by Mia

Summary: A romantic account of Michaela's sexual awakening, as she discovers the many pleasurable aspects of making love with her new husband, Sully, on their Wedding Night and during the first 2 days of their Honeymoon. This 3-chapter story begins right where the final "Darker and Darker" scene of For Better or Worse left off.

Author's Note: This story contains some tastefully explicit (but NEVER crude or pornographic) love scenes between 2 married people who are soul-mates in every sense of the word. I have no qualms about writing descriptive love scenes involving 2 married people who share a deep, abiding love for each other, as the characters of Michaela and Sully do. I believe that, in this context, lovemaking can be a sacred and beautiful thing. And I've tried to reflect that in my writing of this piece. As a frequent fan fiction reader (and new writer), I understand that "less" can often, but not always, be "more" when it comes to love scenes. However, as I hope you'll see as you read this story, the subject matter of this particular piece seemed to call for "more." I just followed where the story intuitively led me; in this case, towards more uninhibited LOVE scenes (with an emphasis on "love"). Nevertheless, if explicit love scenes are not your cup of tea, regardless of context; or they are not appropriate for your age, please stop reading here.

P.S.: I also happen to be a huge Greek mythology buff, so I couldn't help incorporating a little of it into the story. ;-)

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." The rights to those characters and to the show belong to the creators of the show, to CBS, The Sullivan Company and to A&E.

Michaela's Awakening

Chapter 1 - The Train Ride to Denver

Caught up in the rapture of kissing Michaela, Sully reminded himself to take things slowly. Tearing himself away from his wife's enticing neck, he sat back for a moment, letting his eyes feast on her. Her lips were swollen from their feverish kisses, her skin flushed with passion, her eyes bright with adoration and anticipation. At times like this, he had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming -- he couldn't believe that such a beautiful, courageous, caring and talented woman was his wife. He felt like he'd been waiting for this moment all his life: The moment when he and Michaela, his new bride, would finally join together -- body and soul -- becoming one in every sense of the word.

He'd never seen her look more beautiful than she'd looked today, their wedding day. She'd been positively radiant, her eyes shining with love, hope, promise and excitement as she'd looked forward to beginning the next chapter of their life together; this time, as husband and wife. He'd had a hard time keeping his eyes, and hands, off her during the reception. The lace bodice of her off-the-shoulder wedding gown had dipped tantalizingly low in the front, hinting at the tempting breasts that lay beneath it; and her skin -- warmed by the balmy afternoon sun -- had positively glowed. He'd taken advantage of every possible pretext to touch her; putting his arm around her shoulders to whisper in her ear, holding her hand as they'd walked around to greet their wedding guests. Each touch had been rewarded with a shy, knowing smile from his astute bride. Despite his efforts to conceal his ardor, it had practically radiated off him.

When Sully had closed the door of their honeymoon train suite as they'd pulled away from the Colorado Springs station, he hadn't been able to conceal his excitement at finally having his beautiful wife all to himself. Her enchanting gasp when he'd picked her up and carried her to the bed, had been like music to his ears.

When he'd begun to untie the laces of her corseted wedding gown, her insecurities had briefly surfaced.

"Sully!" she'd exclaimed, somewhat flabbergasted. "It isn't even dark yet!"

To set her mind at ease, he'd begun to play a little game with the shades of the small picture windows of their train compartment. As he'd pulled each of the blinds down, he'd teased, "But it's getting darker ... and darker ... and darker ...," sending his blushing bride into a fit of giggles.

Laughter had quickly turned to passion as she'd returned his kisses with more and more fervor. And when she'd stood from the bed to pull down the last open window shade with a sultry, "And darker ...," he'd known that she was finally ready to share all of herself with him.

Michaela lay back on the bed, looking up at Sully as he lovingly gazed at her. She sat up, craving another kiss, and the movement caused the loosened bodice of her gown to slip down her arms and décolletage. It now hung precariously on her breasts, barely concealing her suddenly sensitive nipples.

"Would ya mind if we removed this now?" he asked, running his fingers along the edge of the lace and over the swell of her breasts.

Her skin tingled where he'd touched her, and she shyly lowered her eyes, indicating her consent.

With a tender kiss and reassuring smile, he loosened the remaining laces of her gown and slipped the bodice off her. Overcome with bashfulness, Michaela couldn't stop the blush that crept up her neck and face. She sat perfectly still, willing herself not to tremble as he removed the pins and adornments from her hair and buried his nose in the glossy, fragrant mass.

