...Where am I? It's so dark. Am I dreaming again? I look around my new environment. The spirits that are usually in my dreams are no where to be seen. Wait, if I'm dreaming, that must mean Naru's here, somewhere. I walk around to look for him. "Naru? Are you here, Naru?"

Everything is silent until I hear, "Mai?" I turn around to see a shadow. The shadow gets closer until I see who it really is.

"Oh, Naru." I run over to him and stop when we are face-to-face. Something is different about him. He doesn't have the same smile he always has when he's in my dreams. Naru actually looks... confused.

"Where are we?" I almost laugh. Naru asked a question in my dreams. He always knows what to do or where to go in my dreams and I ask the questions. But this Naru isn't acting like Dream Naru. "Mai, where are we?" he asks again, only more frustrated.

I giggle. "What do you mean? We're in my dream." His face is still befuddled. "At least I think it's a dream..."

"Oh, it is a dream, my dear," I'm frozen in place. "In fact, it may be the best dream you will ever have!" That voice sounds feminine. I hope Naru didn't say that. But Naru is just as confused as I am. He frantically looks around, searching for this mysterious person. "Try if you can, but you will never find me." Suddenly, the ground starts to shake hard enough for me to fall, but Naru is quick enough to catch me.

"What's happening?" I ask him, afraid.

"Run!" he yells. It wasn't a typical Naru response, but I comply with his demand. He grabs my hand and we run. We don't know where we're going, but I'm hoping it's somewhere far away from that strange voice. But no matter how hard we try, the voice sounds even closer to our ears.

"Try to run but I will always find you."

Naru stops and I accidentally bump into him.

"Why'd you stop?" He doesn't answer. He looks at the ground. I look where he gazes and see the edge of a cliff. "We need to go back."

"Mai, stop!" As I turn, I see that the path we've just come from is gone and we're stuck on our own little plateau. I'm too slow to realize and almost walk off the edge. Naru grabs the scruff of my shirt just in time and puts his arms around me securely.

"Thanks Naru." Naru doesn't release his grip. "I'm fine now. You can let go, Naru." He doesn't listen. I wonder what's wrong with him. I push him off and step back a bit but not near the edge. "What's wrong with you, Naru?" As I look at him, I begin to feel uncomfortable. His face looks so content that it almost scares me. "Naru?"

"I'm going to make all your dreams come true..." The voice repeats the same thing over and over.

What is she taking about? Does it have to do with Naru?

"What'd you do to Naru?" The voice begins to laugh and the laughter echoes on and on until it slowly fades away.

Silence. A weird feeling grows in my chest as the silence engulfs the void space. Before I realize it, Naru pins me to the ground. "W-w-what are you doing?" I look at Naru. The expression on his face makes me feel insecure. It has the look of hunger. He smiles at me seductively. "N-Naru..."

"I'm sorry, Mai. I can't help it." He lowers his head down until I'm able to feel the heat of his breath. "I... need... you..." His hands slowly reach down and pull my skirt off. Tears begin to stream down my eyes. I scream when I suddenly feel pain in my lower abdomen. Then everything goes black...