Ok so I told you all that the last chapter was the last to this story, well because of all the positive feedback and because I know it was a terrible ending, I have decided to do another chapter. This is the last chapter so I hope you enjoy this more than the last.

This is based a few days after they have returned home.

Justin brushed his black hair and put in his product. Smiling to himself in the mirror he turned to walk out. He then sighed, he missed Hermione. He opened the door to find Alex, her eyes bloodshot and puffy.

Max was sat downstairs slowly eating his breakfast. It was their first day back at their old school, none of them had seen anyone, beside their family since they had returned. They had immediatly returned home so they could unpack their things and spent the day in eachother's company. They went to visit their Grandfather the next day.

Max had lost a lot of confidence in the last few days because Ginny had turned him down. She had said they were just friends and that she was really sorry. He was crushed he didn't even know the real reason she had turned him down. Justin on the other hand had new found confidence. Alex just wanted to see Dean.

They blindly marched to school. Even though they were excited there was a part of them that wanted to be back in Hogwarts. The first person they saw was Harper who ran to Alex and hugged her. She then ruffled Max's hair, this annoyed him greatly. She went to hug Justin, and for the first time since they dated, he let her.

They walked in together and the main corridor became silent. Dean was stood next to the main entrance with his gang and the girl Alex had seen him with on the day she decided to go to Hogwarts. He turned to her and walked towards her. She started towards him at a slow walk at first which became a run. They held each other in a long embrace. They pressed their lips together and smiled. "This is my sister. Lucy this is Alex, my girlfriend." The couple grinned at each other.

Justin and Max shared a "man-hug" with their best friends. Suddenly everything felt right, they were home, happy and even though they missed their new friends their old ones were more than happy to see them and the Russo's felt the same.


When they returned home there was a letter on the kitchen table addressed to Justin. There was a very small owl flying around the kitchen ceiling. Justin identified it as Pigwidgeon. When he opened it the letter was covered in Ginger cat hair.

Dear Justin,

Hi. We all miss you, Alex and Max, especially Ginny, she feels really bad. I hope you're enjoying being back at home. I was wondering, next Saturday we are going to Hogsmead. If you still have you're broomstick you can fly there and meet me at one o'clock near the Shrieking Shack. She then gave directions to it. I hope you will come, you can bring Alex and Max too if you want. If you don't come then I'll understand and we can forget about what happened between us. I really hope you do come.

Love from Hermione.

Justin stared at the letter. He knew this relationship was going to go nowhere it was hard enough keeping a relationship going when in the same country let allowed half way around the world.

He stared at it for a while when his mother walked in. "There you are. Who was your letter from?" She was trying to act casual but it wasn't working.

"An old friend." Was his reply. He screwed up the letter and put it in his pocket. He nodded to himself, it was better to leave it and to move forward. Well that was the idea. He then went to his bedroom, straightened out the letter and put it in a box where he kept his Hogwarts robes. Although Hermione said we can forget about what happened between us he didn't want to forget just move forward. Just like Max and Alex. He sat looking in the trunk for a while before deciding what to do with the tiny Owl flying around his kitchen.


Hermione watched the sky outside and hoped to see Ron's faithful bird. Slowly a small figure appeared in the distance. Towards the Owlery at the top of the castle. She ran to meet it and found a letter for her on it's claw.

Dear Hermione,

It's best I don't meet you. I'm so sorry but we live thousands of miles away it just won't work. It's best we move on. I won't forget you or what happened like you asked. I can't forget what happened.

I'm sorry.

Love from Justin.

She stared at the letter and let a tear fall down her face. She couldn't forget either, however much she wanted to. She stared at the darkening sky and promised herself that this would be the only time she'd cry over, Justin Russo.

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