Sully smiled to himself at his wife's efforts to conceal her nervousness. If only she knew the effect she was having on him! He warmly stroked her face and declared, reverently, "Oh, Michaela, you're a vision. There's no reason to be shy. It's just you an' me here." Unable to resist the urge to touch her newly-exposed skin, he ran his hands gently down her shoulders and breasts to her waist, pausing briefly at her nipples.

Michaela arched into his touch, in an unconscious plea for more. In response, he continued to lavish her body with gentle caresses. Urged on by her delighted gasps, his touch grew increasingly intimate. He cupped her full breasts in his hands and stroked her straining nipples with his thumbs, making her squirm with pleasure.

Emboldened by his wife's responsiveness, Sully leaned forward and sucked one of her taut nipples between his lips and stroked it with his tongue. Michaela moaned her enjoyment. She began to run her fingers through his thick hair, holding him to her breast, silently begging him to continue his sensuous assault. As he gave her other breast the same intoxicating treatment, he undid the fastenings of her skirts and petticoats. He slid his hands under the waistband of her bloomers, coming to rest on the stretch of unbelievably smooth skin between her lower back and buttocks. Distracted by his worshipful attentions to her breasts, she barely noticed when he removed her shoes and stockings and then laid her back on the bed. Caught up in a sensual haze, she allowed him to lift her hips and slide her skirts and underclothes off her and onto the floor. It was only when she felt the cool air against her nether regions that she realized she was now completely naked before her husband.

Sully slid off the bed and pulled Michaela up to stand before him. He stared at her with abject adoration, drinking her in in all her glory.

She bit her lower lip, fighting the urge to cover herself. "What if he doesn't like what he sees?" she wondered.

As he read the doubts that flitted across her face, Sully couldn't believe that his wife could think of herself as anything but the gorgeous, seductive woman she so clearly was. "Michaela, you're so beautiful, so perfect, ya take my breath away. Don't hide yourself from me, love ... I'm completely in awe of ya." He pulled her into a warm embrace, running his hands up and down her spine, stroking her fears away.

Michaela laid her hands against the front of Sully's striking Cheyenne wedding shirt. She wanted so badly to touch the skin that lay beneath it, but she didn't know how to put her yearning into words. She remembered the first time she'd seen him shirtless, when they'd gone deep into the woods to collect water samples to prove that Harding's mine was polluting the town's main stream. The treacherous trip had required them to cross a deep pond, and afterwards, they'd had to sit around in their undergarments while their clothes had lain out to dry. They'd promised each other not to look, but she hadn't been able to resist sneaking a peek when Sully had stepped away to fetch their clothing. And then, when he'd had to help her fasten the buttons of her shirt due to her broken wrist, she'd surreptitiously looked her fill of his captivating chest. That memory had haunted her dreams ever since.

Now that they were married and free of concerns about propriety, she longed to touch the real thing. Too tongue-tied to ask her groom to remove his shirt, Michaela sighed in frustration.

Sully noticed his wife subtly pressing her hands into the front of his wedding shirt, and immediately understood what she wanted. With an affectionate peck to her forehead, he stepped back and slowly removed the garment, placing it onto a nearby wing-back chair along with her wedding dress, which he'd removed earlier. She marveled at the sight of his well-muscled torso, and her fingers twitched with the need to touch him.

"Michaela, sweetheart, it's OK to touch, ya know. In fact, I'd like nuthin' better," he said, with an enthusiastic smile.

She timidly reached out and gingerly ran her hand over Sully's broad chest. Goosebumps rose on his skin where she touched him, and he tried in vain to stifle a groan of pleasure.

The tips of Michaela's fingers tingled in response to her husband's warm skin. Uncertain of how or where to touch him, she decided to reciprocate his earlier caresses of her upper body; doing to him what had felt so thrilling to her. She softly stroked his masculine shoulders, working her way down to his chest. Fascinated, she toyed with his chest hair, and finally, ran her thumbs over his nipples.

Sully's body was on fire. "Michaela, your hands feel like heaven," he sighed. "Please don't stop what you're doing to me."

