What if……. things were different?

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Bella is changed long before Edward. She is alone. She saves him from the Spanish influenza, not Carlisle. They join together, but don't realise that they are meant to be together, or won't admit it. They find Carlisle and esme, joining the Cullen coven. All are 'vegetarians' still. Years pass. They move to forks. Rest of Cullens are still human (Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, jasper.) Edward and bella enrol at forks high to pose as teenagers, as they have done many times before. They have become good friends over the years but are still not together. They pose as esme and Carlisle's adoptive children and pretend to be together to get annoying hormonal teenagers to leave them alone. What will happen? (summary may change slightly)


I was walking alone in the forest when I heard it. The snap of a foot breaking a branch, the sound that told me I was not alone, as I'd thought. Of course, it could have simply been an animal, but that wasn't how my life worked. Maybe I should tell you about myself. It is currently the year 1612 and I live with my mother and my father, Lord Charles and lady Renée in the province of Ulster, Ireland. We were planted here in the county of Tyrone during the successful Ulster plantation of 1609. I have just turned seventeen and they have decided that it is well past time that I am married. They have told me that I shall wed a respectable man, of their choosing, but I refuse. I shall marry for love or not at all. Alas, I know that, in the end, the decision will be made for me, as it always is. I just do not wish to be stuck in a loveless marriage for the rest of my life. I sighed. I came into the forest to think over the situation and see if there was any light it could be put in that would make the situation seem less dire, there was not. And now this, somebody was following me. Joy. It seemed that trouble followed me, wherever I went. I couldn't escape it. And to top it of, I was one of the clumsiest people alive. No, scratch that, I was the clumsiest person alive. I could not seem to walk across a completely flat surface, with absolutely nothing to obstruct me, without seeming to trip over my own feet and fall flat on my face. There was no doubt that if I tried to run, whoever was following me would just capture me faster, as ii would certainly trip over one of the many roots protruding from the forest floor.

I tried to calmly walk away, slowly, steadily, I told myself, do not alert them to the fact that you know that they're there. Just keep walking Bella, do not look back. Walk at a steady pace. But I could hear them gaining on me, whoever they were, I could sense their presence creeping up on me and I began to panic. They seemed a lot faster than me. Screw it, I thought to myself and I started running as fast as I possibly could. Only problem was, you know the person who's chasing me, yeah, they decide to start running as well, and you know what else? They're a lot lot lot faster than me. Then, my clumsiness decides to make an appearance. I tripped on a root and went tumbling forward. I waited for the impact of the ground, but it never came. Instead, I felt two strong arms wrap themselves around my waist. Then I got my first look at the man who had been chasing me. He was inhumanly beautiful. I let my gaze wander up his body slowly, and thought to myself, maybe, just maybe, he's not a threat and does not wish to hurt me, oh, please let that be true. When I reached his face, I knew I was doomed, his eyes were black and his facial features were twisted into a mask of pure evil.

I thought of my mother, my father, my friends, how painful it would b e for them to lose me. How painful it would be for me, to never see them again. I was about to open my mouth and let out a blood-curdling scream, but he was too fast. Before I had time to blink, he had attacked me and bit into my throat. I writhed in agony as he drained my body of blood. Then, all of a sudden, everything went numb. I no longer felt the pain, I felt nothing. I thought that I might be dead, I felt peaceful, but then, my whole body burst into flames. I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was the flames. Licking at every part of my body. I turned this way and that but I could not escape the flames. It felt like I was being burned alive, for all I knew, I could have been. The agony never seemed to cease. It continued for what felt like an eternity and then some. I later found out that it was merely three days. I tried to scream for help, but it seemed that no-one could hear me, either that or no-one cared. Eventually, when I had begged for death over and over again, anything would be better than this, the pain lessened. Finally! But then, it increased ten-fold. There were no words to describe the agony I was experiencing. I felt my heart beat for the last time and my organs shrivel up. There was no longer blood pumping through my veins. My heart no longer beat. I should be dead, but I was not.

The pain began to lessen again, and I prepared myself for it to build up to even more unimaginable agony again, but it didn't. This time, the pain continued to lessen until it disappeared completely. I opened my eyes and was shocked that I was still alive, that I felt no pain. I had just gone through the three most agonizing days of my entire life, and I wake up to feel nothing but refreshed? What in God's almighty name was going on?

I looked around me to notice that I was alone in the woods, how had I gotten here again? Then I began to remember, being angry at my parents, walking through the forest to think and finally, the terrible, beautiful monster chasing me and catching me. I remembered the agony; it was something I could never forget. I would also never forget the monstrous, hungry look in his eyes as he bent to bite into the soft flesh of my throat. What was he? What am I? Was I still human or had the monster changed me into one of him? Oh, no I'd never see my family or friends again. This caused me to break down and begin to cry, but wait, there were no tears. I couldn't cry? I was definitely no longer human, but the question was; what was I?

