, that a great evil, long forgotten and deeply buried, began to rise again as it was called by Saruman. These creatures of darkness are called Mesteagues. Stronger than orcs, and they may walk in sunlight unharmed. Also, to be pierced by the claws of a Mesteauge means almost certain death to most creatures, for the wounds caused by their weapons and claws heal slowly, at an almost imperceivable rate and sometimes never at all." Gandalf told him, then paused to collect his thoughts and allow this to be absorbed by Legolas.

"Why are these creatures after us?" Legolas asked, although he felt almost certain he knew the answer.

"The Mesteagues were summoned from a dark sleep to serve Sauron. Now they have risen and their master has not, this does not please them. They blame the fellowship and those who were in it and have vowed revenge. We must stop this new evil before it spreads among the lands. All armies are weakened and defenses easily breached due to war that has thankfully ended. The Mesteagues will grow more in number and consume this land, if we do not stop them."

"How? What are we to do?" Legolas was anxious to hear their next course of action.

"I have called together the other members of our company, and we are all to meet at Rivendell in a week's time. Our strategy is this; The Mesteagues follow under one leader, though even he would have bowed at the feet of Sauron. Their leader, known as Richastas, is extremely powerful but he does have a weakness. If his heart is pierced, by blade or bow, he will die and his followers will die with him. But his heart is so small, it is near impossible to hit and he is always guarded by his minions and has himself heavily armored. It is Richastas we will have to defeat if victory is what we wish." Gandalf told the Elf, a weariness in his voice. Obviously he had hoped for a time of peace to regain his strength before having to face a new evil.

"Defeat him we shall. For no armor is impenetrable, and our strength of will shall not be broken. We will find victory." Legolas said with conviction. "Where does this new enemy take refuge?"

Gandalf sighed heavily, "In the south-east. The mountains of Murenya**. There are many dark and deep caves within the mountain face that the Mesteagues can hide in. It is a long and hard journey, but no more so than our last trek into the dangers of this land. Until Richastas is defeated and killed the Mesteagues will continue to flourish. For until he perishes more Mesteagues will rise, no matter how many we may be able to defeat. Fortunately for us, although stronger than orcs, they are killed the same way. Ax or sword or bow may be their downfall in battle." Gandalf explained.

"Very well. It seems time is of the essence. When do we ride?" Legolas asked as he stood up since it was obvious Gandalf had told all he needed to say.

"As soon as possible, at dawn. For it is growing late, and my bones are weary from my travels." Gandalf rose with him and headed towards the door with Legolas.

"As unwelcoming as the circumstances may be, I will be glad to see the rest of the company at any rate. I have missed Gimli's quarrelling and the Hobbits' merry sense of humor and good will." Legolas said, a smile playing across his features.

"I feel the same way. I take my leave now, I know you have much to prepare. 'Til the dawn, when we ride." Gandalf nodded his departure.

"'Til the dawn." Legolas replied, bowing his head as well as Gandalf was escorted down the hall to his chambers by a hand-maiden.

Legolas leaned against the door as he closed it and sighed deeply. He had wanted adventure and he had definitely found it, but was his heart truly ready? And were his people? They had been greatly distressed by his leave the last time he went away. But there was nothing to be done now, if he did not go with Gandalf to stop this evil, the evil would find him, and Mirkwood with him. He would not let the dark and unpure creatures taint his home. He steadied himself and mentally thought of all he needed to prepare. First things first, he needed to tell his father.