Michaela's Awakening

Chapter 3 - Shared Pleasures

Happily free of the daily demands of Michaela's medical practice and Sully's duties as an Indian Agent, the newlyweds had allowed themselves the luxury of sleeping in. Relishing the absence of the usual time constraints, they had taken their time washing and getting dressed, stopping to exchange frequent kisses, hugs and other affectionate gestures. By the time they'd enjoyed a room-service brunch and emerged from their hotel, the midday sun was already high in the clear Denver sky.

Sully had arranged for them to visit the local museum, which was holding a special exhibit celebrating ancient Greek culture. Paintings, rare books and writings, sculptures, statues, and other Grecian-themed artifacts had been brought in from all over the globe for the occasion.

Sully intuitively knew that his wife would very much enjoy this event. She was, after all, a well-bred lady, he thought proudly. Although she would never admit it, he could tell that she missed the museums, art galleries and other cultural diversions that had been such an integral part of her life back in Boston. Her animated response when he'd invited her to the exhibit told him that his instincts had been just right.

They leisurely walked through the museum, perusing the multitude of priceless, exceptional items at the exhibit; and stopping to whisper comments to each other when something in particular caught their eye. Michaela was clearly in her element. At the entrance to the museum, she'd picked up a pamphlet describing the various artworks, and was now happily scribbling in the booklet as they wandered through the building. Sully smiled at her obvious enjoyment of her surroundings; nothing made him happier than seeing the woman he loved happy.

After a few hours in the principal wing of the museum, they ventured into the last section of the exhibit: An interior gallery that displayed artworks featuring the gods and goddesses of ancient Greek mythology. At first, Sully wondered why these items were being shown separately from the rest of the exhibit. But the reason became clear the moment they parted the curtains and entered the room: All around them were paintings and sculptures portraying a number of Greek deities in varying states of undress and passionate poses. Having lived according to Cheyenne customs for so long, Sully had adopted the tribe's appreciation for the human form and knew that it was nothing to fear or to be ashamed of. Michaela, on the other hand, was a different story. He couldn't wait to see her reaction to this particular display.

"This should be fun ..." he thought, with a conspiratorial grin.

Michaela was so busy jotting down notes in her pamphlet that, at first, it didn't dawn on her that they'd walked into a different type of exhibit. As she looked around at the replica of the topless statue of Venus de Milo, the sculpture of a fully-nude Hermes of Praxiteles, and Spranger's painting of the largely-unclothed Venus & Mars in a lovers' embrace, she felt her cheeks begin to color. Suddenly, Sully's hand -- which had been resting on her lower back as he guided her through the museum -- seemed inordinately warm, even through her clothing. His beguiling, masculine scent, mixed with a hint of her favorite cologne on him, swirled around her, making her slightly dizzy.

She mentally shook herself. She was a grown, educated woman, and now a wife, not some simpering teenage girl. Not to mention that both her medical training and her practice involved all aspects of the human body. Surely she could appreciate this type of art for its historical and cultural purposes. Scholars had studied these works for centuries, recognizing the reverence with which they represented the Greek gods and their human forms. She should certainly be capable of doing the same. After stealing a quick glance at Sully to make sure he hadn't noticed her initial unease, she schooled her expression into what she hoped was a look of nonchalance, and continued on with her tour.

Truth be told, once she unwound a bit, Michaela found herself quite enjoying this special genre of Greek art. As she studied the nude statues of Hercules, Apollo and Poseidon, she found herself thinking of Sully, and the first time he'd revealed his naked body to her on the train to Denver. Perhaps she was somewhat biased, but none of these figures could hold a candle to her husband. His body was a true work of art, she opined to herself. And it was all hers. She couldn't resist a slightly smug smile at the notion. If only he could guess the scandalous thoughts running through her mind!

Sully keenly observed his wife's reactions to this more unbound type of artwork, with an amused smirk. Her feelings were clearly written all over her wonderfully-expressive face, despite her best efforts to appear detached. Then, as he continued to watch her, he noticed a gradual shift in her attitude to what lay before her: She subtly went from shocked and affronted, to curious and uncertain, and then finally, to appreciative and accepting. The change was amazing to witness.