Stimulated beyond belief, she couldn't have stopped even if she'd wanted to. She couldn't get enough of the mesmerizing feel and smell of her virile husband. Needing to be closer to him, she drew him into an embrace, pressing his chest against her breasts. The intimate contact sent a bolt of intense sensations from her nipples to the sensitive spot between her legs, which began to throb. Suddenly weak in the knees, she was relieved when he guided her backwards to sit on the bed.

Never breaking eye contact with his wife, Sully pulled off his boots and socks and removed his trousers. He reluctantly tore his gaze from hers as he briefly turned aside to toss his pants onto the wing-back chair to join their other garments. Then, he gradually turned back to face her, baring his naked body to her for the first time.

Michaela blushed at the sight of her husband's magnificent nude form. She was now even more grateful to be sitting on the supportive bed, since she was sure that her legs would have buckled beneath her if she'd been standing. His body was perfectly proportioned, like a Grecian statue. Her eyes dropped below his waist to his aroused manhood, and she marveled at its substantial size. She wondered in trepidation how it would ever fit inside her.

Sully noticed the dueling emotions of desire and apprehension reflected in Michaela's eyes, and he knew exactly what she was thinking. "Don't be afraid, love. Trust me," he said.

"Oh Sully, I do trust you, more than I've ever trusted anyone," she admitted. "It's just that this is all so new to me ...," her voice tapered off, swallowed up by her nerves.

"Don't worry, we'll take it ever so easy," he assured her, hoping that she'd catch the reference. Michaela's eyes glinted in recognition, and he knew that she remembered their quiet conversation at the end of their premarital counseling, about her inexperience in matters of physical intimacy.

Her shy smile drew Sully to her like a magnet to metal. He approached and sat on the bed beside his wife, turning her face to his for a heated kiss. He guided them up the bed until they were lying side by side from head to toe. His hands never left her body, and they were soon joined by his lips, which kissed, nipped and sucked the smooth skin of her neck, shoulders, breasts and stomach. He allowed himself a brief glance at her womanhood, which wafted with her arousal. He resisted the temptation to taste her, knowing that this would be too much, too soon. Admonishing himself to go slowly, he caressed his way back up her body and claimed her kiss-swollen lips.

Sully deepened the kiss, and Michaela eagerly welcomed it, their tongues coming together in an age-old dance of love. At the same time, he slid his hand down her body, letting it come to rest at the juncture between her thighs.

Michaela's body tingled and pulsed with delight in response to her husband's ministrations. She haltingly reciprocated in kind, spurred on by his murmurs of encouragement and moans of passion. She was unprepared for the shock of pleasure that tore through her when he touched her feminine center for the first time. The insistent throb between her legs intensified in response to his intimate touch, and she felt a rush of moisture coat his fingers.

The wetness that flowed from Michaela's core sent an answering jolt of excitement through Sully, making him crave her all the more. Using her dampness to facilitate his explorations, he slipped one finger, and then two, into her female passage. Her body eagerly surrounded his fingers. Carefully avoiding her maidenhead, he stroked his digits in and out of her cleft as he massaged the sensitive bud at its apex with his thumb.

Michaela was in heaven. Her hips began to buck off the bed, urgently seeking her husband's fingers ... and then, something more. She wanted him inside her.

"Sully, I ...," she hesitated, afraid of seeming too bold.

"Yes, my love?" he responded. He knew what she wanted, but waited to see if she would request it of him.

"I ... I need you," was all she could manage. But it was enough to let her husband know that she was ready to accept him into her body. He moved between her legs.

"Ready?" he asked gently, looking into Michaela's eyes, which shone with such love and trust that it brought a lump to his throat.

The rash of emotions swirling around within her made words impossible, and she could only nod.

Slowly, tentatively, Sully eased into his wife's body for the first time, his arms shaking with his efforts not to crush her under his weight. The indescribable feeling of finally being inside the woman he loved more than life itself almost proved too much for him, and he closed his eyes and stilled, trying to compose himself. He continued to inch forward within her until he encountered the barrier that signaled his innocent bride's virginity. He leaned down, capturing her lips in a delectable kiss, as he breached her maidenhead.

Dorothy had told her to expect some discomfort, but nothing could have adequately prepared Michaela for the searing pain that shot through her when Sully joined with her for the first time. She gasped in shock, and her eyes filled with tears.

His wife's cry of pain pierced Sully's heart like a knife. He knew that her pain was unavoidable, but that didn't make him feel any less hurt or guilty for having caused it. He slowly lowered his body to hers and kissed the tears off her face.

