Chapter 1

It was one of those days. That's all Beast Boy could think as he dodged flying debris while trying to get close enough to take a shot at a villain who was terrorizing the Jump City shopping mall.

'I sure hope this day gets better, if not I don't think it could really get any worse,' thought BB to himself.

His day had gotten off to a rough start, what with his alarm clock breaking, causing him to miss more than just training but breakfast as well. He still hadn't eaten anything since the alarm went off around ten shutting down his video game and wiping out what would have been his all time score. His stomach rumbled and churned inside him with almost painful force.

"GEEEZ MAN! Can you please give up so I can get some food?! I'm dyin' here," he yelled with obvious annoyance.

The villain, who was shrouded in a dark cloak merely stood there flinging things at the teen titans and blocking their every attempt at harming him. There was a pair of limp teenagers at his feet with pale and bluish skin. He was sucking the life blood right out of them with a free hand.

The boy wonder was going to town with his bow-staff. Taking every shot he could and trying to find a weak spot but to no avail. Finally after a few more seconds of the onslaught the villain muttered some strange words under his breath. He then pointed his finger at the masked avenger and let fly a dark cloud which Robin's body absorbed but sent his body back into a wall.

"Starfire! Hit him harder! Raven; try to flank him when he's not looking! Cyborg, let it rip," yelled Robin as he shook himself off.

Robin had been barking so many orders in a matter of minutes that everyone was surprised that he still had a voice at all. He had thrown all his explosives already and knock out gas was definitely not working.

"Beast Boy! Now is not the time to be resting! Go and attack him!"

Beast Boy was not in the mood for this sort of treatment, especially on an empty stomach.

"Lay off Robin, or I swear to got I'm gonna strangle you with your own cape!"

This caused all the others to stop what they were doing for a moment and stare at Beast Boy. He never talked like that to Robin. They all at that point had had enough of this cloaked bad guy.

Starfire launched star bolt after star bolt while Cyborg and Robin launched an all out assault temporarily causing the sorcerer to be overwhelmed. Beast Boy took that opportunity to charge the evil doer as a rhino throwing him into a nearby storefront. He then scooped up the teens and rushed them to safety.

Slowly rising from the rubble of the impact the unknown man tried to regain focus. But before he could Raven had him wrapped in magical bindings.

"Good Work Titans," called Robin as he jogged up, soon followed by an elated Starfire and an exhausted Cyborg.

Raven was working very hard at holding the bad guy, she was realizing very quickly he was even more powerful than they expected.

'Ha Ha Ha Ha. You know you can't hold me you weak half breed. I am ten times your strength.'

The voice kept resonating in her head as she began to sweat with the effort it was taking to hold him. And all the while the look on his face never changed. The gaunt cheeks and pointed chin were as solid as stone. His crystal clear white eyes were like ice boring a hole into the side of her head.

"Robin! Hurry up with the restraints!"

"Hold on Raven. Where's Beast Boy! I have a bone to pick with him!"

Beast Boy now ran over from where the EMTs were hauling away the kids. He

had a sort of relieved grin on his face that did not leave even as he neared a glaring Boy Wonder.

"What the hell is the idea of such insubordination like that in the middle of a fight?! You're lucky I don't put all the chores on you for the rest of the year! And what took you so long in getting back over here?

"Robin!! The restraints," came Ravens pleading voice which caught the attention of the changeling.

"Hey, I'm talking to you Beast Boy," yelled Robin as BB turned to Raven with a look of worry on his face.

He suddenly realized what was going on. Between the fact she was breathing heavy with her hands on the side of her head, and how intensely the cloaked man was staring at her he guessed what was going on. Like a flash he bolted to Robin's motorcycle, grabbed the special handcuffs and threw them on the villain's wrists.

As soon as he had them clasped shut the sage let out an animalistic snarl and then went silent. Raven on the other hand went completely silent and collapsed to the ground with her eyes fluttering shut.


"Hey! I'm still reprimanding you over here!"

"Well fine bird brain you can finish later, but I don't know if you noticed, but Raven is HURT!"

Either the tone in the shape shifters voice or the look in his eye caused Robin to finally shut up and assess the situation.

"You just wait till later mister! Cyborg, get Raven to the car and get her to the med lab pronto. Starfire you will help me get this creep to the police. Beast Boy I want you to follow them and wait for me to get there, I am not done with you yet."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes and turned to follow an already moving Cyborg. He had no idea what set off Robin so bad there. Sure, they all got into little arguments, but never had any of them received this much flak for a little comment.

"What did you do to piss him off today Beast Boy? Please don't tell me you pulled a stinkball prank on him," asked Cyborg worriedly as he climbed into the driver's seat after gently placing Raven on the back seat.

"I don't know man."

Beast Boy truly didn't know what he did, but he pushed all those thoughts out of his head for the time being, all he cared about was getting his dark friend back to the tower. Without realizing what he was doing he climbed into the back seat and let Raven's head rest on his lap.

Cyborg raised an eyebrow to this act but decided to leave it till later, he had other questions for the time being.

