Author's Note: I don't know what the Medic's name is but as she is a expy of Fina from skies of Arcadia, I went with that. All characters stated below are not mine.

"Why do you do it Homer?" Asked Fina as she finished adding ointment to a rather large bruise Homer just got on his left cheek.

"Do what Miss Fina?" Replied Homer to the medic of squad seven.

"Go through all the abuse Edy does to you. No matter what she does to you, you just get up and smile away. Just how do you do that?" As Fina said that, she remembered how Edy was feeling lately. Cranky, moody, and prone to hit anyone near her to vent frustration. Homer was the only one that was really hanging around her now, and was now the constant victim of her fists.

"Why do I go through it...Well, I suppose its just who I am." Said Homer with a chuckle, nearly everyone in the squad knew of how much he liked pain. Didn't convince Fina though.

"Not buying it Homer. Even you have your limits, and Edy keeps going over them." Worst example of that was when Edy decided to KISS him out of sheer boredom yesterday, and it took hours for Freesia and Jann to cool him down after that.

"S-S-Someones gotta be there for Miss Edy." Homer stuttered in reply, blushing as well, all of which confirmed Fina's suspicions.

"Admit it, you LIKE her." Jabbed Fina, knowing it was probably true. Judging by the expression on his face, it was correct.

"I-I-I didn't say that!!!" Stuttered Homer as he tried to get away from the medic, racing for the door.

Fina only smiled and began to think as she put away the ointment, Homer and Edy, what a strange pair. Well they do say opposites attract.

Her thoughts were interrupted as a yell of "HOMER!" and a thud were heard in the corridor. She raced over to see Vyse and Aika watching a quite mad Edy stomp off and Homer, with his head having a another large bruise after it met the wall.

"Good old Miss Edy." Said Homer wistfully as he was dragged back by Fina.