Summary: Over a decade has passed since Jimmy Riley started Eden Hall, and a lot of things have changed. But is he ready to realize that some things never will?

Author's Note: I told you I'd have it up quickly! Here it is, the begining of the end. We get into some of the storylines here, and sort of set up "they way things are" the first few chapters will do that. Then we dive into the story, which is catalysted by Scooter and Kelly's wedding. There are pictures of the new characters up on my profile, and more age appropriate actors for the kids (Mikey, David, Eva) I removed the bios, they were getting too time consuming. If you have questions, just PM me!

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Little Rileys Part VI: Not So Little Anymore

Chapter 1: A Decade

"Hi," Julie walked into the crowded and sloppy studio.

"Hey Julie!" An assistant said even though she had a blue tooth on, "Hold on, RDC, please hold. She's right inside. Working on the wedding dress. How was Tokyo?"

"Great," Julie smiled, "See you later Giselle." She walked through and saw Tammy standing back and staring at a full skirted gorgeous white wedding gown. "Oh Tammy!" She gasped, "It's gorgeous!"

"You think?" Tammy said, "I just don't know."

"No, it's perfect," Julie said, "It's what Kelly must have dreams about."

"Well," Tammy said, "The concept is the ultimate family wedding dress." Julie looked at her. "The lace is from Evelyn's dress. The satin from Kat Vanderbilt's, and the shorter satin skirt, over the lace there," She pointed, "Is from Cassie's. I'm just not sure."

"It's really beautiful," Julie said. "I mean, Eva's dress still wins." Tammy laughed.

"Designing for my eight year old step niece," Tammy shook her head, "I'm so cool."

"So," Julie asked, "How is everybody?"

"Good," Tammy nodded. "Annabelle is beautiful, wait until you see her!"

"If Cassie brings her to the wedding," Julie shrugged.

"She will," Tammy said, "I mean, I asked her to, so that you can see her. She might even bring her to the shower next week."

"Right," Julie said sadly.

"What's wrong?" Tammy asked.

"I don't know," Julie said, "It's just weird. I mean, one minute they were my family, and now,"

"They're still your family," Tammy insisted, Julie looked at her, "Just because you're not with Jimmy anymore, doesn't mean they love you less." Julie rolled her eyes, "Well maybe Ellie, but not anyone else. I mean, you taught Rick how to change a diaper. He'll never forget that." Julie laughed, then they were silent for a minute. "So, he came here," Tammy said. Julie rolled her eyes. "Looking for you."

"He's in New York?" Julie asked. Tammy nodded. "How much longer?"

"Didn't say, it was two days ago," Tammy said. "You going to call him?"

"I haven't had sex in a while," Julie shrugged, and propped herself up on one of the work tables. "But of course then I have to put up with 'Julia, come back to Rome with me, move in with me, I need you, I love you, I always have,' for as long as he's here."

"You use that man," Tammy shook her head, Julie looked at her. "Look, Paulo is made to be used, but that doesn't make it right. He's in love with you."

"I can't have a relationship with Paulo," Julie picked at her finger nails. "He's sweet, but he's so needy Tammy."

"And you're still in love with Jimmy," Tammy shrugged.

"I am not," Julie said. Tammy looked at her, "I'm not. Besides, he's got what's her face."

"Ugh, Bonnie," Tammy gagged, "She's awful, and she calls him James. All the time, James," She lowered her voice, "In that horrible high class Boston accent of hers. Gag."

"He lets her call him James?" Julie said softly. Tammy nodded, "He's only ever let Ellie call him James."

"Yeah well," Tammy shrugged, "Now Bonnie can too." Julie frowned.

"James!" Jimmy turned and smiled. "Honestly I take a train all the way from New Haven and you just ignore me?"

"Ellie," He smiled and hugged her. "Oh God I miss you."

"Mm," She nodded, "I miss you too," She sighed. "Come on, buy me lunch."

"What?" He laughed, "I'm a med student, you're a," He closed his eyes, "Um, what do you do exactly?"

"So I don't have a 'job,'" she air quoted, "What would be the point? As soon as Brad and I get married," She sighed. He looked at her hand and saw her cover her engagement ring.

