After some speculation, it seems like it would be best to explain what exactly it is that we;re doing here.

This is a project that grew out of a conversation that Sunrise and I had a few days ago. I was telling her about a series of these I was doing for the Wicked fandom. The general idea behind drabbles is to think of random words and try to create mini-fics out of them. They are usually done in sets of 100, sometimes coming with prompts and sometimes the authors just use random words or phrases to come up with ideas. This is not a continuing story, but rather each "chapter" is a story within itself.

In this case, we have no prompts. We are simply coming up with random words and challenging each other to come up with a drabble for each. We decided that I should start because Ive had more experience with these than she has, but she gave me the word "letters" as my prompt. We will be doing this in alternate styles (for example, i wrote the first, she wrote the second, I wrote the third and so on...)

Even in the short time we've been doing this, we've found it to be a lot of fun and we hope that you've enjoyed reading them as much as we've enjoyed writing this so far :)



The question loomed overhead like a storm cloud.

How did one begin such a task? Did he dare to begin with the simple pleasantries that were customary to ask? Did he dare to even be pleasant at all? For a moment, he wondered if he should simply drop all pretense and confess what had been in his heart from the moment he parted.


That thought cast aside, he tapped the quill against his chin in quick, rhythmic beats as the battle between his mind and his heart raged within. Would she even welcome a news from his after all of this time? Perhaps he was a fool for even considering the notion.

His mind made up, he crumpled the paper into a small ball and tossed it across the room. It landed on the opposite side as so many before it had. A thousand different letters all meant for the same person

All began, but never sent