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"Have you ever been to a club?"

Hinata blinked, then locked her gaze on the menu in her hands. Ino's words were scary enough, but her tone of voice sent an icy twinge down Hinata's spine. There were times when it was good to be thought of as a shy, innocent little girl, because she wasn't expected to respond to bad-ideas-disguised-as-innocent-questions.

"Ino, don't ask Hinata stuff like that!" Sakura frowned as she noticed the faint pink tinge on Hinata's face. Sakura's well intentioned words backfired, as Hinata simply blushed harder.

Truthfully, Hinata hadn't been to a club or a bar, unless one counted the open bar at the last wedding she had attended. She had been twelve. Maybe it was curiosity that made her peep over the menu and whisper, "No, I, um, haven't, Ino. Why do you ask?" Hinata silently damned her curiosity when she saw satisfaction glint in Ino's blue eyes. Beside her, Sakura groaned.

Ino leaned across the table, one hand reaching out to snag Hinata's menu and shove it flat. "Look, there's this new club in town, it opened just a few weeks ago. It's special." Ino grinned. Hinata tensed, Ino only grinned like that when there were cute boys to flirt with.

"Why is it special?" Sakura's voice was flat, her green eyes narrowed with suspicion and fixed upon Ino.

Ino leaned closer. "After midnight, the only lights in the place are a few strobes and some black lights. The bathrooms are all unisex, and have these clear doors that frost over when you shut them. The floor show is, like, an orgy in a shower! We have to go!" Ino stared right into Sakura's eyes. "Think about it, Forehead! Mostly dark rooms, sexy men, lots of alcohol! The three of us will have our pick of the ninja in Konoha!"

Hinata stiffened, her fingers clenching around the edge of the menu. "Th-three of us?" She felt her face heat at the thought.

Ino never looked away from Sakura. "Yes. The three of us." Sakura glared back at Ino. "Ino-pig, you owe me. And Hinata!"

Of course, the downside to being perceived as a shy, innocent little girl was that people often felt you would simply go along with their plans. Four hours later, Hinata decided that since she already knew how to stand up to her enemies, she now should start standing up to her friends. 'Neji wasn't nearly as scary as Ino is when she wants something, though.'

The bouncer at the doors held out his hand for their ID cards. Shizune was assumed to be the one to decide that all ninja needed to be carded before being allowed to drink, as Tsunade had been known to invite a certain blond haired prankster to her parties. The bouncer barely glanced at the cards, his eyes busy watching the bounce of Ino's cleavage. The cards handed back to their owners, the three headed into the club.

Genma listlessly swirled the ice around in his drink. It was almost eleven thirty, and the floor show would be starting soon. It would conclude at exactly midnight, at which point the lights would be turned off. Everyone would begin a desperate search to find a partner, or partners, and proceed to try and fuck until they couldn't stand, let alone walk. As fun as that sounded, Genma was bored with blind fucks. His tongue traced the sides of the senbon in his mouth, his brown eyes dark as he considered what he didn't want from the night.

The sudden silence jerked him from his thoughts. Genma smirked as he saw the spotlights fixate on the stage. The crowd roared, individual voices lost as people shoved to get closer, to get a better view. They packed the area around the stage, and for a moment Genma considered going to join them. Too easy, to stand there and watch as the performers licked and kissed, water running over their bodies. Too easy, to slide up behind someone, lean forward and press a kiss against the shell of an ear. Too easy, to take their hand in his, to find a dark place and lose himself in warm, willing flesh. Genma wanted a challenge. He glanced back at the crowd one last time, then turned and headed to the bathrooms.

"The floor show already started! Come on, Hinata!" Ino grabbed Hinata's hand and tugged, a frown turning her mouth into a perfect pout. 'Well, of course it's perfect, She practices in the mirror so that when she needs it on a mission, she's ready. But I haven't practiced getting ready for naked people on a stage-Oh my God, why is that shaped like a rabbit?' Hinata glued her feet to the floor with chakra, so much chakra she was surprised she didn't break something. Her face was burning, she was sure it was as red as-as- that thing that women on the stage had just-

Hinata squeaked. Her eyes clamped shut. Beside her she heard Sakura make a sort of choking gasp. Ino was silent. Wait. Ino? Silent? Hinata carefully slitted her left eye just enough to see Ino. Or not.