"How is he?" He asked.

"Fine," She shrugged, "He's in his first year of Yale Law," She sighed, "And he's Brad." Jimmy laughed, "How's Bonnie?"

"She's good," Jimmy said, "She's stable, and our schedules work, and she's caring and sweet and,"

"And she's not Julie," She said and started walking.

"No," He laughed, "And that's a good thing. What with the stable and the matching schedules and the not getting put on Perez Hilton for canoodling with certain dim witted Italian models."

"Did you just say canoodle?" She laughed. He looked at her. "She's not with him, Jimmy." He sighed. "You're gonna have to see her at the wedding. And what if she decides to stop traveling? Will you just never see Tammy again?" He sighed.

"Are we done?" He asked.

"Yes," She sighed, "The lecture portion of this visit is over." He nodded. "But, I think you should call her."

"You're gonna see Dean at the wedding," He pointed out, "Are you gonna call him?"

"That's fair," She grimaced. "We can just avoid them the whole time."

"Good plan," He nodded. "And in this bizarro world you just described where Julie stops traveling, I would reconsider a lot of things." Elena nodded. "But since that's never going to happen. She sort of made that clear. Too much Jaime."

"Well, I think she's crazy," She shrugged. "She could be Mrs. Dr. James Riley! I mean, that's something even I would die for."

"Hey, there's something to being Mrs. Bradley Vanderbilt Esquire." He pointed at her. She shrugged. "You shouldn't settle though Elle. I mean, Kelly didn't. Even Cassie didn't follow that path." She smiled. "OK, now my lecture is over." She laughed, "Come on, use some of Brad's money to buy me lunch."

"Elizabeth Tanya Norris," Lisa shouted down her five year old daughter, "Get your self down here!"

"Ooh," Dean said walking in the door, "Middle name she must be in trouble."

"Mm, hey little brother," Lisa hugged him. "Where you been?"

"Just got in," He sighed, "Season's over."

"I know," She sighed. "You disappointed?"

"Nah," He laughed, "I'm playing NHL hockey Lee, I'm fine."

"Uncle Dean!" Ten year old David came running down the stairs.

"Hey little man!" Dean smiled and high fived him. "How's it going kid?"

"I've got my slap shot," David said excitedly. "Dad and Patrick totally don't appreciate it."

"Oh well," Dean said, "I'm not technically supposed to play in the off season. But I can make an exception for you." Five year old Elizabeth toddled down too, "Hey Lizzie," He said.

"Uncle Dean," She squealed as he picked her up, "What'd you bring me?"

"Lizzie," Lisa looked at her. "That's rude."

"Uh oh," Dean said, "Mommy's mad."

"You're a bad influence on my children," She pointed.

"Where's the other one?" Dean said, "And my useless brother in law?" He put Lizzie down and followed her back into the kitchen.

"They are out, doctor's appointment," She said, "Davey, can you take your sister out for a walk?"

"Sure," Dave nodded.

"I don't wanna go for a walk," Lizzie said.

"Shut up Liz," Dave guided her out the door. Dean laughed.

"They're good kids Lee," He smiled. She nodded. "You have your let's talk face on." She sat down and he joined her.

"How are you?" She said. "Really? I mean, last time we talked it was because Kelly Riley's getting married, and Lena's engaged." He sighed. "Tanya."

"Tanya and Fulton are very happy," He shrugged. "I'm happy for them. If that's what she wants."

"She wanted you, Dean," She said, "She just got tired of waiting, and he was there." She touched his face. "I love you baby brother, but you are stupid when it comes to girls." He laughed.

"We are one hundred percent healthy aren't we Dean-o?" Kevin walked in. "Big Dean-o?"

"Hey Kev," Dean laughed and stood up, taking the two year old from him. "Hey godson."

"Dean," He hugged his uncle around the head.

"It's good to have you home man," Kevin said. "David's been going on and on about his slapshot, saying me and Patrick won't understand. He's a little young for the angst."

"Sorry about that," Dean laughed. "Where is Patrick?"

"Don't use that tone Dean Portman," Lisa said, "He is the father of my first born. We respect that in this house."

