Warnings: Lemon. Mature content. If you aren't capable of dealing with sex in a mature fashion, leave now.

The bedroom was dark and cool, the windows covered with heavy curtains. A few small slivers of moonlight painted thin lines along the far wall, slicing across dark sheets. Hinata could smell sword oil and metal, cologne and soap, all underlaid with the faint, bitter scent of poison. She closed her eyes. Her hands slowly traced the line of his spine, down his back to slide under his shirt. The muscles of his back were sculpted and defined, the skin marked by scars of assorted age. He shuddered as she slowly traced one scar in particular, a long, narrow slice that ran from his left shoulder blade down to disappear into his jeans.

Genma's breath was hot against her skin as he mumbled, "I was fourteen, and sure that I could beat this skinny chuunin. I won, but he did manage to slice me up pretty good." Genma raised his head to look at her face. Her eyes were still closed, her lips slightly parted. As he watched, her tongue flicked out to wet her bottom lip. He kissed her again, his arms wrapping around her, his fingers slipping just under the edge of her shirt. Her skin was smooth and soft, with far fewer scars than his.

Genma broke the kiss, releasing her and stepping back until he felt the bed brush against his legs. He caught her hands, tugging her forward until she was close enough. He turned sideways, sinking onto the bed. She gave a small gasp, then slowly seated herself next to him. Genma flopped onto his side and grinned. "What do you want to do tonight?"

Hinata studied the man sprawling next to her. She reached out and pushed his shirt off his shoulders, then placed both of her hands on his chest. She could feel his heart pounding, to her amazement it matched her own heartbeat. He shifted, pulling first one arm, and then the other free from his shirt, tossing it into a corner. Hinata slid her hands up his chest, her fingers tracing his collarbones, then up to cup his face. She leaned over his body, excited yet nervous, to breathe her words across his lips. "I want to do all the things my friends talk about. I want to kiss and lick and taste every part of you." She kissed him, her tongue determined and soft and Genma's head spun with the ideas her words unleashed.

Genma moaned into her mouth, his hands coming up to hold her in place. When he finally broke away they were panting, their mouths inches apart. He pulled her down next to him, his hands quickly finding their way under her shirt. A gentle tug and it was sliding up her body, revealing pale skin and dark lace. She yanked her arms free then pulled him in for another kiss. The lace of her bra scratched at his nipples, and Genma jerked at the sensations. He kissed her chin, then moved down her neck, kisses like a trail he would follow. He liked the tops of her breasts, a smile creeping across his face at the shivers that raced over her skin. His hands slid under her body, quickly finding and attacking the tiny hooks that held her bra in place. A moment's work and he was pulling the lacy covering away.

Hinata's first thought was to cover herself. 'I want this so much, but what if he doesn't?' She peeked through her lashes to see his face, then closed her eyes as she felt his rough, callused hands cup her breasts. He dragged his thumbs over her nipples, causing her to whimper in surprise and pleasure.

Genma's mind froze at the sight of her, milky pale skin tipped with dark, rosy nipples. He squeezed gently, then lowered his head to suck her nipple into his mouth. His tongue rasped against the bit of flesh, and he let his lower body collapse against hers. Her hand rose to tangle in his hair, holding him in place. Genma kept his right hand busy massaging her other breast. She moaned, squirming beneath him and pulling his hair, until Genma finally relented and released her nipple.

"Please-I-I've," Hinata panted, her fingers still tangled in his hair, her body hot and tingly. "Please. J-just, please."

Genma pushed himself up, leaning over her body and casting his face into shadows. "Please, what? Please touch you? Kiss you?" His head dipped down, "Lick you?", his voice breathed hot and moist across her skin, "Tell me, baby. Tell me what you want me to do."

Hinata groaned. "Um, roll over." She felt his chuckle, his mouth was rubbing against her breast, and the heat washing over her body blazed up again. He did as she had asked, though, rolling over to smirk at her. Hinata very carefully did not look at his pants and the bulge that had previously been pressed against her thigh. Instead she stood and quickly kicked her shoes off, then, with a small, shy glance at his chest, she reached for the zipper on her skirt. The soft silk fell down to puddle at her feet, and Hinata glanced back again to find he had raised up on one arm, his gaze fixed upon her.

Genma had never heard a sound as erotic as the soft rasp of the zipper. For a moment the world stopped moving as she simply stood there and watched him watch her. Her tiny bikini panties left just enough to his imagination. He watched her walk back to the bed, graceful and silent. She knelt next to him and reached to touch his mouth.

Hinata locked her gaze on his mouth, one finger slowly tracing his lips. "Your turn."

Genma blinked, startled at her words. He kissed her fingertip, then slid off the bed in one easy movement. He turned to face her, staring directly into her face as kicked off his own shoes, then popped the button on his jeans. The zipper was next, then Genma was stepping away from the denim, back to the bed where she was waiting.

'No underwear! Ino says that's called commando. I think I like this.' Hinata watched him come back to the bed, his body formed of strong muscle and his movement deadly silent. He stopped just short of the bed, and waited for her reaction. Hinata blushed, her head tilting forward to hide behind her hair. The man in front of her smiled before reaching to embrace her. He whispered against the dark strands, "You are a virgin, aren't you?" He sighed, stroking her hair back from her face, "We don't have to do anything you don't want."

