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Giles stood next to Spike looking down at the grave.

"It wasn't your fault you know. There was nothing anyone really could have done." Giles said softly to the vampire standing next to him.

"Yes there was, I could have stopped the blade from piercing her heart." Spike said emotionlessy.

Giles just stood there for a long moment, listening to the wind whistle across the graveyard.

"There is only so much you can do for them." Giles said as the tears began to slid down his face.

"Yes, you're right. Only so much, but it doesn't take away the pain or the fact that she's gone." Spike said as his own tears flowed down his face.

"It never does." Giles replied, "No matter how many times you say it , it never takes away the pain."

"Then why..." Spike asked turning towards Giles.

Giles looked down a the grave one more time before turning towards the crying vampire. "Most of them never allow themselves to become attached."

Spike looked deep into Gile's green eyes, "And they call that moral?"

Giles shrugged, not knowing what exactly to say to the vampire. "You're welcome to stay at my place until its time."

Spike shook his head, turning towards the grave. "No, I need sometime a lone. To be here... At least for a while." Then he turned back towards Giles. "Thanks though Rupert. It means alot."

Giles nodded at him, turned and walked towards his car...

Three days ago...

Buffy fell to the floor groaning as she clutched her chest. "I...I l..love y..yo..you Will..."The huntress stood over her kill, as Spike brushed against her as he fell to the floor and clutched his loves's arm and supporting her body.

Then she was so so still, not breathing. Spike stares at his love's still open hazel eyes.

"No, no, no..." Spike whispers just loud enough that the watchers could hear what he said . "Buffy, luv, come back to me baby. I need you."

Spike heard laughing, and he turned to look at Wesley. "Poor little vampire lost his slayer." He said with a sneer. "Too bad. Merde kill him."

"No." Merde replied.

"What do you mean no, obey me." Wesley said icely.

"I don't kill my own kind, even if they are traitors." Merde replied. "They're not worth it."

Wesley glared at her, "Then I'll just have to take care of this my self." Suddenly Merde fell to the a stake protruding through her back.

"You next vampire."

Spike stared at the still form of his lover's killer. "How is she..."

Wesley snarled, "She was a slayer before her twin was, slayer don't disetegrate. But don't worry well take care her and your pets bodies as soon as we get done with you."...


"Look what you did to her Spike!" Angel said with a snarl. "You got her killed! I knew you couldn't be trusted."

Spike stared at the ground, "Do the world a favor and shut up peaches. I loved her, I never meant for her to get killed or hurt."

"But you did you bastard." Angel cried out, "YOU KILLED HER!"

That was it, Spike had had it, "Listen here peaches I did nothing of the sort! Giles knows, Willow knows, hell the Whelp even knows! Her mother knows I didn't intend for her to get killed. The WATCHERS killed her. They wanted to kill her in the first place because she didn't obey them. So back off Angelus, you know nothing of what happened. You don't know the truth. I LOVE, I said LOVE her. I wouldn't HURT her!"

"That was the same thing you said about Cilicy." Angelus said out of malice.

Spike turned around sharply"And I never did you idiot. She lived to be eighty eight years old and died an unhappy widow." Spike said quietly, his blue eyes burning into Angel's brown ones. "So since you truely know nothing about what really happened. I suggest you get out."

Angel stared at Spike's blue eyes, eyes that held so much pain, love, hate, and suffering, for a few moments before turning and leaving in defeat. He had come here to kill the vampire he believed had killed her, only to find a already destroyed man crying for his lost love. How times change...

Three days ago...

"...get done with you."

Wesley advanced towards Spike, then a voice stopped him "Isn't better Wesley to leave him the way he is. You can tell he is suffering, why not leave him to suffer."

Wesley turned to look at the man who had spoke and then back at Spike who was still on the floor holding Buffy's lifeless body. He looked so lost and in so much emotional pain, it was pitiful. "Yes, I see what you mean. You're right Sam. You're quite right."

