Disclaimer: Hot Gimmick is the property of Miki Aihara. The characters are hers, but the ideas in this story are strictly my own ;) Takes place four years after the last volume.

'Are you happy in your relationship?' 'Yes. No. Ye-err-no... Oh god, I don't know.'

Hatsumi x Shinogu;

I'm Sorry for Loving You


Hesitation. All that was stopping her was hesitation. She cursed herself, hating her lack of courage. Letting out a soft sigh, she glanced towards the flight of stairs for what seemed like the hundredth time. What was stopping her?

He would be there.

Hatsumi's eyebrows furrowed together. Up until last week, she wasn't allowed to see him, Ryoki had forbade any contact with him. For the past four years, she had consented to the rules that Ryoki had established, obeying and living by them, obediently playing the part of a fiancé.

Yet as the years passed, the rules had suddenly become unbearable. In the beginning, it had been all playful banter; the possessiveness was seen as loving and endearing. What on earth was she thinking, how was any of that love? He had forbid her from contacting her friends and family, severing her connections with the people she cared about. He had forced her to choose between him and the world. And she had chosen him.

Hatsumi drew another sigh, pausing awhile before moving to ascend the stone steps. The crunch of seasoned leaves could be heard as she mounted steps slowly. The amber leaves danced playfully around her, encouraged by a soft chill of wind that blew. The sun was hiding good-naturedly amongst the clouds, casting various beams of light on the entrance of the monastery.

She paused once more, reaching the top of the steps and stood at the entrance of the monastery. So much time had passed; so much had changed, yet had he stayed the same? She tucked a strand of pallid brown hair behind her ear and glanced towards a large sakura tree beside her.

"Would he even want to see me…?" she whispered to herself.

What could she say to him? Would an apology be enough?

"Hatsumi?" the voice was the same, yet so different. Hints of disbelief could be heard in it, as was a faint huskiness that accompanied it.

Hatsumi's eyes widened and she turned around abruptly. No, not yet, she hadn't figured out what to say yet. She didn't know how to act around him yet.

A pair of strong arms clasped around her, and immediately the smell of sandalwood and spice invaded her senses. Warmth emitted from him, as did the familiarity of his presence. She sighed once more, fluttered her eyes close and embraced him back, inhaling the memorable scent. He'd always known how to act when she didn't. She didn't have to think anymore. All she knew was that she wanted him back in her life.



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