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Sasha's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. Still sleepy, I rolled over to turn it off.

"9 o'clock. Great…".

As you can tell, I'm not exactly a morning person.

I yawned and slowly got up.

"Just another lazy Summer morning"

Or so I thought.

First, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Sasha, I'm 19, I have dark, shoulder-high hair, and dark brown eyes, and I live by myself in an apartment not too far from the main city. It's not much, but it's a small place i can cal home.

Not a lot happens around these parts, except for the occasional festival or party. Other than that, it's just a typical home in the suburbs.

I was getting busy with my usual mornings rituals, but I couldn't shake off the feeling that something unusual was about to happen.

Suddenly, I heard a knock, on the front door.

"Who can that be, at this time of day?"

I walked over to the door, opening it, only to find that there was nobody there.

I was about to close it when something caught my attention: a box. And it seemed to be… moving?

Slowly, I opened it. My eyes went wide with surprise.

"OMG!!! Cats!!!! And dogs!!! Look at you, you're all so cute!!!!!" There were 5 cats and 5 dogs.

I brought them inside and placed them in the kitchen floor.

"Cute as they may be, they look suspiciously familiar!" I thought.

Indeed, these puppies and kittens were very familiar.

One dog, who seemed to be fast asleep, had blonde fur and part of it seemed to cover the left side of his face, also covering his left eye.

Another one had red fur, crimson eyes and seemed to bore an almost bored and calm look on his face all the time. He also had a kanji on his stomach that read "scorpion".

Another one kept jumping up and down, trying to wake the blonde one, but to no avail. It made me laugh how hard he was trying to capture that little dog's attention. It had a curious look to him: His fur was mostly black, with the exception of his face, which was orange and had a swirly pattern that was centered on his right eye. His left one, however, was closed and the poor guy seemed to be unable to open it.

"I wonder what happened to you…"

Another dog was watching these three with an emotionless expression on his face, but I could definitely tell that I shouldn't bother him, if he didn't want it.

And the final dog had silver-white fur, with an amulet on his neck with the design of a circle with an upside-down triangle on it. He kept growling at a black cat that looked like he was all stitched up.

"No doubt those two got into a fight." I thought, letting out a sigh. "More than once, I can see."

The other cats sat not to far from the dogs.

There were two blue ones: one had pale blue fur, and marks under his small white eyes that looked like shark gills.

The other had ocean-blue fur, amber coloured eyes, a paper flower on the side of her head and a piercing under her mouth.

Another one kind of surprised me when I saw him: his fur was divided into two colours, the right side was black and the left side was white, he had yellow-golden eyes.

"Strange…" I thought. "This cat seems to be talking to himself… and he's answering his own questions… weird."

Dismissing that thought from my head, I looked at the last cat, who was sitting next to the blue one with the paper flower.

He had orange fur and several piercings around the bridge of his nose, ears and the bottom of his mouth.

"This is so weird!! Why would anyone put piercings one a cat?!?! I can understand if it was on themselves, but on a cat…"

The pet then looked at me with a look on his face that clearly said: "Got something against it?"

"This is the weirdest thing. I know it sounds stupid, but you guys look just like the Akatsuki!!"

After hearing that last word, all of them bolted their heads upward to stare at me, even the blonde puppy that earlier looked like he was in deep sleep.

"Guess he didn't want to be bothered by the orange faced puppy." I thought, laughing to myself. "If I'm keeping you guys, I better go and get you some food."

I turned and left the kitchen.

The Akatsuki's POV

"How could she know about us?" The blonde puppy asked, somewhat alarmed.

"Lucky guess?" The one with the orange face said, sounding pleased with himself because of his discovery. However, that only made the blonde puppy mad, causing the orange faced one to get hit upside on the head. "Owwww that hurt, Deidara-sempai!!!!

"Shut it, Tobi, un."

"Anyway" The cat with the orange fur said. "We need to figure out what happened to us, where we are and what, if anything, that girl knows about us."

"She must know something to be able to recognise us as members of Akatsuki" Said the dog with red fur.

"Yes and as soon as we figure out everything, I will be able to offer another sacrifice to Lord Jashin-sama!!!!" Yelled the dog with silver-white fur.

This time, it was his turn to get hit upside to the head. "Hey, what the fuck Kakuzu!!!!!!!!!"

"Wait. You can't kill her!!!" Tobi said.

Everyone then looked at Tobi with a look that clearly said: "Why the hell not?"

"Hummm… Tobi means… If she knows us, maybe she can help us figure out what happened."

Suddenly, everyone looked at him with shocked looks on their faces.

"Tobi… that was the smartest thing you ever said" The black dog said, sounding impressed.

"Thank you, Itachi-san. Tobi is a good boy"

"Well that didn't last long, un"

"Ok. First we figure out what exactly does she know about us and then we'll decide." Said the orange cat.

Then they all stopped talking, because they heard someone approach the kitchen.

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