He was giving her a chance to run away, Hinata thought. "I want...I want to touch you." She blushed harder, her hand rising to slide low over his stomach. She traced the thin line of hair down to his cock, enjoying the strangled whimper he made when she wrapped her fingers around him. Her thumb stroked the head, a few drops of precum leaking out. She smeared the sticky liquid over his skin, slowly, hesitantly stroking her hand along his length. Hinata glanced at him from under her bangs to find his eyes dark and heated. She gasped, feeling herself grow wetter.

Genma moaned. She had never given a hand job before, that was clear, but the knowledge just served to make him harder. He watched her small, pale fingers squeeze his cock, her other hand now cradling his balls. He grabbed for her face, "Enough, baby." Genma kissed her, his mouth rough and hot and desperate. He forced himself to be gentle when he pushed her back, forced his hands steady when he reached for her panties. Genma pulled the scrap of silk down her legs, stroking her skin as he went. He dropped her panties to the floor and turned to look at her.

Hinata watched his face. Slowly, shyly, she parted her legs, her eyes locked on his mouth now. His lips parted in a silent gasp, then he was moving to lay against her. His hair brushed against her thighs, his hands pushing her legs further apart. Hinata closed her eyes and let her head fall back as his breath flowed hot over her clit. He kissed her there, purring deep in his throat. Hinata's hands fisted in the sheets, and she tensed. He began to lick.

She tasted amazing. Genma smiled at the mewling sounds she was making. He licked and tasted her juices, sucked gently at her clit. He pulled away to lay his head against her thigh, enjoying the way her body trembled. One finger slipped inside her, causing her to gasp and jerk. She was tight, her inner muscles slick and wet. Genma carefully slipped a second finger into her, leaning in to lap at her clit. Her body clenched around his fingers. Not quite there, but close.

Hinata fought not to squirm as his fingers reached deep into her body. His mouth was on her clit again, and she could feel an orgasm building. She sobbed, her legs tensing and her back arching. He kept licking, sucking, stroking deeper into her, the pressure building until she screamed, her body arching, shuddering, and the man between her legs smiled. He watched her, his head leaning on her thigh, until she calmed.

Genma rose and slid up her body. She was even more beautiful now, her eyes closed, skin flushed and sweaty. Her hair was a tangled mess against his sheets. Genma paused just long enough to wipe his mouth off before he kissed her, his cock brushing against her inner thigh. "Ready?" he whispered against her lips. She nodded. Genma positioned himself, them kissed her again as he slid forward.

She was wet, hot, tight, and Genma swore as he saw her flinch.

Hinata tensed as pain flared. His body was still, lips brushing tiny kisses against her face while he waited for her body to adjust. She carefully moved her hips and he moved deeper, the pain subsiding to a new feeling. Hinata reached around him, her fingers finding the scar on his back. One leg wrapped around his hip. Hinata turned her head and brushed his mouth with hers, "Please."

Genma moved. Slowly at first, shallow thrusts to let her get used to the movement, then deeper ones. She gasped and her hips moved to meet him. He kissed her again and again and again, his body wanting to move faster and deeper. Genma forced himself to calm, but his control was rapidly fraying.

Hinata's fingers clutched at the muscles of his back. She whimpered and moaned, her body building for another orgasm. Genma reached between them, his fingers finding her clit and rubbing. The second orgasm crashed over Hinata, her body squeezing around his, and Genma came.

He just barely caught himself before he collapsed on top of her. Genma raised one hand to cradle the back of her head, the other holding his body to the side. He was content to stay where he was, but knew he had to move. Genma sighed. "Wait here, baby." He slowly stumbled to his feet, then staggered to the door. Hinata watched him, her body boneless and unwilling to move. He reappeared after a moment with a small towel in his hand. She blushed as he carefully and tenderly cleaned her body.

Genma tossed the towel onto his discarded jeans and returned to the bed. He pulled Hinata to him then dragged the sheets up to cover them. Hinata laid her head against his chest, his heartbeat lulling her to sleep.

Genma stroked her hair back and wondered if it was possible to get addicted to the feel. He grinned, sleepy and content, and pressed a kiss to her forehead. She mumbled something against his chest, her eyes flashing a soft hearted warning in his direction.

Hyuuga eyes.

Genma's heart skipped a beat. She frowned and snuggled closer, her breath ghosting across his chest, drawing the nipple into a hard bead. Genma studied the way her lashes cast shadows on her cheeks and decided that questions could wait until morning. Genma pulled the sheets a bit tighter, and slept.

Notes: Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate them immensely. I did have one person ask why Hinata didn't use her Byakugan to see who was in the bathroom stall. They then assumed she was too drunk. I wanted to clear that up here. She isn't drunk, nor is she cowardly. Hinata has drunk enough alcholol to relax her and lower her inhibitions, but not so much she cannot make a decision. She did not use her Byukugan because it's a bathroom, folks. Not to mention the stage show in the club. And now that I'm done preaching, tell me what you think?