When, at last, she turned to him to indicate that she was ready to leave, he was pleasantly surprised by the look of hunger in her eyes. The direction of her thoughts was unmistakable, making him regret that he'd already planned their upcoming date for dinner and dancing. All he wanted to do was get her alone and mold her gorgeous body with his bare hands, just like some of those clay sculptures they'd just viewed. It was going to be a long evening, he thought ruefully, as he grasped her arm to walk back to their hotel.

As much as he'd enjoyed their evening out, Sully was glad to be back in the sanctuary of their hotel suite; and alone with his wife. All day, she'd tantalized him with coy smiles and gentle touches, setting his senses on fire. And when they'd waltzed together -- so close, but yet still too far away for his liking -- it was all he could do not to pull her into his arms and ravish her right there on the dance floor. His body still hummed with unfulfilled longing from the previous evening's sensual activities, when they'd stopped just short of making love.

As they stepped inside the room, Sully twirled his lovely wife around and pulled her into his arms.

"Bein' so close to ya all evening and not bein' able to make love to ya just about killed me. Thank goodness we're finally alone," he murmured suggestively.

"Now how do you suppose we could pass the time, now that we're all by ourselves?" she replied, her voice full of flirtation.

"Oh, I got a few ideas," he teased. "How 'bout we getcha outta these clothes so I can show ya?"

As he expected, Michaela's face turned a fetching shade of pink at his insinuation. She reached for the first button at the top of her gown, and then stopped, looking at him uncertainly.

It took Sully a second to realize the reason for her hesitation: Although they had already shared the most intimate act that a man and woman could; she'd never actually undressed herself in his presence.

"No need to be shy 'bout undressin' in fronta me, Michaela. I love every inch of ya, with or without clothes on," he said with a comforting smile.

Michaela put on what she prayed was her bravest face, and began to unbutton her dress. But the incessant trembling of her hands betrayed her. She'd barely reached the second or third button when Sully, observing her unease, stepped in to help her.

"Here, let me," he offered. In what seemed like no time at all, she was standing before him clad only in her corset and underclothes.

Constricted by the corset and flustered by his nearness, her breath came in nervous pants.

"I think it's about time we removed this corset," he proposed. "I know you ladies wear it 'cause it's in fashion an' all, but sometimes I wonder if it's worth it, not bein' able to breathe," he commented as he tried in vain to untie the knots. "Besides, in my opinion, ya don't need one. You've got the perfect figure."

Michaela dropped her eyes demurely, not quite knowing how to accept his compliment. After a few more futile attempts to untie the knots of her corset, Sully threw up his hands in frustration.

"This thing is harder to untie than a Gordian Knot," he groused.

"Well, I can't just keep it on forever ... I can barely catch my breath as it is. There's got to be a way ...," she reasoned out loud. Just then, it hit her: "Of course -- my bandage scissors!" she exclaimed. "We'll just have to cut the corset off me."

One of the many things he loved about his wife was her resourcefulness, Sully thought, reminding himself to thank her later in the most sensual way possible.

"Now, aren't you glad I didn't let you dissuade me from taking my medical bag along on our honeymoon?" she joked, retrieving the scissors from her leather attaché.

Seconds later, the oppressive corset was gone, and Michaela drew a deep breath of relief.

"Now, where were we?" Sully asked silkily. "Hmm, I think were were right about here." He lowered his head for a scorching kiss.

The newlyweds quickly lost themselves in each other, as two days' worth of pent-up passion exploded between them both. As they lit each other's senses on fire with their heated kisses and caresses, their hands hastened to remove the final remnants of clothing between them. Soon, they stood naked before each other's loving eyes, aglow in the dancing light from the nearby fireplace.

Sully stood still for a minute, transfixed by the sight of his stunning wife. Moving slowly, as if in a dream, he approached her and began to stroke her petal-soft skin, which was covered in a light sheen of sweat from the heat of the fire and the sensual flame that burned between them. Michaela closed her eyes and tilted her head back in rapture, arching her body toward his in a silent invitation that her husband willingly accepted. His luscious mouth soon joined the sensuous onslaught: He nibbled lightly on her earlobe, and then traced torturously slow circles around her achingly-sensitive nipples with his warm tongue, sending shards of delight skittering through her.