"S-sakura, where did Ino g-go?" Hinata reached out to grab Sakura's arm, only to encounter-air? Well, this was not entirely surprising. Hinata kept her eyes screwed shut for a few more seconds, before deciding to take just enough of a peek to find her friends. She opened her eyes, careful to keep them on the waist of the person in front of her. Hinata began looking left and right, searching for Ino's blond ponytail and Sakura's distinctive pink locks.

Ino was a few feet away, leaning against a brown haired young man. Hinata studied them for a moment before deciding that Ino was on her own. Sakura was at the bar. Hinata bolted over, sliding onto the stool before she could see anything else on the stage. Sakura flashed her a shaky grin, then grabbed the glass the bartender had just placed in front of her. "You didn't have to come with us, Hinata."

Hinata frowned. The bartender glanced at her, sympathy in her eyes. "First time here?" Sakura nodded, answering for them both. "Yeah, our friend wanted to let loose. Can you get her," Sakura pointed to Hinata, "one of these?" She held up the glass, and flashed a quick sign at the bartender.

The bartender smiled, and began mixing the drink.

Hinata studied the glass in front of her. She was almost through her second drink, and had gotten very good at ignoring the sounds coming from the crowd. Ino was who knows where, and Sakura was being chatted up by someone Hinata was certain was a civilian. She wondered if he knew what would happen if Sakura decided to squeeze the hand he'd placed on her friend's thigh, then abandoned that thought in favor of finding the bathroom. She tossed back the last of the liquid, then slid down and began to pick her way across the floor. Hinata blinked at the single door in front of her, then remembered Ino's comment from earlier. She absently wondered if there were urinals in there.

Genma leaned against the stall door. Three minutes until midnight. He heard the main door open and close, soft footsteps making their way across the floor. Let them pick the right stall. He grinned, luck was on his side.

Hinata stared at the frosted glass of the door. She could just barely make out the chakra signature of the person in the stall. She shrugged, heading into the next stall. Hinata had just finished pulling her skirt back into place when the lights went out. Shock stilled her for a moment. Midnight, right, strobes lights, black lights, and everyone had just watched people- Hinata cut her thoughts off. Maybe she should stay in the bathroom for a bit longer?

"Are you going to hide in there all night?" A male voice intruded on her thoughts. Hinata gasped, her hands grabbing the hem of her skirt and yanking it down as far as the fabric would stretch. A soft laugh drifted from the stall next to hers. "Most people come here for the late night activities. Or do you have a bathroom kink?"

"I do not!" Hinata was too shocked to stutter. "Why would you think that?"

He laughed again, the sound soft and dark, it wrapped around Hinata and set butterflies loose in her belly. "Because you are in a bathroom in a club full of people looking for a place to fuck." Hinata gasped again, and this time he really laughed, loud and full. "First time here?"

She slumped against the wall. "Yes."

"Hmmm." He reached up to tap the wall she was leaning against. "I'll say, virgin, too?"

Hinata slapped the wall. "That is none of your business!" She pushed to her feet, intent on leaving.

"Wait, no, I'm sorry." His voice had softened, the amusement gone. "Really, I'm sorry. You're right, it's not any of my business. Stay, talk to me. Why did you come here tonight?"

Hinata considered leaving. Then she carefully perched on the edge of the toilet. She glanced at the wall, taking a second to gather her thoughts. "My friends decided they wanted to come here. I just...I just kind of agreed without saying anything."

Genma leaned against his wall. "Where are your friends now? Are they waiting for you?"

Hinata shrugged. "One of them has probably forgotten that I'm here at all. The other, I think she found someone to, um, talk to." Hinata thought of the man Sakura had been talking to at the bar. "She'll worry if I don't get back out there soon."

"It's almost impossible to see out there. Unless your friend is a Hyuuga, she won't be able to find you. The lights come back up at two. You can catch up with her then. Unless you leave sooner." Genma frowned. "Or if she leaves."

"I don't think she would." Hinata tried to remember if they had decided to meet up afterwards. "Okay, she might. But don't get any ideas," she glared at the wall, "I am a ninja."

