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Mantis's Previous Past

By Arceus. Conberma

Chapter 2:

Father and Son

It was a glorious day and yet the most tragic day of my life. My son was born, but I had lost my beloved wife.

I grasped my wife's body and held it close to me, and cried above her forehead. Then I heard my son's crying, I took a glimpse at him and found out that he was so muck alike his mother.

My wife and I were both unicorn-beetle, however, every female unicorn-beetle will die once they gave birth to their children, it was a circle of life. I slowly approached my son, and compared with his mother.

I chuckled slightly, they had my eyes and his mother's elegant body. I tucked my son on my chest, and gave him a name.

"Kasco." It means 'Kind-hearted' in Indian, like his mother.

The little chibi seemed to like the name as he chuckled. I then called my advisor to arrange a funeral for my wife and announced the new born prince of Navaho.

Mantis soon suddenly interrupted by Sapphire, who was entering in the camp. "Mantis, what are you doing here?" she asked curiously.

"Uh…nothing." He sheepishly, then his wife gave him a frown in a serious look. Finally, he admitted, "I was studying grandfather's memoir, there, are you happy?"

"Leader's memoir?" Sapphire asked herself.

"This memoir recorded not only his life, but the story of my parents. I know it is rude to read his personal thing without his permission. But I know nothing about my parents and not very well about grandfather, I want an answer!" Mantis explained.

Sapphire stared at Mantis in surprised, she never saw him so wanted to know more truth. She spoke, "I understand. And I'm sure he'll understand too."

Then the butterfly gave a kiss on his cheeks, "Thanks, Sapphire." Mantis replied with the way of his wife just did and continued to read.

Every day and every year, I had been guarding and protecting the village and Kasco at the same time, it was hard for me at first. But I knew the spirits and my wife would guide me.

Kasco had been becoming more and more like me, so brave, acted such a heroic and so impatient… (Mantis cracked a chuckle). Even though I was a leader, it made no differences but being seen as a normal bug, except when it was necessary. Sometimes, I could see that Kasco was being bullied by other insects.

There was once a time when he was seven, he almost beat up five insects because of they bullied the younger ones, and he stood up and fought against them, which it caused his teacher to punish him and the bullies, and not to mention I was called to be there.

When I got there, I saw my son's face was bruised as his right eye was in purple-black, and some stitches on his chest and arms. I was surprised that he didn't lay a tear out of his face, instead he gave a strong spirit in his eyes to me, like he had done nothing wrong.

I knelt in front of him and then I noticed the parents of the bullies came in. They were Dragonflies, Moth, Scissors-beetle, cockroach and grasshopper, one of the strongest species in insect existence. I couldn't help but let out a grin when I saw the painful and bruised faces of the bullies, Kasco had done it so far.

Then, I saw the ladybug teacher came out. She bowed at me as a respect for a leader, she then said. "As I call you parents here for one simple reason. First of all, Kasco." She turned at my son, and went on. "The only thing I saw is you were fighting and punching Liko, Manic, Pretro, Jes and Ikia so hard."

"I can explain!" Kasco started to defend.

"You're such a dumb!" the little grasshopper, whose name was Jes interjected, gave Kasco more nerve.

"You're the one who started the fight!" Kasco suddenly shouted, as he wanted to give Jes another knuckle sandwich. I pulled him back to tell him to control his temper.

"Alright! You two, both of you, shut up!" the teacher declared as the two were silence. The ladybug sighed and started again, "Now, Kasco. You need to apologize if you started the fight."

"But I didn't start it, they DID!" Kasco kept defending himself.

I didn't know what kind of word for him; stubborn.

"Get lost!!" Liko the Dragonfly cried, hiding himself behind his mother's back.

The father of Jes stepped up and claimed, "My son would never do such a thing of bullying. He's such a good boy." He spoke confidently.

I snorted secretly, I'd bet that he had spoiled his son as I could a smirk under the young grasshopper's face. Before I wanted to argue with that irritated grasshopper father, another young insect interrupted the atmosphere. I took a clear on the young one, he was younger than Kasco and a tiger-spider.

He seemed to be shy by the serious environment, then Kasco cried, "Za!? What are you doing here?"

The spider who called Za spoke, "I'm here to declare that it wasn't your fault." He claimed as he walked up to the teacher.

He then bowed deeply at her, "Miss Taylor, it wasn't Kasco's fault. I can tell!" he declared.

"Now, teacher, you wouldn't expect this kid's words are trusted?" the father of Jes teased.

"I'd say let this young man speaks." I snapped back.

"Father…" I could hear Kasco's muttered.

"Very well then," Miss Taylor agreed. "Za, tell us what you saw." She demanded.

Za nodded as he began explained, "Today was my first day at school, well, not very much students like me except Kasco. He befriended with me soon, I thought I called this for a day. But when we were having a break…" suddenly he paused, afraid.

Then I placed my paws on his shoulder to give him a comfort, "Go ahead, say it, son." I said.

The young tiger-spider nodded again as he continued, "Jes and his friends came over to us and snatched my lunch. I wanted it back in a polite way, but they still didn't give it back. And not only that, they started bully at me by beating."

The parents of the bullies glared at them, as they felt ashamed. Then he went on, "Kasco was angry and started to fight them back for me and told me to step aside and left everything for him. I did as I hid behind a rock and watched him one against five, and I just hiding myself being a coward!" His eyes were watered as he started to cry.

Now they had finally known the truth and the teacher sent an eye contact on the parents of the bullies. "Thank you, Za. It is such a bravely act to stand up and tell us the truth. You have proved that you're not a coward." She said with a smile.

She continued, "Now, bullying is not allowed in this village. So I hope that you'll give a report of what you've done, and as for Kasco, even though you fought for justice, but you need to give me a report as well." She ordered and they all nodded.

"We Indian are a team! We must not fight to each other. Friends are family and family need each other by their side." I confirmed, in leader-act.

Everyone nodded at the me the leader one, Kasco stared at me widely, I heard Za whispered at Kasco secretly. "If I must say, you have the coolest father in the world." Za whispered.

Kasco said nothing at first but when he looked up at me and said with a wide smile, "I know."

And by that moment I knew that he might try to do his best to make me proud as he always to practice his training of the traditional karate fight for Indians. But he shouldn't have to do that, because he had already done that, and when the time comes, I will tell him. "Everyday."

Tears started fall on Mantis' cheeks, he knew that his parents died before Grandfather, and he didn't and couldn't tell him how much he loved him. The praying mantis quickly hid his face away from his wife and wiped them.

Although Sapphire knew her husband wanted to be tough in front of anyone, but she could see it though. She walked beside and gently hugged him. Then she softly spoke, "I'm so sorry." She then grabbed the memoir from Mantis, "Here, you have read enough of this, we'll continue this tomorrow." She said.

Mantis was hesitated a bit, but he had a rough day already. He nodded and brought the memoir with him, and decided to go back to bed, waiting to read the next part.

To be continued…