So this is my first Claire/ Leon story ever! I always liked them from the first time I played the game as a kid. But recently I watched Resident Evil Degeneration and thought. Gee there sure are a lot of sparks and unspoken sexual tension between them. (yes I'm weird like that and picture game characters having a relationship.) so I decided to write a story about them based off of the lyrics of the Fray's Never say Never. It seemed appropriate for their situation. Anyway im rambling. This is just about Claire reflecting on her feelings for Leon.. And Leon thinking about Claire..Enjoy!


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.. The hands on the clock moved ever so slowly around the face. Time seemed to drag longer and longer as my anticipation for the end of class grew stronger and stronger. I closed my eyes tightly, keeping one ear tuned in to the professor's lecture as my mind began to wander. It went to the same place it always went.. The city my dreams took me to whether I were asleep or not. Raccoon City.

Images of the horribly disfigured inhabitants of the city swam round and round. Their poor tortured faces, twisted in pain and agony and rage. They were pawns in umbrella's game, and their lives were so brutally cut short. So very tragic.

I shuttered slightly, as I often did upon remembering that terrible night so long ago. My hand quivered as it clenched the mechanical pencil tightly.

Then my mind shifted to something else, a much more.. Pleasant memory one would say. And one face took precedence over all the rest. His face, with his beautiful eyes peering out as I stared up at him blankly.

I opened my eyes, taking a moment to adjust myself to the fluorescent light before I looked around the room.

Everyone was deep in their note taking, having not even noticed that I had drifted away from the lecture for a moment. Not as if they would. I never spoke to anyone here, and none of them ever spoke to me.

It was strange really, the disconnect I felt toward my fellow classmates. It wasn't a personal thing, and it was more me than any of them who had the problem. They just all seemed so naive.. So innocent. Oblivious to the evils of the world or what had occurred in Raccoon City so long ago. They did not know that the dead had once roamed the streets, feeding and slaying every living creature they happened upon. Whether it were vermin or human. They didn't know about the deceitful Umbrella Corporation and their plots or human test subjects. They knew none of it.

All they concerned themselves with were their studies. Their exams, their social lives, their grades, all the things that most college kids concerned themselves with. The two of us, me and them, were so different.

I don't even know why I bothered going back to school after already receiving several degrees in varied fields of studies. I suppose it's because it kept me out of the house and from thinking about the things that should have already drove me to being committed. And it was controlled, and safe.. I guess that's all I really wanted after everything I'd already been through.

Again my mind drifted to his face. That smooth, perfect, soft hair hanging down over part of his eye in the most alluring and mysterious way. I wonder what it would feel like to... God! I was daydreaming about him again, was I in middle school or something? Fantasizing about a man I'd just barely known for more than a few hours. But why not? Besides being handsome, Leon was kind and brave. He was strong and level headed, confident and athletic, and intelligent.. He was a regular modern day prince charming. He banished the monsters in the shadows with not a sword but a rifle. And instead of dragons, he slayed monstrous freaks of medical experimentation. Yeah.. That seemed about right.

All of a sudden the bell gave a shrill ring, jolting everyone from their seats at the same time. I collected my things in silence, waiting till the last of my classmates had drifted away before I started walking.

As I walked out into the hall and out the double doors leading to the courtyard, I stared up at the bright blue sky hiding beneath the thin white clouds that cast long shadows over the grass.

There was really no point in thinking about Leon Kennedy, it's not as if I'd see him anytime soon.. Not after what happened in our most recent encounter. Oh well.. A girl can let her mind wander every now and then without being judged right? After all it's not a crime.

I started walking to the parking lot, thinking of nothing in particular as I threw my books and bag into the back seat of my car.. Awkward as it might be, it would be nice to see him again..


I leaned my hand against my chin, as I stared silently out the small window of the private jet provided to me by my most recent employers. I had never really enjoyed being treated to such luxuries, especially considering there was nothing luxurious about my career.. I was more suited to the seat less military planes with nothing but a leather strap to hold to as turbulance rocked everything around you. That was more my speed. Not leather seats, wooden tables and champagne served beside five star cuisine. But I couldn't complain.

It had been a rough few months, what with the president daughter's kidnapping and all, perhaps I should enjoy a little pampering before my work took me to some other dark, dank corner of a third world country.

I shut my eyes slowly, leaning back in the recliner. My hands folded in a little steeple under my chin as I tried to quell the never ending wave of random thoughts and emotions in my mind.

What could one do to process all the horrifying things I'd seen in the past years? How might one cope? I suppose there was nothing else to do but block it out, even though the shrink had said that was quite an unhealthy thing to do. That is probably how I ended up in this situation, on a plane going home rather than back to DC. I suppose the head's probably thought I needed a break. But really had they only known.

What was I going to go back to? My small apartment filled with dust and rotting food that I hadn't had time to throw out before I left on my last mission? It's not as if I had a wife like most of the other men in this similar 'profession'. And certainly I didn't have children, which was probably a good thing.. For them. Who after all would appreciate a father who lived in constant paranoia? Afraid to let his child go out at night without being properly armed to the nine, in fear of another viral outbreak? No.. That certainly would not be a healthy childhood.

I heard someone clear their throat in the distance and opened my eyes to greet the source.

The stewardess, with her long blond hair tied back in a bun, was smiling at me with a glass of champagne on her tray. She reminded me of Angela, but I quickly put that thought out of my mind.

"No thank you". I muttered with a slight wave of my hand as she nodded and turned away.

Once again such opulence. How could people be expected to live like this when so many others around the world were living in such terrible circumstances.. And some of them weren't even living at all any more.

I glanced out the window as the city loomed far below. My city.. My home.. Soon I'd be there in exile until the government came looking for me once again. The plane crept slowly through the air, descending down to earth. Clenching the arm rests of the chairs, I tried to silence the voices in my mind.

How funny this would all seem to an outsider, a man looking perfectly normal but with the mind of a schitzsophrenic, always looking around the corner for zombies. How funny indeed.