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"Well, I'm finished." A woman was standing in a church in what remained of Midgar's Sector 5 Slums. She had long brown hair and wore a pink dress with a red coat. Next to her stood a young man with spiky black hair wearing the uniform of SOLDIER 1st Class. "Every trace of Jenova's cells are gone. It's just him now."

The two were looking at a man floating in a spring inside the church. He wore a combination of a black trench coat and armor. The man in the SOLDIER uniform shook his head. "I still say this is a bad idea."

"Everyone deserves a second chance, Zack."

"Aeris, this is his third."

Aeris looked over at Zack and smiled. "Stop worrying so much. Besides…" her smile faded as she looked back at the man in the spring. "…It's not just him that needs healing. By helping him, she might end up helping herself."

Zack sighed as he waded into the spring and picked up the man. "Why can't you just leave people alone?"

"They need help. What do you expect me to do, let them suffer?" The two rose up through the hole in the ceiling and flew off into the night.

It was raining hard and Kayson could barely see the road ahead of her as she drove home. The weather seemed in sync with her life. Four years ago, she lost everything when the plate fell on Sector 7. Right after it happened, she was thankful she was alive. Then Meteorfall came and she wasn't even sure whether she really was lucky to have survived the plate falling.

Two years ago, she was getting by. She had a job and even found a boyfriend. But just as things started looking up, there came the Geostigma Crisis. Her boyfriend and boss both died when the attack on Edge came. She probably would have died too, but she was in Kalm at the time.

One year ago, she had just started getting back on her feet when Deepground struck Kalm. She was cornered by one of their troops and she knew she was going to die. Then a man in red showed up and saved her life. She never thanked him. She almost asked for an apology.

Now she was driving back to her apartment after a late night at her new job at Seventh Heaven. She was so lost in thought that she nearly ran over the man lying in the middle of the road ahead of her. Her car skidded to a halt. She had half a mind to just leave him there. It wasn't her problem. She had absolutely no responsibility for the man's wellbeing and no reason to get involved whatsoever. So why, she asked herself, was she buckling the man into the passenger seat of her car?

She had one hell of a time getting him into her car, and an even harder time carrying him up to her apartment on the second floor of her building. When she got inside, she laid him on the couch, turned on the light, and looked at him properly for the first time.

The first thing she noticed was his hair. It was longer than her boss's, and her hair was pretty long. Not only was it long, but it was also silver. Her eyes moved down from his hair to the rest of his body. He was wearing a black trench coat that looked like it had armor built into it. It was all completely soaked, however.

She sighed and started removing the man's drenched clothes. She thanked God that his underwear appeared to be dry. While she was undressing him, she noticed that he had an unusual number of scars across his entire body. She could only imagine what he had been through.

She got a few blankets and covered him with them. She then placed a pillow underneath his head. She wished there was something she could do about his wet hair, but it would take forever to dry that much hair. That was one reason she liked having short hair. She went to her bedroom and removed her own drenched clothing and got into bed.

The next morning, she went to check on her new guest and found him lying peacefully on the couch exactly how she had left him. She walked into the bathroom with some clothes and got ready for work. When she opened the door to go back into the living room, she was shocked to see glowing, emerald eyes staring into her own from only a few inches away.

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