I had sat a while in the forest, pondering what had happened, and trying to figure everything out, when I noticed that my sense of sight was more heightened than usual. Hum, strange, I thought to myself. Every colour seemed somehow more bright and vibrant. It seemed that my other senses had been heightened as well; smell, sound, and I could only guess touch and taste as well. I suddenly realised that there was a painful burning in my throat; I felt that if I didn't quench my thirst soon, I would die from dehydration. I made haste towards the stream that I knew was near, due to frequent walks in this particular forest. When I arrive at the stream, the precious liquid seemed less than appealing, but I told myself I was imagining it. I felt that I might die of thirst and didn't want water? Preposterous! I realised that maybe I should have listened to my instincts when I cupped the water in my hands and raised it to my lips. It was truly disgusting! So what did I crave? What would soothe this incessant burning in the back of my throat? I saw a stray cow that must have wandered from one of the plantation farms, and my instincts took over. (A/n: yeah I know, cow, kinda weird, but there wouldn't really be any lions or bears in Ireland and it's better than a sheep or a dog etc so I decided on a cow). Before I knew what was happening, I had attacked the poor animal and drained it of the blood that had coursed through its veins. I felt a wave of disgust and nausea wash over me. I finally knew what I was. It had been painfully obvious, now that I think about it. I was a vampire.

I had run away from the lifeless corpse of the animal I'd just killed. Guess what? Vampires had super speed too, now isn't that just great? I had to destroy myself, what if that cow had been a person, I would not have been able to control myself, I know that much. Then I would have a murder on my hands. I'd have to stay out of society until I could find a way to destroy myself.

Well, that didn't work, I had spent a whole week trying to kill myself, drowning , I can breathe under water, just great, I had tried to stab myself, sword bent, I had tried throwing myself off a cliff, that was actually kinda fun, but still didn't work, drinking poison, disgusting, by the way, but still didn't work! I tried all these things and more, but none of them would work. I resigned myself to the fact that I would be unable to destroy myself, no matter how hard I tried. But I refused to conform to the traditional diet of vampires. While passing through a small town, on the hunt for larger prey, I realised how appealing the humans smelled to me and that I would have to perfect my self control, which meant that I would have to spend time around them, but not here, not in Ireland. The country was too small, my parents would be looking for me, people would be looking for me, it was too much of a risk, besides Ireland did not have animals large enough to sustain me and allow me to resist the temptation of

Human blood.

I spent the next few days trying to figure out where I would go. I decided in the end to go to Britain, it was closest and a lot bigger. I might have a chance of finding another vampire. I wonder if there are any other vampires who drink the blood of animals, hopefully. It turns out that not needing to breathe was very helpful indeed. I swam the short distance between Ireland and Britain without any difficulty whatsoever.

I reached Britain easily, but was unsure of what to do. I was lost, alone and confused. It also turns out that vampires don't sleep either. What was I supposed to do to spend the time? I didn't even know if we aged. What if I just had to roam the earth for the rest of eternity? This was wrong, unnatural, I shouldn't be alive right now, my heart had long ago beaten its last. It was as I was roaming along the road, pondering what I should do, that I was roughly tackled to the ground. Another vampire had attacked me, he had topaz eyes, as did I. I hoped that meant he fed on animal blood too. I didn't think that I could deal with a human-bloodthirsty vampire right now.

'Who are you?' he asked me.

'My name is Isabella Marie swan.' I replied.

'Well, your eyes are topaz, so you are not a threat to the humans here. My name is Jack. Come, I'll introduce you to my mate, Sarah.'

Jack and Sarah explained everything about being a vampire to me. Super speed, super strength, super sensitive hearing, don't sleep, heightened senses, etc. We also sparkle in sunlight and possess a beauty that is inhuman to lure in our prey. We did not age and could live for eternity. The only way we could be killed was to tear us apart and burn the pieces. Jack and Sarah welcomed me because I only drank the blood of animals. We headed to London together so that I could become a nurse and help the sick.

Over the next 200 years a lot changed, technology improved, as did medicine. And I got to watch all this progress. We moved around a lot to avoid suspicion, as we did not age. I remained a 'volunteer nurse' due to the fact that I was forever frozen at 17 and could pass for no older than 22. There was also the fact that women were 'not equal' to men. But we had a lot more rights than we had in my time. I decided that I wanted to leave London, but Jack and Sarah did not. I decided that I would go to America. I bought a boat ticket and said goodbye to them. The trip to America was long, when we reached Chicago, the first thing I did was go to the hospital and find out about getting a job similar to my old one. I lied and told them I was 22, as I had done so many times before. I was given the job and told I could start immediately. The year was 1912 and I had just started my new life.

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