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Chapter 55: Our Family

Two Years Later

"Mrs. Riley?" A hostess walked over to Julie, where she was sitting in a corner booth with Jimmy, Tammy, and Steve, "I'm sorry, I know you're not technically in tonight, but there's a call in the office, about the Boston location. Apparently the chef you want is unhappy with the kitchen layout." Julie sighed.

"I'm sorry," Julie said, "I'll be right back guys." She stood up and walked away.

"God, that's amazing," Tammy shook her head. "It took me five years to open a second boutique in New York and she's opening another restaurant in a different city eighteen months after opening her first one."

"My wife is remarkable Duncan," Jimmy shrugged, "although the timing's not exactly perfect, but she fell in love with the location."

"How is the timing not perfect?" Steve frowned. "I mean, I guess you could have waited until at least Mike and Steph were in high school or something."

"No, it's not that," Jimmy laughed. "Julie's pregnant, don't tell her I told you." They stared at him. "What?"

"Hi, when were you going to tell us? We're family for God's sake!" Tammy exclaimed. Jimmy looked at her.

"You my darling sister are carrying twins and I know from what Steve's told me that your doctor doesn't want you to get excited about anything," he said. Tammy crossed her arms.

"Stupid two babies," she grumbled. "I get doubly fat, and everyone thinks I'm about to explode." Steve kissed her on the cheek.

"I think you're very pretty," he said. "And no one thinks you're going to explode." She mumbled something unintelligible. Julie came back.

"What's the story?" Jimmy asked.

"W need another chef," she said. "I already compromised on the menu with this guy, because he wanted something more 'gourmet' and 'modern,'" she rolled her eyes.

"Julia's is all about home style comfort food," Steve said. Everyone groaned, Steve often spoke in soundbites.

"Yeah, I know," Julie nodded, "I'm Julia," he laughed. "And now he's claiming that he just can't work without more counter space, but he still needs seventeen burners." They all looked at her. "The kitchen isn't physically large enough to accommodate that, so we're back to square one."

"Worse case scenario you work as chef until you find someone," Jimmy kissed her. "I think even Mike could handle a summer in Boston living in a hotel." She laughed.

"That doesn't leave much room for the growing kitten though, does it Cat?" Steve asked. Julie looked questioningly at him and then at Jimmy and hit him in the arm.

"Ow!" He said.

"I can't believe you told them!" She said. He laughed. "God, I was supposed to get to tell them, and you were going to tell Kelly and Rick."

"I'm sorry," he said as she took out her cell phone, "what are you doing?"

"Hold on," she held up a finger, "it's going to voice mail." She waited, "Hi Brad, Ellie, it's Julie. Guess what? Me and Jimmy are having a baby. Anyway, love you, we'll talk soon bye." She hung up and looked at him.

"Wow, I tell two people and you tell Brad and Ellie?" He said. "You do realize I will never hear the end of it from her that she heard it from you and not me." Julie rolled her eyes.

"You should have thought of that," she said and took a sip of water.

"I didn't say that," Stephanie said walking past them with Aaron in tow.

"Yes you did!" Aaron argued, "we were in the car and you said that in four years you're going to go to that school in Minnesota!"

"I did not!" Stephie argued, "I said I might go."

"Stephie," Julie said. She turned. "Hi Aaron."

"Hi," Aaron said.

"Hi Tammy, hi Steve," Stephanie said. "Julie did you tell them about the baby?"

"Jimmy did," Julie smiled.

"Jimmy you shouldn't have done that," Stephanie said.

"Hi," Rick walked over. "Whoa, Tam, you're huge."

"Hello Rick," Tammy smiled as he kissed her on the cheek, "good to see you too."

"Sorry we're late," Cassie said, Eva, TJ, and Bella trailing after her.

"No problem," Julie said.

"TJ!" Steph said. "Aaron and I were going to go to the kitchen and steal all of the ice cream. Want to come?"

"Sure," TJ nodded.

"Great," Aaron said, "it's entertain the preppy night."

"Stop!" Stephanie said, dragging both boys with her.

"You know," Julie said. "Sometimes I think Aaron is your son and not Brett's Steve." Tammy laughed. Eva sat down quietly with her mother. "Evie, you look very pretty."

"Thank you," Eva said glancing over her shoulder.

"Mikey should be here from practice soon," Julie said. Eva nodded. "Bella, you can go get ice cream with Stephanie and the boys if you want."

"TJ said if I bugged them he'd," Bella started.

"Tell Steph that I said so, OK?" Julie said. Bella nodded and ran off. "She's going to be a problem, that one, isn't she?"

"Probably," Cassie laughed.

"Hi," Kelly walked over, balancing a baby on her hip. "Sorry, I know you said no baby, but Katrina would not stop crying if I put her down."

"It's fine," Julie said, "I love my goddaughter," she took her. "Where's Scott?"

"San Francisco," Kelly said. "He couldn't get away, he's sorry."

"It's OK," Jimmy said. "We just have something to tell everyone."

A few hours later, Jimmy, Rick and Kelly sat in the empty restaurant. Julie had taken the kids home.

"You two haven't said much," Jimmy spoke first.

"Do you realize that it's been almost fifteen years?" Kelly said. The guys nodded. "I'm happy for you Jimmy. But it's not easy."

"I've been doing it for a little while," Jimmy pointed out. "Two years now."

"Not the baby thing," Rick smirked, "I look forward to you trying to handle the baby thing. I love seeing you and Scooter trying to do it." Kelly glared at him.

"I take excellent care of Trina, thank you!" Kelly said. "And I don't need Dad and Ana to do all the dirty work."

"She has a point there," Jimmy nodded.

"Alright," Rick said, "I propose a toast," he lifted his beer and the other two laughed and lifted theirs too. "To Mom, and her grandchildren."

"To the Rileys," Kelly said, Jimmy smiled, "especially the new ones."

"To the family," Jimmy said. "Our family." They smiled and clinked bottles.

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