Did I- Did he just say?

The world stopped and I saw nothing beyond those two perfect eyes in front of me.

"Claire I love you.. I have never said anything truer in my whole life.. I am in love with you Claire and always have been." He said quickly as his hand cupped the side of my head.

"Leon.." I said shakily, tears forming at the creases of my eyes. "I... I love you.." I said slowly as the corners of his lips turned up briefly before they were against mine.

My hands curled around the back of his neck as he hovered over me, his breath flowing over my skin.


I couldn't think of anything in that moment. Not that I told her I loved her, or that she said she loved me too. Not that we were in the utmost compromising position in my bed. Not that Hennigan was waiting on an answer from me.

All I saw was those eyes, disappearing and reappearing every few moments. The feeling of her hands on the back of my neck was causing a reaction I could not even begin to try and hide from her. Everything in me suddenly went from cold and dead to alive and on fire.

I felt hot, a familiar feeling in situations such as these. I needed to be free of my shirt.

And almost as if she'd read my mind, her hands found the hem of my shirt and began drawing it up my stomach and over my shoulders. I watched silently as she tossed it away, her eyes locking with mine before her lips pressed against mine again. I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her back with me as I sat on my heels.

I took the edges of her thin shirt, tugging them upward as my eyes flashed across the new expanse of skin. I began to see a touch of pink lace, and I thought my heart would stop in my chest. As I pulled the remainder of her shirt up and away, my hand started to tremble.. Nothing.. There were no words that would describe what I was seeing.

She was an angel. Especially because of the slight touch of blush that spread across her cheeks when she'd realized what reaction she'd caused in me.

Her hair tumbled down her shoulders, falling lightly against her breast as it rose and fell steadily.

I watched as she pressed her lips against mine, pulling me back on top of her in the same instant.

As our kiss deepened, I squirmed with the uncomfortable, familiar sensations inside of me. And just as before, Claire read my mind.

Her hand closed carefully around the button of my jeans, drawing them open quickly. I watched as she hooked her toe in one of the belt loops, pushing my pants down my hips as she straightened out her leg. I couldn't hide the smirk that formed on my lips. Typical Claire.. Always surprising me. I coiled my arms around her, one of my hands hooking on the top of her skirt.

With very calculated movements; I pulled her skirt down past her hips, along her things, past her feet and finally discarded it to the floor. Our eyes locked for a moment as I leaned over her, beads of sweat falling from mine onto her breasts. I knew nothing else from that point on..

It was hours later when I finally pieced together all that had just happened. I sat up in my bed, my eyes flickering over Claire's sleeping form beside me.

It was nearly midnight, and I couldn't sleep as peacefully as her.

What had I done?? Dammit.. I did the thing I swore to Chris I wouldn't do. I indulged in his sister for my own selfish needs. Because I knew what I would be going back to, what I'd have to relive again. And somewhere deep inside of me I was scared.. I didn't want that for myself. So I took what little happiness I had with Claire and attempted to bottle it up and store it somewhere in my memories.

But now what?

What do I do now? I can't very well leave.. Not only will that completely destroy everything I wanted so badly to hold on to, but it'd be like suicide.

I'd be killing myself. Not just because Chris would come after me, but Claire... I'd be hurting her.. And that would be just as bad if not worse than harming myself.

I pushed my hands over my eyes, shaking my head roughly.

"What a mess Kennedy". I muttered to the darkness slowly.

After a few moments I looked up, my head turning toward Claire.. I shifted back to my side, my hand falling around her waist. I heard her moan softly, and it brought me back to what had occured hours before.

Without even meaning to, I drew her against me, burying my face in my hair. As I breathed in the sweetness of her, I shut my eyes.

Whatever came of this, this... clusterfuck I called my life.. I know there is only one thing I could ever want.. Ever need.. And it was here with me. Laying in my arms.

I trailed my lips slowly down her neck, placing a kiss carefully against her soft pale skin..