Sully continued to run his hands up and down his wife's inflamed body, coming closer and closer to her mound. Michaela unconsciously bucked her hips towards him and his scintillating fingers, as if inciting him to touch her at the core of her femininity. He heeded her body's anxious call, and tentatively slipped a finger into her crevice. There was no pain this time; only a warm, wet welcome as she drew him into her body. With this last concern assuaged, they both knew that there would be no need to hold back tonight -- they could freely and fully express their burning desire for each other and give unfettered license to their deepest passions.

As she thrilled to Sully's mind-blowing caresses, Michaela feverishly ran her hands all over his torso, stroking his strong shoulders and chest; and enjoying the warm, silky skin of his broad back, which seemed to tremble passionately under her greedy palms. Led by gravity -- and perhaps, her own yearnings -- her hands slipped down to his lower back, and onto the top of his firm buttocks. With soft grunt of pleasure, he covered her hands with his and guided them lower. He wanted her to know that he found this particular touch especially enjoyable; and wanted to trap her enticing palms against him before she lost her nerve and pulled away. Understanding his signals, she continued to knead his muscular posterior, and she felt it clench beneath her caress as he ground his hips into her. All the while, she let her mouth have free rein over his upper body; savoring the slightly salty, earthy taste of his neck as she kissed and nipped her way from behind his ear down to his nipples, which were already rigid with his excitement.

With her hips pressed so intimately to his, Michaela couldn't help but notice that another part of Sully was rigid as well. His rod throbbed insistently against her lower belly, as though indicating its desired destination. His gentle exploration of her cleft felt so amazing that she couldn't help but wonder whether he would enjoy a similar touch from her. But she didn't think she could be so daring. Needing to concentrate, she took a small step back from her husband and his distracting caresses. The action caused his fingers to slip from her body and, for an instant, she felt strangely bereft. But soon, her mind returned to the prospect at hand. From beneath lowered eyelids, her gaze roamed avidly over his virile frame, coming to rest just below his waist, where his arousal was evident.

Despite her best efforts to conceal the direction of her gaze, Sully knew what she was thinking, and the realization caused his excitement to spike even further. But he could also see the battle between propriety and passion -- between her mind on the one hand, and her body and heart on the other -- going on within her, which caused her to hesitate.

"Michaela, I need ya ... please touch me," he implored her.

Her husband's impassioned plea dispelled any lingering doubts in her mind, and she reached out to him. As she did so, his shaft arched toward her, as if seeking her touch. Michaela ran her fingers down the tantalizing crevices where his thighs joined his pelvis, which led her straight to his member. Cautiously, she touched it, and was rewarded with a groan of passion that seemed to reverberate through him. She was struck by how warm and smooth the skin was on this particular part of his anatomy. Curiosity took over, and soon, she was running her fingers softly along his entire length. Intrigued by the way it seemed to jerk beneath her fingers, she experimentally wrapped her hand around it. Unable to encircle him fully with just one hand, her other one soon joined its partner, enfolding him in a solid grip.

Sully froze, and so did Michaela, thinking for a split second that she'd hurt him with her firm touch. One look at his enraptured face assured her that nothing could have been further from the truth.

"Omigod, Michaela ... please don't stop. What you're doin' feels so good ..." he ground out between clenched teeth. He fought the urge to grab her hands and wrap them even more tightly around his rod, wanting her conduct this new and intimate exploration on her own terms.

As if guided by some unknown instinct, she began to move her grip up and down her husband's shaft, which prompted a shudder of ecstasy. The pleasure was so great that his knees threatened to buckle beneath him, and he had to hold onto his wife's shoulders to steady himself.

"Yes, just like that," he encouraged.

As she continued to use one hand to stroke his length in her steadfast hold, her other ventured to the crown of his manhood. Fascinated by its deep color, she circled it with her index finger and then cautiously touched the drop of fluid that leaked from the slit at its center.

"Ah, Michaela!" she heard Sully exclaim, and, in a flash, his hands were on hers, stilling her movements.

Thinking that she'd somehow displeased him, Michaela felt her face flame. "I'm sorry ..." she whispered.

"Sorry?" he asked, initially puzzled. Then, he realized what his innocent bride must be thinking.

"No, my love, don't be sorry," he reassured her. "It feels amazing when ya touch me like that. A bit too amazing, if ya get my drift ..."

Her furrowed brow told him that she wasn't quite getting his point.

"If I'd let ya keep touchin' me like that, things would've been over before they even began," he explained. "And I wanna be inside ya when that happens."

