Chapter 8: Kyoto Trip

"Then if you don't tell me soon…" Setsuna got up and leaned closer to Konoka, "…I'll find out about what you two are doing behind my back like say…having a contest?"

"Y-You still talking about that?" Konoka said nervously.

Setsuna sighed then looked at the time, "It's about 1 in the morning, so let's sleep." she moved to the floor.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Konoka scolded Setsuna, "You're injured so get back up on that couch!"

"Ok fine, then you take the bed in the other room." said Setsuna going back to the couch.

"But you're injured!" Konoka protested, "I can't leave your side."

"It's just for a few hours. Besides, what am I going to do?" Setsuna sat up and pulled Konoka next to her, "Reopen my wounds?"

"That's what I'm afraid of." Konoka looked at the bandage she wrapped around Setsuna's stomach and noticed that it's starting to bleed again, "See! You're bleeding again!"

"A little blood won't kill me."

Konoka glared at Setsuna, "As your new roommate, I order you Sakurazaki Setsuna, to rest until your wounds have healed! Don't over exert your-…Sets--what are you doing?!"

Setsuna didn't listen to Konoka because she fell asleep and landed on Konoka's lap.

"Se…Setsuna-san…?" Konoka blushed, "Oh well…" Konoka smiled, "You're so cute." she leaned in and was about to kiss her. She stopped when she realized what she was gonna do, 'I…I was going to…'

Setsuna moved a bit, making Konoka blush a bit more, 'Oh well…good night Setsuna-san.' Konoka slowly drifted off to sleep.

As the minutes passed by, Konoka slowly leaned towards Setsuna and kissed her, causing Setsuna to wake up.

"W-W-Wha-Wh-What are you doing!?" Setsuna blushed.

This time, Konoka didn't move. Sighing a bit and managing to control her blush, Setsuna moved Konoka a bit so she was more comfortable. In other words, sleeping on top of her like how couples sleep. Then they both drifted off to sleep.

Next morning, Konoka was the first to wake up. She felt a warm arm around her, and cuddled with it without knowing whose arm it is. Until she realizes that, she was cuddling with Setsuna.

"Se-Setsuna-san." Konoka said gently, trying to wiggle free of Setsuna's grasp.

Setsuna stirred but didn't wake.

"Setsuna-san." Konoka said more loudly this time.

Setsuna opened her eyes and saw Konoka right in front of her, "Gah!"

Setsuna jumped and backed up to the end of the couch.

"Ehehe" Konoka giggled at Setsuna's reaction. She then got up and went to the kitchen but before that she turned around and faced Setsuna, "I'm going to go make breakfast, what do you want?"

"Eh? Uh, no need to, I don't have any food here." Setsuna said while scratching her head.

"Eh?! How can you not have food here? Then I'll go buy you some food!"

"No, it's alright, I'm not hungry anyways. Come on, let's go back to the dorms." Setsuna said while getting up.

"No way, you are not fully healed yet, so you stay here while I go buy you some breakfast." Konoka said in a serious voice.

"I'm fine already. All I needed was a little sleep so don't worry. Didn't I tell you that I'm used to this thing already? Besides, we have to get ready for school, so let's head back and change."

"Ok, but promise me that you would take it easy?" Konoka gave a puppy eyed pout to Setsuna who then blushed very slightly. "F-Fine.." Setsuna than started walking to the door to leave and Konoka followed right behind her giggling.

Once they got to their dorm rooms, Asuna was getting ready.

"Oh? You guys finally decided to come back, huh?"

Setsuna was still mad at Asuna, but not as mad as how she used to be. Konoka popped her head out behind Setsuna and noticed a luggage against the wall, "Wait, today is the..." Konoka was getting worried.

Asuna gave a small smile, "Oh yeah, pack your things 'cause we're going to Kyoto now."

"I totally forgot!" Konoka then ran to get her luggage and started to pack stuff in it as fast as she can.

"What do you mean we're going to Kyoto?" asked Setsuna, raising a brow.

"Negi-kun didn't tell you? Oh wait, you left class early…" Konoka managed to finish packing.

"To be fair, he told us yesterday and you two skipped class." Asuna backed away a bit, "Anyways, there's a class trip to Kyoto for a week."

"A week? In Kyoto?" Setsuna sat on the couch, "Have fun."

"Setsuna-san, she said a class trip…"

"I heard her, I'm not going." Setsuna closed her eyes and crossed her arms.

"C-Come on Setsu…I know that you're still mad at me, but…" Asuna gulped, "Just come with us to Kyoto!"

Setsuna cracked an eye open, "What do I get out of it?"


"I don't want to go so don't convince me."

Asuna turned towards Konoka for help, who winked.

Konoka took a deep breath before nearly shouting, "Sakurazaki Setsuna! I order you to listen!" Setsuna sat up and paid attention to Konoka, "You're going to Kyoto with us and enjoy it!"

Setsuna nodded and began to pack what little she had.

Asuna turned away so she can hide her laugh, "Great job Konoka."

"Thanks." smiled Konoka, "Now I feel a bit bad though…"

As Setsuna moved, she felt her wound open a bit and winced. Placing her hand on it, she noticed that it was bleeding again, 'This could be my chance to skip…but what if Konoka-san tells me to go again…?'

"Setsuna-san are you done?" asked Konoka.

Setsuna got up, "Yeah. I'll be back."

"Where're you going?" asked Asuna.

"The restroom." Setsuna closed and locked the door behind her, 'Damn, looks like I'm starting to lose more blood. Why?' she reached for the medicine cabinet and pulled out a new roll of bandages, 'normally, my wounds would've healed by now…' Setsuna unwrapped her bloody bandages and made a mess on the floor, "Shit!"

"Setsu? Something wrong?"

"Oh nothing." Setsuna looked at the bathroom's clock, "Go on ahead with out me."

"If we go, how will we make sure you'll come too?" asked Konoka.

'Drat, that didn't work. Oh well.' Setsuna cleaned the blood on the floor, wrapped the new bandages around her wounds, and got ready.

"Can we go?"

"Yeah." Setsuna slung her luggage over her shoulder as Asuna and Konoka rolled it.

They ran towards the station and noticed that the train was about to leave.

"Crap! Come on! The trains gonna leave!" shouted Asuna, speeding up a bit.

Setsuna didn't care and just kept up her pace as Konoka tried to run as fast as Asuna. She tripped and Setsuna caught her before she fell, "Watch it."

"Thanks." Konoka took her luggage again and ran.

By the time they got there, the doors closed and the train left.

"Crap! We missed the train!"

"Now what…?"

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"Hey guys!" Yuna said excitedly, "let's go visit the Love Stone!"

"Love..." Konoka started

"Stone...?" Asuna finished.

They both looked at each other and grinned.