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Chapter 1: New Rival?

"Good morning everyone! I would like to introduce our newest student joining us today." said Negi.

Everyone's attention turned towards the door as a girl with long chocolate brown hair and eyes walked into the room.

"Go ahead and tell us you name and about yourself."

"My name's Konoe Konoka, I'm 16 and currently single. I used to live in Kyoto with my father and moved here. I also enjoy fortunetelling and hanging out with my friends." smiled Konoka.

"Thank you. Your seat is next to…Sakurazaki Setsuna-san!" said Negi as he looked at her.

Setsuna looked up and saw Konoka walking towards her, 'A new student huh? Let's see if she's like everyone else…'

Konoka took her seat and noticed Setsuna looking at her. "W…why are you looking at me?" she whispered.

"Oh sorry." Setsuna turned her attention back towards the front of the board, 'Strange…she's not thinking about anything but school work right now.'

Feeling a sharp pain on her back as if someone hit her, she turned around and saw the person who did it. That person is Kagurazaka Asuna, "Why're you oglin' at the new kid for?"

"I'm not." Setsuna rubbed her back.

"Sure you are. I saw the way you looked at her." snickered Asuna.

"Another word from you and I'll tell Eva-san to train you later." threatened Setsuna.

Asuna sat back in her seat and stayed quiet. After hearing the entire conversation, Konoka giggled.

"What?" asked Setsuna, 'And think of something else besides school work.'

"Nothing, it's just funny that you two are arguing about this in front of the entire class." she laughed.

Setsuna looked around and no one was looking in their direction. She glared at Konoka, "You lied!"

"Sakurazaki-san, Konoe-san go stand outside!" said Negi.

Sighing, they went outside.

Asuna snickered, "Have a fun time Setsu."

"Shut up Asu." growled Setsuna.

"Damn, got sent outside again." Setsuna muttered under her breath.

"You get sent outside often?" asked Konoka.

"Yeah, but it's mostly Asu's fault."

"'Asu'?" Konoka tilted her head to the side, "Who's that?"

"Kagurazaka Asuna. A pain in the ass girl that sits behind us. The one with two ponytails that has bells in them and one blue and one green eye."

"Oh her…she seems nice though. Don't see why she would do something like that to you."

"She's an old friend so she does that a lot." Setsuna leaned back on the wall, "Mostly at me."

"Seems like she has a crush on you." giggled Konoka.

"Very funny Konoe." Setsuna closed her eyes, "Not like anyone to have a crush on someone like me…"

Asuna came out and hit Setsuna again, "Ow! Who…Asu!"

"Here's the strongest person in this class complaining 'bout bein' smacked on the back by a weaker person." laughed Asuna.

"What are you doing here Kagurazaka-san?"

"Just checkin' if Setsu here hasn't molested you or anythin'."

"As if." Setsuna smacked Asuna in the head.

"You two sure get along." said Konoka, sounding a bit jealous.

"Yeah right!"

After school:

"Where's your room Konoe-san?" asked Asuna.

"Uh…I think it was something like room 605 or something."

Asuna and Setsuna stared at her.


"That's our room."

"No way."

They walked towards the dorms and when they reached their room, they noticed a change in the sign.

Room 605

Kagurazaka Asuna

Konoe Konoka

Sakurazaki Setsuna

"I guess you weren't kidding before Konoe." said Setsuna.


Asuna and Setsuna looked at her.

"Since we're gonna be roommates, let's call each other by at least our first names. Ok Asuna, Setsuna?"

"Sure Konoka." smiled Asuna.

"Setsuna glared at Asuna, 'That's not what you're really feeling."


"Oh sorry, it's alright with me Konoka-san." smiled Setsuna, 'I have a feeling that these two will bring me a lot of trouble…'

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"I challenge you Konoka to a contest!"

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