Author: Slayer Chica

Title: Harsh Light of Day, My way(1/?)

Summary: Basically I took the last part of Harsh light of day and add a S/B twist, I'll let you read it to find out more. S/B

Disclaimer: Don't own any of these lovely characters. Only Joss has those rights.

Rating: PG 13 for bad language.

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She couldn't believe it. Parker had just used her to get what he wanted. * That little son of a b… Err, that bast…. I so want to kill him. Oh look, guess who just came up behind the little brat. Spike. He found that damn little ring and he just saw it all happen. I bet now he is going to rub it in my face. * Buffy thought to her self, not even asking herself why she cared what Spike thought of her.

But instead Spike walked around Parker, and crossed over to Buffy. His arms slid around her before she could protest. She heard him whisper in a voice that only slayers and vampires could hear, "Play along with me."

His voice sounded upset, about what she didn't know. Buffy then realizing what Spike was going to do nodded just enough that Spike could tell she was agreeing to play.

Spike quickly started to smirk at Parker, "So Buffy, did you have fun messing with this boy."

Buffy forced a smirk on to her face, nodded as she said in a haughty voice, "Yes love, but he didn't last long."

Spike turned his head from side to side looking over Parker, then nodding slowly, he said in an equally haughty voice, "I bet he didn't, but then again most humans are not suited for the likes of us." Buffy almost cracked up at the look of confusion and anger that spread across Parker's face, as they talked like he was just a lab specimen.

She managed to keep her cool, even though what Spike was hinting at. "I know, I don't even know why a bothered with this weakling. I mean, if I wanted to I could have squashed him like a bug." Buffy said loudly to Spike.

Spike shook his head with laughter, 'She isn't so bad at this. She is not so stiff and righteous as she usually is. I like it when a woman can do this kind of thing. That's my slayer for you. I really should make her mine.'

Looking down at the small girl, seeing all the waves coming off of her, he made his decision. 'We'll deal with this first. The maybe later….'

Then talking like Parker wasn't there, "You're right luv, as always. I don't know why you had to play the part of the little innocent girl though." He said honestly to Buffy, whom for a moment looked angry, but then seeing the real meaning behind his words, smiled.

"Yeah, well I wanted to fit in for once. But I guess it didn't work out as well as I planned." Buffy told Spike truthfully, even though Parker was still listening.

Spike looked into her eyes completely understanding before he continued on with their little scheme. "Well kitten, I won the bet. I told you most of these older human boys are little sluts. But I won't hold that against you love, for believing in the good of people." Buffy looked into Spike's eyes as he spoke; he was being so sincere with her. She smiled shyly at him. Parker on the other hand exploded, he had had enough.

"Who are you calling a weakling? As for a slut, that girl is a total hoe." He said in a stuck up voice. Spike's grip tightened around Buffy's body.

He was angry, Buffy could sense it. The anger was rolling off Spike now like nothing she had ever witnessed before.

"How dare you call my girl a slut." Spike hissed at the child. The stupid little kid had suggested his Buffy was a slut? How dare he. Spike then let Buffy go as he slip around to the front of her, almost as if to protect her from Parker's words.

"You, you sod, are the one who mistreated her. I am going to teach you not to mess with what is mine you bleeding bastard. You think that she is just another freshman to pick on, another notch to place on your pole? Let me tell you something, boy, you would be lucky if you are even a speck on the ground she walks on. I am going to make you pay for what you just said." The rush of words just flowed from his lips, as all the emotions for the slayer seeped out within a matter of seconds.

'Now I know why Dru left me. Must have known I had a thing for the slayer.' Spike thought.

*Whoa when did I become his girl? His, he says. I really should hurt Spike for this. I mean I am not his… Even though that would be really nice. What am I thinking, He is just playing around to help me get bac.. No, I really don't think he is acting anymore.* She watched as Spike shift his posture, getting ready for a fight.

* Oh god, I have to stop this. What if he hurts Park.. What am I saying? Let him hurt the little bleeding basta…. Whoa Spike speech! What is going on?* Then Buffy realized she didn't care. She wanted to hurt Parker. To get back at him for what he had done to her, even though it seemed childish.

"What are you going to do about it?" Parker asked haughtily to Spike. "You can't touch me, it is not my fault that your little prostitute didn't like it. She isn't even that good."

Buffy was hurt deeply as the boy echoed Angelus words, but Spike squeezed her hand that she just realized he was holding, making her feel better. Then he turned around; a question was in his eyes. Buffy for a moment didn't know what he was asking, and then she realized what it was.

She knew she shouldn't say yes, it was wrong. If she said yes, she would probably regret it later. But… Parker had hurt her, even though it was just mentally. She wanted justice. No, not justice, she wanted revenge. Before she could think anymore, she nodded yes. Spike grinned, he hadn't thought she would agree but it was obvious to him that she was hurting. He didn't like to see her hurt like that, this boy had to pay for his crime against her.

He turned towards Parker; a grin still plastered on his face. "What can I do?"

Spike went into game face, a demonic grin on his face. Parker's eyes widened in fear, ^Oh my lord…^ Parker's thoughts trailed off as Spike got closer to him.

"W…what are you." Parker asked Spike. Not answering, Spike just grinned some more. Then he punched Parker, Parker tried to fight back, but this thing was too strong. It grabbed him and bit down on his neck. Parker felt his blood leaving his body. He saw Buffy standing not to far away. Her face was emotionless.