Then turning towards the other watchers, "Lets move out." They smirked at Spike and then they were gone, except for one.

"I'm sorry William. I didn't mean for you to lose her. I'll phone Giles and tell him about Buff..."

Spike broke out of his reverie, "Thanks Sam, but I have to do this on my own. Call them I mean. I'm sorry about Merde and Dia."

"Merde...Merde needed help. She was not like her sister, she didn't hold on for that desire to live. She couldn't control it. It wasn't your fault. And Dia, Dia will be missed." Sam said as he turned to leave.

"Hey Sam." Spike called out.

"Yes William."

"Can you call Angel and tell him the story."

"Think he'll kill you if you do it."

Spike smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, actually I know he will."

Sam nodded, "Alright, I'll call him."

"Thanks Sam, for everything. You sacraficed alot by doing this."

"It's nothing William, nothing. You helped Dia out all those times, my turn to repay the favour." Then Sam was gone.

Spike looked down at his love, "Time to wake up now Buffy. It's time to go home." Nothing happened and then...


"You didn't know what was going to happen to her Spike. It wasn't your fault." A voice came from out of the darkness.

"Then why does it feel like it is?" Spike asked emotionlessly

"Because you lost someone you loved, when you lose someone, you begin to think of all the what ifs." The voice answered.

"But those won't bring her William." The voice said as it placed its hand on Spike's shoulder. Spike turned and looked toward the person, then down at the ground.

"I know pet," Spike said, "I know it won't bring Dia back Buffy."

Buffy smiled softly, "So are you ready now?"

Spike nodded, "Are you? Did you say goodbye to Giles, your mother, and all them?"

Buffy nodded, "Yes, but I still feel a little guilty about not telling Angel the truth."

Spike sighed, "Yeah I know what you mean, but I think that Giles and Sam are right, its better he doesn't know." Buffy looked at him and she knew he was right, she nodded slowly.

Buffy looked then towards the grave, "Adios Dia, nina de Elita. Tu siempre fue mi amiga buena

." (rough translation. Good bye Dia daughter of the Chosen One. You have been my good friend always.)

Three days ago...

"Play dead." The huntress whispered feverantly to Buffy as the fake blade slid into its handle. Buffy and Spike looked shocked, but the girl whispered again. "Play dead my mistress its the only way."

Buffy and Spike realized who this girl really was, Dia, which meant... oh my god the poor girl! Buffy thought

Buffy obliged and played dead to the best of her ability. "I...I l..love y..yo..you Will..." She mummered.

She felt a needle slid into her skin, as Spike whispered that it was a seditive to make her appear dead. Then it was all gone, it faded into black. The next thing she knew was Spike was telling her to wake up, telling her it was time to go home.

"Spike?" She asked softly.

"Yeah luv, we have to get out of here."

Buffy nodded, then looked around. "Where's Dia?"

Spike grimiced at the question, "I'll tell you on the plane home love." Looking behind her at the body they were going to have to take home. To be buried as Buffy Summers.

"No tell me now Spike! What are you looking at?" Buffy looked behind her, "Oh my god Dia." Tears filled Buffy's eyes.

"It'll be alright luv."


"What happened? She refused to kill me so they killed her instead." Spike said emotionlessly.

"I'll kill them." Hate brewed in her eyes.

"It'll have to wait, we have a funeral to attend." Gently he picked up Dia's body and together with Buffy, he descended the tower stairs...

Six days later..

"We interrupt tonights broadcast to inform of the latest breaking news. A few minutes ago a historic building in the middle of London began to burn.. and that is only the begining of the story. Fire fighters were able to put out most of the blaze only to find mutilated corspes scattered all over the building..." After the announcement pictures of the horrid scene were shown. It was sicking.

The tv clicked off and two people dressed in all black smiled as they clinked wine glasses in a toast. "To you Dia." The glintering of a small silver stake was all that could be seen as the low light of the room reflected off of it.....
The End