Genma laughed again. "I see, you're a very dangerous kunoichi, hiding in the bathroom from the sex crazed drunks." He pressed his hand against the wall. "Want to have some fun?"

Hinata bristled. "What are you talking about?"

"Are you sitting on the toilet?" At her muttered 'yes', Genma grinned. "Okay, hold still. Trust me, just a little?"

Hinata tensed at the words. What did he mean? Then she felt something brush her hair. Glancing up, she gasped as she saw a hand waving above her. She reached up and brushed her fingers against his. His hand was cool, the skin marked with calluses and scars. She could feel the strength of his hand, and knew he was a higher rank than she. She blinked, "Did you watch me pee?" Hinata's face was burning again, from shame, anger, or embarrassment she couldn't tell.

Genma winced. "No, that's not how I like to get off." His hand tightened around hers. "Some people do, though. There's a permanent henge on the walls of the stalls. If you feel around, you can find a hole that you can reach through, but not see through. Try it from your side."

Hinata stared at his hand. She gave a small tug. "Let go, and I will." He released her at once. Hinata began to trace the wall. After a moment she found one. Sucking in a deep breath, she reached through. Her hand ran into cloth covered flesh. His hand covered hers, and she gasped. She pressed her body against the wall, and began to trace the buttons on his shirt. One, two, and that was the waist band of a pair of jeans... "S-sorry!" She tried to pull back, but he refused to let go.

"Sorry for what? I don't mind letting you explore." Genma grinned, his thumb stroking the back of her hand. "In fact, here." His other hand rose and unbuttoned his shirt, then yanked the material free from his jeans. He pressed her hand against his stomach.

Hinata went completely still as her fingers touched his skin. Her breath escaped her in short, quick little pants, and the butterflies had turned her belly into their own heat drenched playground. Movement on her side of the stall caught her attention, he'd slipped his hand back through to her side. His fingers found her hair and began to slide through the long strands, combing them back from her flushed, too-hot face. She heard him give a low rumble of approval, "Mmmm, baby, your hair is so soft." Hinata bit her lower lip for a moment, then decided to stop being the good girl for a moment. She leaned her head a bit more against his hand, closing her eyes as his thumb traced over her nose and eyebrow. Her hand slid across his stomach, the muscles taunt, the skin smooth until she found a scar. She changed direction, moving up his chest until her fingers found a small nipple. She scratched at it, feeling the nub harden against her fingertip.

Genma groaned. "Damn...You're a fast learner." He loved the feel of her hair, soft, soft silk that snagged on his callused hand. "Stay there." Genma yanked his hand back, and shoved out of the stall. He tugged open the door of the stall she was in.

She was petite, he noticed, pale skinned and dark haired. She stared up at him, startled, her hand still reaching through the wall for him. He stepped into the stall, his shadow falling over her, hiding the details of her face. She stumbled to her feet, and he sucked in a breath as he noticed the deep V of her top. Pale skin flashed, and Genma was tall enough to see the lace tracing scalloped lines across her breasts. He fumbled with the door, finally shutting it with a soft click.

Hinata jerked at the noise. He reached for her hair again, and she closed her eyes at his touch. He leaned forward, and she could smell his cologne, subtle, touched with cedar. His breath was warm against her forehead as he pressed a small kiss to her skin. His lips trailed over her brow, never quite leaving the skin. Hands tightened in her hair, pulling her head back. Dry lips moved across her cheek, tiny kisses all in a line. He hesitated for a second, before brushing against her lips. Hinata gasped, the sound lost against his mouth. Genma took it for a consent.

She tasted of cream and whiskey, the expensive stuff that Genma had always hated. His tongue slid past her lips, stroking along hers until she tentatively returned the action. Her left hand fisted in his shirt, yanking him closer even as she pressed herself against his chest. Genma broke away, hissing when her nails dragged low over his stomach.

"Not here." Genma whispered the words against her lips, then gently bit her bottom lip, sucking on it to soothe any hurt. "Hold on to me." He shoved his face against the side of her neck then wrapped his arms around her. His hands flashed through seals. Mist and smoke hung in the air for a moment, the only thing to show their former presence, before being sucked away by the ventilation system.