"Michaela," he whispered soothingly. "This'll be the last time you'll feel any pain when we make love. From here on out, I promise you only pleasure."

Any pain she had felt was long gone before the words had even left his mouth. Warmed by her husband's reassurances, Michaela raised her head and tenderly kissed his lips. She could feel his manhood throbbing insistently within her, and, as though in answer, her feminine sheath pulsed around him. She suddenly felt the compelling need to move; to pull him deeper inside her. Too self-conscious to speak her desires aloud, she looked into his alluring blue eyes, silently willing him into motion.

Michaela's kiss -- such an innocent gesture of acceptance -- filled Sully's heart to bursting. Her female passage caressed him like a velvet glove, and he was powerless to remain still. Slowly, he began to thrust in and out of his wife, savoring the exquisitely snug sensation of being inside her.

Michaela didn't expect the resulting shivers of pleasure that ran through her body, and she gasped; this time, not in pain, but in surprised delight. Her body and her heart had never felt so full. Driven by an unconscious need to bring them even closer together, she wrapped her arms around Sully's torso, pulling him to her and caressing his back. The motion brought his chest flush against her breasts and his soft chest hair abraded her sensitive nipples, eliciting mutual groans of passion from them both. Her entire body throbbed, demanding even more of these intoxicating sensations. Heeding her body's instinctual commands, she bent her knees, causing him to slide even deeper within her. The resulting feeling of utter and absolute oneness with her soul-mate amazed and overwhelmed her, and prompted an aroused groan from her husband.

Michaela's openness and responsiveness were swiftly pushing Sully to the breaking point. When she bent her knees, pulling him even deeper within her, it was his undoing. He tried in vain to fight for control; but was powerless to do anything but surrender as his body drove him to an explosive climax. Michaela could sense the change in the intensity of his movements, a striving for conclusion, and it excited her that she could affect him like this.

"Oh God, Michaela ... I've dreamed of this for so long, and ya feel so good ... I can't hold on no longer," he gasped. "Next time, we'll reach paradise together."

Before she could ponder the meaning of his words, Michaela felt Sully's body go rigid ... and then shudders racked his frame as his climax struck. He buried his face in her neck, groaning her name as waves of unimaginable pleasure washed over him.

Drained, Sully collapsed briefly on his wife, lovingly kissing her lips and neck. When his arms had regained sufficient strength to lift himself, he rolled off her and snuggled at her side, throwing his leg over one of hers in an effort to maintain their closeness.

Michaela looked down at her body, amazed that it had experienced such feelings and triggered such an explosive reaction in her beloved husband. As she ruminated over what had just happened, she remembered her mother referring to making love as the "wifely duty;" an activity to be tolerated in stillness and silence by the wife, and enjoyed only by the husband. She flushed with embarrassment, knowing that she'd just been neither still nor silent.

Sully felt the tension creep into his wife's body. "Michaela, did I hurt ya? I'm so sorry," he apologized. It broke his heart to think that he may have frightened her or caused her any pain.

"Oh no, Sully ... you didn't hurt me," she quickly assured him. "I enjoyed ... what we just did." She flushed, uncomfortable discussing such matters. Then, eyes downcast, she murmured in a voice so soft that he almost didn't hear her, "... Maybe, too much."

Understanding dawned on Sully. He'd lived for so long in the ways of the Cheyenne that he'd almost forgotten the strict notions about marital intimacy that were still so prevalent among other groups, especially back East, where Michaela was from.

"Michaela, sweetheart, ya have absolutely nuthin' to be ashamed of. There's nuthin' wrong with showin' me that you enjoy what we're doin' when we make love. It's every man's fantasy to have a woman as responsive and beautiful as you. And I consider myself the luckiest man in the world that ya shared yourself me with me. Ya pleased me more than you could ever know."

Comforted by Sully's reassurances, Michaela released a breath she hadn't even realized she'd been holding, and relaxed into his embrace. Emotionally and physically spent from the life-changing events of the past day, she felt her eyelids become heavy.

"And it's only the beginning," he said mysteriously, hinting at even greater pleasures to come.

Too sleepy to contemplate the possibilities, she could only smile.

"I love you," Sully whispered, as her breathing slowed and she slipped into a contented sleep. He snuggled closer to her and, thanking the Spirits for his beloved Michaela, he joined her in slumber.