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Bella's POV:

"So, Bella, how did your big date go?" Rosalie asked, her voice crackly over the phone, before bursting into crackly laughter.

"It went very well. Edward-"

"Don't you have to call him Mr. Cullen? He's your teacher, or something." Alice said with a smirk, reappearing from the kitchen with a cup of coffee.

I know, I don't know why Alice would come over instead of just calling. She says that it's because she ran out of food and didn't want to go buy her own.

But I think she might be a little lonely in her big house, so I don't complain.

"No, he specifically asked me to call him Edward."

"Oh whatever, I have to get ready for my date with Emmett. He's taking me to see his parents and I have to look good."

Alice snatched the phone away from me. "When's the wedding date, Rose?"

I rolled my eyes.

"She hung up," Alice said with a shrug, "so, you were telling me something about garlic bread before Rosalie interrupted. What about it?"

"Oh yeah. Chocolate ice-cream got all over it and I didn't know! He probably had food poisoning, or is dead!" I wailed dramatically.

"That's awesome!" Alice chirped.

"Wait, what?"

"Now you have an excuse to call him. Say that you just found out about the garlic bread and that you're so sorry and blah blah. You won't sound needy, you'll sound concerned and he'll think, oh, she's such a kind, considerate person…"

I had already grabbed the phone and was dialing in his number.

"Oh, hey, Edward. It's Bella."

"Bella?" he asked, sounding woozy.

This was kind of insulting.

"Bella Swan?"

"Oh. Sorry, I'm not feeling too well and I've been a bit sick."

"Edward, I'm so sorry. That was my fault. You see, the garlic bread-"

"Bella, Bella. It's okay. It'll all be good by tomorrow. Anyway. To pleasanter subjects. Will we have guitar lessons next Saturday?"

I had a flashback of him sitting next to me, polite, funny, and nice.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Oh, and-" he started before I heard a female voice ask, "Edward?"

I stiffened. I could see Alice watching me and mouthed, "Later."

"Tanya, I'll come in a second," he said to the woman before saying, "I can't speak now, Bella. Have a nice week, and see you Saturday."

And then he hung up.

"Bella, what happened?" Alice asked.

I couldn't answer her.

Who the hell is Tanya?

Ooh… cliffhanger! I'll try and update sometime this week. Who do you think is Tanya, and what is she doing over at Edward's?

*Note: Do not try the chocolate ice-cream/garlic bread thing on anybody you happen to like. Not everyone is as forgiving as Edward.

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