Justin was preparing another club sandwich, trying to concentrate even though it was the last week of summer vacation and he should be out with his friends. It didn't help that his father, Jerry, appeared and asked him and his siblings to go downstairs into "the lair".

"I brought you down here-" Started Jerry.

"To bore us?" scoffed Alex giving Max a high five.

"No to tell you that you have all been offered places in the most highly though of school for witchcraft and wizardry. Hogwarts." Justin jumped up and shouted "No way!" and snatching the letter from his father.

Alex laughed and took hers "Seriously?" She asked. "Me and Max too?"

"All of you. It would be a fantastic opportunity for you all. It's a boarding school though."

All three of the teenagers looked at Jerry. "Boarding. Isn't that when we stay at the school?" asked Max. His father nodded. "So no more work at the Sub Sation?" His father said "No."

"Hogwarts here I come!" Shouted Max.

Justin laughed and high-fived his brother it was obvious they had made up their minds. Alex looked at the letter, she was more hesitant than the other two. "How long would we be there for?"

"Until you graduate unless you leave and come home." Was Jerry's only reply. In truth he didn't want her to go, he didn't want his little girl to leave him yet. "Although you would come home for Christmas if you wanted and for the summer."

She stayed still, "Where is it?"

"England." Replied Justin.

"But what about Harper and Dean." She could feel tears stinging her eyes, her father looked at the floor and back at her searching for something to say.

"There'll be other boys and you'll see Harper when you come home. You'll make new friends." Jerry hoped she would do something other than cry.

"I don't want new friends and I don't want to find new boys." She stormed out of "the lair"

Justin smiled "Well that went better than expected.


Alex went searching for Dean, she wanted him to comfort her (which she knew was a long shot) running past many of his favourite shops - usually food stands- she searched each and every one pushing people aside for a better look until she came to a hot dog stand. There was Dean, his arm was around the shoulder of another, very pretty, girl. They looked so comfortable together, she even moved his floppy fringe from in front of his eyes.

Alex tried not to let her tears fall down her face but could feel a lump in her throat and walked back to the Waverly Sub Station. When she got there her eyes fell on Harper.


"Hi Alex. I was wondering what your opinion is on this dress for the first day back to school." She was holding a bright orange dress covered in bright blue ribbons.

"Why are you sat on the street?" Alex asked.

"I was also asking other people because sometimes, you are not that honest with me, Alex."

"Harper. I… There's something I have to say." Alex knew in that moment what she had to do. She dragged her best friend inside "The Substation" and whispered, "I'm not going to school. Or I am but not our school. I am going to a wizard's school."

Harper sighed sorrowfully and said hopefully, "But I'll see you at weekends right?"

Alex shook her head "It's a boarding school." Noticing Harpers moistening eyes she added, "I'll be home for Christmas and Summer though."

Harper hugged her and whispered "I'll miss you." Harper then made an excuse to leave but Alex could feel the tears in her throat and see the tears in Harpers eyes.

Alex walked into "the lair" and sighed, "OK I'm in."

Her family nodded and they decided the next day they would go to Diagon Alley to get their supplies.