"Hey," he said looking into the rearview mirror as he sped away, "what was going on at the ambulance before you came runnin' over?"

"Oh that, one of the teens was the mayor's son and while they were loading him into the truck his dad invited all of us to his mansion for a get well party."

"Isn't he throwing the party a little early? Do they even know if the kid will be alright?"

"Its not till the end of the month and the EMT's said there was nothing really serious just a lot of lost energy. I think I saw some gray hairs on the kids head"

The changeling chuckled at that last part and it felt good to say the least. The morning had been so terrible so far that a little bit of humor went a long way. Laughter went a long way normally for BB, but it was even more important. Especially with one of his teammates lying unconscious in his lap he needed a pick me up for the moment.

There was no more conversation between the two of them as they neared the tower. The car with its many abilities glided above the surface of the water which surrounded their home. Upon hitting land a bay door automatically opened and the car disappeared into the hole leaving a faint cloud of dust in its wake.

The car came to a stop in the middle of a highly organized and mostly steel and concrete garage. It was every mechanics dream of every tool imaginable, and all the space to use it. Now was not the time for Cyborg to be proud of his shop and nor was it the time for Beast Boy to admire it and they both knew it as they rushed Raven to the elevator. They made it to the medical section of the tower in mere seconds, and it took even less time to hook her up to the space age table they had that only required a few cords to be hooked up to the magical girl.

While Cyborg took care of the technical work Beast Boy took a breather from the sudden fast paced events to look around at the infirmary. He thanked their lucky stars they were so fortunate to have this wonderful facility because there had been numerous occasions where if they had gone to a normal hospital things would not have been done soon enough and with too much red tape. They were even luckier that all of them had been certified in advanced medical training; it sure had come in handy more than a few times.

"Hey BB, keep on eye on things, I'm going to go clean the car and make sure I didn't stress anything with that drive back, I think I set a new record."

"Nah, you drove faster when you heard Bumblebee was waiting here for you two weeks ago."

"Shut up you little grass stain," snarled Cyborg as he walked out of the room blushing madly.

Beast Boy couldn't help but chuckle to himself as he pulled a seat up next to the empathic teen lying on the table. She was still wearing her skin tight leotard but the cape had been removed to give better access. There was one cord on both of her temples, three in a triangle on her chest under the suit.

The green teen couldn't help but be mesmerized by her slow breathing and the pained look on her face. It wasn't one of outright pain and he knew few others who would notice. It was a corruption of her normally peaceful face, and pain was the only thing she couldn't keep from doing that.

"Where is he! He is naïve if he thinks I forgot about him!"

The peacefulness of the gentle humming machines and slow steady breathing was shattered by the loud yells of an enraged Boy Wonder as he drew nearer and nearer to the infirmary.

Trying to make it out of the room so Robin would stop yelling and not disturb Raven, BB leapt to the door only to meet the fuming superhero face to face.

"Trying to hide from me you disrespectful little twerp! You are lucky I'm not allowed to kick the crap out of you for embarrassing me like that today. So now I'm going to have you pull double training and you're going to do all my chores for the next month!"

"Sure, sure, whatever Robin," pleaded Beast Boy, "Keep it down though Raven still hasn't woken up yet, and we still don't know the extent of her injuries! So shhh!"

"Don't you tell me to be quiet, I will make all the noise I want to!"

Beast Boy was about to make another plead for quiet but before he could Starfire called from the kitchen for Robin to explain why something had blown up on the stove when she tried to heat it up.

"Coming Starfire!" called Robin, his face softening at the sound of her voice.

He then gave one last sneer in BB's direction before jogging out of the room. The changeling took a deep breathe and sighed to the relative silence of the medical ward.

A slight moan came from Raven's direction and Beast Boy's ears perked right up.

"What was bide boy screaming about?" came her weak voice, "I only caught bits and pieces of his rant."

"He is still mad about what I said to him earlier. I think he's finally snapping," chuckled Beast Boy. "It just pisses me off how he basically ignored you today. Even now when he came in here like bull in a china shop screaming."

"Thank you Beast Boy, I don't think I've ever been thought of as china," she said her very monotonous tone.

"No problem toots. Do you need me to grab you anything while I'm here?"

"No thanks, and don't ever call me toots again. I think I'm just going to sleep here tonight, I don't feel like even trying to move."

"Sounds fair to me, if you do need anything you know how to reach me. But be careful, if you wake up Robin in the middle of the night be prepared to have him rip you a new one."

"Yeah, I guess you just had some valuable experience in the matter huh?"

"Good. Night. Raven," he said in mock anger through gritted teeth.

"Night," she said as she rolled over pulling the thin blanket around her.

Beast Boy walked out of the infirmary without a second thought before stopping dead in his tracks halfway to his room.

"Holy crap!" he exclaimed out loud. "Did we just get along for five minutes? And the world didn't end! Cool!"

Back in the ward Raven's eyes had shot open to the same realization.

"Whoa," was all she could say before sleep pulled her back into unconsciousness.

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