"Lisa respects that in this house," Kevin rolled his eyes. Dean laughed.

"It's good to be home," He smiled.

"That's not what I said!" Kelly practically squealed into a blue tooth. "No! She will not do that. Tammy Duncan is not going to attach her name to a Wal Mart line! She is a couture level designer. I don't care if Vera Wang is in talks with Kohl's. Vera Wang is also an established brand name, Tammy has a reputation to build. Don't bother me with this crap anymore, call Julie Gaffney." She hung up.

"Look at my shark of a fiancée," Scooter smiled leaning against the door frame of her office, "Going to bat for her little sister."

Kelly walked over and kissed him. "Hi."

"Hi," He laughed. "Wal Mart?"

"I know," She sighed, "I'm so glad to not be the final word right now. Although that my Harvard MBA is going to waste referring calls to Julie," He hugged her.

"It is not going to waste," He said. "You built RDC from the ground when Tammy was still a Parsons student and you were still at Yale. That company runs itself, and Jaime gave you an amazing offer for it. You did the right thing." Kelly nodded. "Anyway, I came down from Stamford, not to boost your ego but to spend time with you." She smiled. "Come on, we're going to your place." He kissed her. "I love you Kelly Maura Riley."

"I love you too," She smiled. "I'm going to Minnesota next week. Visit Rick and Cass, see the kids. Do you want to come?"

"As much as I love my Annabelle," He sighed, "Logan won't allow it." She looked at him.

"You have to get out from under your big brother," She shook her head and they walked outside, "And we have dinner with Dave and Emily tonight, don't forget."

"Just Dave and Emily?" He said. She looked at him. "It's a legitimate question."

"She won't be there," Kelly shook her head, "She's in Milan."

"What's Dave doing without his muse?" Scooter gasped.

"Be nice," She shook her head, "Your brother is brilliant, and Janet's doing very well for herself." She kissed him. "We're getting married in a month."

"I know," He whispered. "I can't believe it."

"So what are you really doing in town?" She asked. He looked at her. "I'm serious."

"I have to meet with Julie," He said. She looked at him and shook her head. "Look, she approached me a year ago, and I never gave her an answer. I want to."

"What is your answer?" Kelly asked.

"Yes," He smiled, "It's time Kel. If you're OK with it, if you aren't, I put on the red light."

"I think it's a great idea," She said and kissed him. "Come on, you have time to get my panties off before you meet up with my baby brother's ex girlfriend?"

"I absolutely have time for that," He nodded. She giggled as he lifted her onto her desk and kissed her.

"Hey I'm home," Charlie said walking in from work. Connie looked up from a large pile of books and papers and smiled as he kissed her. "Hi."

"Hi," she smiled.

"What've we got here?" He sat down next to her.

"Right now?" She laughed. "Just the mail."

"Anything good?" He asked.

"Letter from Guy," she said. "He and Gabrielle are in Australia, she's dancing in Sydney this season, and then they're coming back to the states for a while."

"That's exciting," Charlie smiled. "It'll be good to see them."

"It will," Connie nodded, "although moving to France with her might be the best thing he ever did." Charlie laughed. "And this." She held up a larger envelope. He sighed and pulled the beautiful formal portrait out of it. "There's a letter too." He nodded and put the picture down. "She starts school this year."

"She's definitely getting big," he sighed. He squeezed her around the shoulders.

"Do you ever wonder if we did the right thing?" Connie whispered, "I mean,"

"Connie," he said, "we were nineteen, still in school, living in the extra room of our friends house rent free and that's the only reason we could afford to buy ramen." Connie laughed. "Logan and Claire are good people. Just like you always say, God provided, for everyone, for them, for us, for her." He looked at the picture, "she looks a lot like you."

"Your hair," Connie laughed. He smiled. "Claire said in the letter that she asks about us. She's probably going to find us some day."

"So, she'll find us," Charlie said, "and we'll tell her exactly what I just said. And that we love her, of course." Connie kissed him and he put his hand on her swollen bump. "And that she had an amazing little brother, who we also love." Connie smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too." She whispered.

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