Michaela's blush deepened even more when she realized what Sully meant. Uncertain of how to respond to such an intimate statement, she was relieved when he drew her to him once more and filled the brief silence with the sound of their kisses, as he guided them both to the bed.

As his hands continued their reverent stroking, Sully began to kiss his way down Michaela's body, seeking to do something that he'd wanted to share with her since their first night together on the train to Denver. That night, he'd restrained himself out of consideration for his wife, not wanting to overwhelm or frighten her the first time they made love. He knew that she was still getting used to their new physical intimacy; her shyness stemming from inexperience and years of severe and restrictive Boston ideas about what a man and wife should and should not share in their marital bed. But over the past two days, she had gradually become more comfortable with their physical closeness, occasionally treating him to little touches and kisses on her own initiative. And just now, when he'd invited her to touch him intimately, she'd taken to it like a fish to water, setting his body afire with her stimulating caresses. He thought she was now ready to be introduced to a wonderful new experience that he hoped would become a frequent part of their lovemaking. His lips glided over the smooth skin of her flat stomach, until she felt his warm breath on the soft curls between her thighs ...

Michaela broke out of her sensual trance when she realized Sully's destination, only vaguely aware of what he intended to do. In her early twenties, she'd overheard the disapproving whispers of her father and his colleagues in the parlor of their Boston home, discussing the "debauched" writings of those authors who had dared to describe the various acts of love. They'd dismissed the concept that a man and woman could derive pleasure from kissing each other's private parts, as "base," "vile" and "deviant." She'd been raised to believe that such matters were the province of whores. But when Sully's fingertips gently parted her feminine folds, she felt anything but vile and debased; she felt loved, desired, and incredibly cherished. Nevertheless, her father's disgusted words -- "base ... vile ... deviant" -- and her mother's negative comments regarding a woman's "marital duties," rang in her ears. Suddenly uncomfortable, Michaela squirmed. "Sully, no ... you don't have to ..." she mumbled, embarrassed.

Sully felt Michaela's body tense, and immediately sensed the reason for her discomfiture. Sometimes he had to remind himself that though his beautiful, accomplished bride was knowledgeable about a great many things, in matters of romantic intimacy, she was still very much an innocent. He slid back up her body until they were face-to-face. She felt herself drowning in his gorgeous blue eyes, which were full of love and dark with desire.

"Michaela, I love you ... words can never explain just how much," he whispered. "Our bond is sacred, and how we express our love for each other is beautiful. Nuthin' we share when we're bein' intimate like this is anything to be ashamed of." He paused, his finger tilting her chin up so he could plant a succulent kiss on her lips. At the same time, his other hand traced its way down her body, coming to rest at the juncture of her thighs. Reassured by his loving words, she relaxed, and her thighs parted slightly, giving his hand greater access.

Sully smiled encouragingly. "Will ya let me show ya, in another way, just how much I adore ya?" he asked.

Michaela was too inflamed by the delicious feeling of his hand between her legs to answer aloud; she could only manage a barely-perceptible nod.

With a grateful sigh, he quickly nipped and licked his way down her body once more, anxious to resume his intimate exploration.

His fingers, already wet with her juices, parted the folds of her womanhood. The sight and scent of Michaela's feminine essence made Sully's mouth water ... he couldn't wait to taste her. Finding the little bud that was the seat of her passion, he gently kissed it. Then, he paused, giving her time to get used to this new closeness.

When she felt his mouth on her for the first time, Michaela gasped at the pleasurable sensation, and her hips bucked off the bed, seemingly of their own accord. Sully's lips were so warm, so soft, and so incredibly arousing. Her body began to yearn for something she couldn't yet name; but all she knew was that she wanted him to continue. Still too shy to put her desires into words, she could only whimper with passion.

Michaela's rapturous moan was music to Sully's ears, and was all the encouragement he needed to proceed. He eagerly placed a deeper kiss to her womanhood, flicking his tongue over her feminine bud. Her unique flavor exploded on his tongue, instantly addictive, making him crave more and more of her. He doubted that he'd ever get enough of seeing, feeling and tasting Michaela like this. His own physical response was immediate and powerful. His manhood throbbed impatiently as he ground himself against the mattress beneath him, trying to quell the sensation, wanting to give her pleasure before he took his own.

