#51- Fame

He supposed his inspiration came from his father.

The man had been a farmer, born and raised on the same land as four generations before. Every day was the same routine. Day after day, month after month, year after year. Seasons came and went, crops were grown and harvested. On and on the cycle went, steady and predictable as it had always been,

He hated steady and predictable.

So, he set off on his own path. Driven by dreams of glory, coupled with a fierce determination, he pursued a life of riches and adventure. Nothing was too dangerous, too daring. There were times when he felt a slight restlessness nip at his heart, but quickly pushed the thought away.

Nothing would ever make him go back to that simple life. He was born for adventure; not the simple life of a farmer like his father.

Or so he thought.

Looking back now, he laughs at the fool he had been in his youth. He had chased his dreams, searched for fame and fortune that would cause his name to be etched into the pages of history. And yet nothing in that part of his life was happy as he is now. With one arm wrapped securely around his wife, the other occupied with their daughter, barley three hours old, he decides.

He has found his fortune