I'm sorry, it's been over a year, but I've been really busy. Plus I've had writers block. I still do, however if I don't finish now I never will. But just to warn you this ending isn't what I originally planned, but hopefully it shall be adequate. Thanks to everyone who have reviewed/read this story it means a lot.


I grinned happily on our way home. Everything was going to be fine. Alice and Rosalie had decided to have a party or something when we got home, something I was really excited for.
"Oh no," Alice muttered darkly. We all stared at her confused until Emmett screamed.

"Shit!" the car suddenly swerved quickly and landed in the trees. He backed it up and turned around quickly. He tried to drive away but we were surrounded by hooded figures. I looked over to Edward in terror and saw him looking as confused and frightened as I was.

Emmett revved the engine and sped away, ploughing into one of the figures. I screamed loudly as he flew over the bonnet but i was even worse when he stood back up and began to chase us. His companions did the same and I soon realised they were a lot faster than us.
Suddenly, the car began to slow down, and then came to a holt.
"This isn't me," Emmett said, turning the keys quickly in panic, it wouldn't start.

"Cullens?" an evil sweet voice called from outside. "Please join us."
Edward sighed, but then stood got out motioning the others to do the same. From what I had heard about them, it was better if we obeyed their commands.

"Cullens!" An old man said, his face was pale and wrinkly and his eyes were an evil red. "We were going to come back and pay you a visit tomorrow, but then we bumped into you, how convenient."
They remained silent. We were quickly surrounded by the other Volturi members. The main speaker walked slowly over to me and sniffed.

"Oh, it was true," he sneered. "You've gotten yourselves a pet human!" the group surrounding us laughed loudly. He held is hand out to touch my hair, but Edward stepped in front of me.
"Don't touch her," he said, simply but malevolently. They laughed even louder.
"Haha," a young blond girl laughed. "It seems that dear Edward loves the human." She sang, mocking him.

Suddenly Edward collapsed to the floor, squirming in pain. I knelt down beside him and began to shake him.
"Please Edward get up," I said kindly.
"Jane," the main man said harshly. Edward sat up quickly, and pulled me up so I was standing. "You broke the rules," he continued. "No human shall ever know. She will have to die." I gulped loudly.

"No," Alice said confidently. "There must be another way."
The man thought for a second. "Well, I hear good things about you Alice Cullen, you to Edward and Jasper." He stared at them each in turn. "You could join us in Italy."

They thought for a moment, not looking keen on the idea. "That or she dies."
Edward huffed heavily. "Italy then." He said simply, walking over to stand by the scary man.
"No," I protested, pulling him back. "You will not give up your lives."
Edward shrugged. "We're already dead." He joked lightly. She shook my head, not in the mood and turned to the man.
"You can kill me," I said confidently. "I won't let them be separated from their family for me."

"No," Rosalie said, speaking up for the first time. "What if we turn her." We all stared at her confused. "I hate this life, I wouldn't wish it on anyone," she explained. "But it's Bella, she's one of us. We can let you die."
I smiled at her watery. The Cullen's stared expectantly at The Volturi.
"I don't trust you," a younger man said, stepping out from the shadows.
"Nor do I," The main man said. "However, I saw things about you my dear. Talents don't work on you. I am curious." He stared at me for a long time, making me feel uncomfortable.

I didn't really want to die. I didn't want to leave Rene and Charlie, or Rachel or The Cullen's. I had lost them years ago and didn't want to go through the same. I knew there was a lot of pain on both sides.
"You don't have to do this," Edward said to me, not looking happy about the idea.
"I do," I smiled sadly. "Where do you want me…"


It was awful, it happened in the woods. Edward did it, as they had the bond and he had more control. I will always remember her screams and shouts as we drove her back home.
As soon as Edwards teeth broke the skin, the Volturi fled, seemingly happy with their work. They were so sick and awful, I prayed we didn't run into them again.

As we carried her into the living room Esme screamed in shock and ran over to her side.
"We had to, they came after us," Jasper explained. She nodded sadly and followed Carlisle and Edward upstairs with Bella.
Then we had to wait. We mainly sat in silence, only broken to ask about Bella. We also had to call Rachel and tell her that Bella had caught a bad form of Mono and was in isolation. Thankfully, she believed us.

On the third day I suddenly had a vision.
Bella was waking up, she was running in the fields, kissing Edward, marrying Edward.
I squealed excitedly. "She's going to be fine," I said reassuringly. "She's about to wake up."

We all raced upstairs quickly.


The pain. It was terrible. It seemed to last forever. I breathed heavily. I could feel myself getting stronger. I just wished I would have chosen to die. This was torture.
I could hear them, they would come and sit with me occasionally and talk to each other about my condition. On about the third day (though it felt like three months) all of The Cullens came to visit me. Alice was saying that I would wake up soon.

The pain was slowly fading. Fading until my breathing was back to normal. As soon as it was gone, I opened my eyes happily and laid eyes on my loving, fun, caring, happy, wonderful family…

It was a bad ending, but at least it has one now. Thanks again to everyone who read this and please check out my other stories (I write a lot of Harry Potter now)
I love you guys, thank you so much.
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