*Why should I care if Spike is hurting him.* Parker pleaded with his eyes for her to help him. Buffy look at him for a moment, then her eyes softened.

She walked over to Spike and said in an angry voice, "Stop it now Spike." She pulled Spike off the boy.

*Why am I doing this? Why did I let Spike do this?* Buffy thought to herself as she watched blood trickle from the boy's neck. Spike looked surprised for a moment, his game face slipping away. Looking into her angry eyes, he realized that maybe she didn't feel the same.

'Why would she?' Spike depressingly thought, "She is the slayer. But I don't understand why she would allow this wanker to take advantage over her.'

Parker looked happy, "Why Buffy, I knew you cared. Thank yo…"

*Why are you so happy. I didn't do this for you! I want… I want… I want to finish what Spike started.* Realizing what she desired, Buffy spun around and hit the boy across the face, knocking him twenty feet away and successfully stunning him.

Then she turned around to Spike, and shrugged at Spike's surprised face. "What? I couldn't let you let you have all the fun." Buffy said softly as she started to walk toward Parker.

Spike smiled as he caught up with her and watched her turn the boy over violently. 'Slayer likes to play rough.' Spike thought happily 'We're not that different, are we Slayer?' She had her 'If you mess with me, you'll pay' face on. Spike loved that face.

"Parker," His slayer said in a frosty voice, "if I ever catch you hurting another girl, or talking about me, I will personally come and destroy any chance of you producing children." And before Parker could recover enough to be arrogant, she punched him in the face again.

Then she stepped back, looking down at him, before sliding back into Spike's arms. Spike was chuckling at his baby's fun, before moving forward, Buffy still in his arms.

"What can I say boy, my baby likes to play." He said in a voice full of humor. But then his eyes and tone switch to cold and deadly seriousness "But if I ever catch you talking about her again or saying anything like you just did…. Well, you will find out why they named me Spike."

Buffy felt proud somehow, 'he really cares about me. Spike, William the Bloody cares about me!' She smiled as she cuddled further into his arms. Spike felt Buffy relax finally, he smiled.

Then turning her around so that he could look into her eyes, he saw that she knew he cared. Deciding to show her how much he really cared, he brought his lips down to meet hers.

* Well this is different. * Buffy thought to herself idly, * I never kissed Angel after he had been drinking blood. Tastes kind of coppery. Not bad. Wait … This is wrong, but …Spike really cares. He really does. And I think I care about him too. What the hell, I'll do anything to be with him. I'd go bad for him, for his love.*

She gasped slightly as she came to her realization. Spike thinking that the gasp meant that she didn't want him to be kissing her, stopped and turned away. Buffy sensing why he turned away, after puzzling for a moment about it; quickly turned him around looking into his eyes making him see why she had gasped.

It was fun to watch Spike's eyes light up as he realized that his feelings where not one sided. 'She cares too!!!' Then before either of them could say anything, they heard Parker rapidly talking about the police and how they were going to be arrested for assault. Buffy and Spike looked at each other for a moment, before bursting out laughing.

Then Buffy stopped laughing, and moved toward the little brat. "You wouldn't dare care the police." She said knowingly in her frosty voice, "Plus it wouldn't matter if you did. They wouldn't care." Now she was lying through her teeth. Buffy knew they would care, oh yeah they would care. Spike sensing that Buffy was actually worried about him calling the police, joined into the conversation. He released Buffy for a moment, bending down to whisper to the boy.

"We'll be out of this country before you can even dial the number." The tone of voice allowed Buffy to see that he would protect her no matter what. Buffy was shocked, another country would mean… abandoning her slayer duties and her family. But that wasn't what really shocked her, no the idea that he was willing to protect her like that was the kicker. Why should anything else matter.

Spike decided this was a good time to exit, grabbed Buffy's hand. But before they left, Buffy turned around and whispered loudly to Parker. "You asked what he was? He's a vampire, you bloody idiot."

Then pausing for a moment, (not noticing again her use of Spike speech.) and looking very thoughtful. "I guess I should thank you. With out this I wouldn't have found myself a partner to live with again."

Parker managed to sputter out a question in his state of fear, "Are you one too?" Spike watched to see what her answer would be, wondering if she would lie.

Buffy looked into Parker's eyes, she shook her, "No, I am not." On seeing Parker's fear diminish slightly, Buffy smirked, "But I am just as dangerous as one… And who knows what I will be tomorrow. Life is strange like that."

Spike grinned, he had like that answer, she hadn't told what she was but made sure Parker knew she was powerful. Especially the part about 'who knows what I will be tomorrow.' 'My maybe, just became possible.' Spike thought.

Then turning to go and grabbing Spike's hand up again. They got twenty feet away before they kissed again. Parker could have sworn he heard a thanks whisper from somewhere.

"Giles I don't know where she is." Willow said panicking as she talked on the phone. "She has been gone for two days. What am I suppose to think?"

Pausing for a moment as she listened to the person on the other line, then nodding decisively, "Yes, I think you should call him up too. Though I really hate too."

Nodding again, she sighed, "Yeah, maybe he would have a better time at finding her then we do. I mean we don't have much to go on, 'cept the note." Listening to Giles talk some more.

"I guess so. But I don't believe it. Well I will talk to you soon. Bye Giles." Willow hung up the phone, and cried. On the bedside table lay a note.

It simply said, 'I am okay Willow. I have found someone new. Spike. I'll come back, but we have a little bonding to do first. love Buffy.'


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