Inspired from the ending of "Aliyah" (yesterday's episode in Australia). And just cause I'm a Tony/Ziva fan and it was totally unfair what they made her do and that Director Vance *glare* is TOTALLY wrong about her!!!!!!! Be warned, VEEEEEERY short. In all things, short sentences, short words and just short all over. But oh well…. it's a story, still right? By the way if anyone knows what the title means please let me know it would be much appreciated.

The terrorist yanked her hair back then lent into her face and whispered menacingly; "Tell me all you know about NCIS"

She said nothing. He hit her again. She still refused to speak. He hit her again, harder in the stomach. Nothing although she did double over and whimpered ever so quietly. Harder. Still nothing. Losing patience he punched her hard in the side of the head. Four words escaped her lips before unconsciousness claimed her once more… Tony I'm so sorry.


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