Michaela cried out in ecstasy as Sully deepened his sensual exploration. The feeling was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before -- an explosion of euphoric sensations erupted from her feminine center, shocking and exciting her beyond belief. Stabbing pulses of unspeakable pleasure began to emanate from her core, radiating through her body. Her nipples instantly became almost painfully erect, goosebumps appeared on her skin, her heart practically bounded out of her chest, and her skin flushed. Her toes curled tightly into the mattress, and she grabbed the pillow beside her, desperately seeking an outlet for her escalating passion. She found it impossible to keep still in the face of these unfamiliar, erotic feelings.

"Sully," she moaned, in a voice so husky with longing that she barely recognized it as her own.

Sully had never heard a more appealing sound in all his days. He was unbelievably aroused by his wife's responsiveness. She was practically pouring with desire now, and he couldn't get enough. Still between her thighs, he whispered, "Oh my God, Michaela, you're so beautiful, so responsive ... you're drivin' me crazy." Wanting to further intensify the experience, he introduced one, and then two, fingers into her female passage, while continuing to tease the little knot at the apex of her womanhood with his mouth and tongue.

Michaela instinctively clenched around her husband's questing fingers, and she wondered if it was possible to die of pleasure. Her entire body began to throb, and she was sure that she would burst from all the wondrous sensations buffeting her from all sides. Sully began to stroke the inside of her sheath in time with his tongue on her bud, and her arousal swiftly soared. She began to feel herself clamoring, reaching towards a conclusion. She wasn't sure what that conclusion was, only that she needed desperately to get there. She floated higher and higher on an ocean of sensual emotions; and her body coiled tighter and tighter, like a spring ... until it broke, releasing a flood of heart-stoppingly incredible feelings. She arched off the bed, crying out in ecstasy. Spasms racked her body, and she closed her eyes, swept away by a maelstrom of utter and absolute bliss.

Sully noticed that the reflexive clenching of Michaela's inner passage around his fingers had intensified, and her legs had begun to shake (and not from the cold!). He knew that she was hurtling towards her first climax, and he was awed and humbled to be the one responsible for it. He glanced up, wanting to see her face at the zenith of her passion, and beheld a sight so beautiful that he knew it would burn itself into his mind forever: Michaela's face was suffused with rapture and wonder, her head flung back in ecstasy against the pillow, her hair a cloud of satin all around her. Her entire body bucked off the bed, causing her gorgeous breasts, with their turgid, pouting nipples, to arch up toward the ceiling. His mouth went dry at the vision of his stunning wife before him, his manhood now painfully erect.

With a somewhat self-satisfied grin, Sully glided back up Michaela's body. She was still panting from the after-effects of her climax, moaning softly. He gently touched his lips to hers. She could taste herself on him, and she paused briefly, trying to quell her shyness and get used to this new evidence of their shared passion. Intuitively sensing the reason for her hesitation, he said in the alluring tone he reserved especially for her, "Ya taste good ... I'm gonna need a second helpin' pretty soon, I think." She blushed with that special combination of innocence and sensuality that he always found so appealing. He winked at her, conveying the light-heartedness of his compliment as he attempted to put her at ease.

Michaela rested her head on his chest, feeling completely relaxed and boneless from her blissful eruption. Stunned and a bit embarrassed by her loss of control, she tried to understand what had just occurred. She wished she could ask Sully; but she wasn't sure it was proper for her to raise such issues with her husband. Her mother had warned her that a proper wife should never take the initiative in discussing such matters. Unable to form the necessary words, she raised her head and looked questioningly at him.

"What is it, love?" he prompted, seeing the query in her eyes.

"Oh, it's nothing ...," she trailed off, overcome by nervousness.

"Michaela, please don't shut me out. Don't ya know you can tell me anything?" he assured her. "No matter what it is, I'll never think any less of ya."

"Well, um, it's just that ..." she stammered. Drawing a fortifying breath, she continued, "It's just that ... I've never felt anything like that before."

Sully couldn't curb his small burst of male pride when he realized what she was referring to. "Sweetheart, ya just had your first climax," he gently explained.

Michaela automatically blushed at the use of such an explicit word. It wasn't entirely foreign to her; during her medical studies, she'd come across the terms "climax" and "orgasm," but only in reference to men. Because clinical scholars believed that only the male orgasm was necessary for conception and procreation, her medical books had never discussed such a phenomenon with respect to women. And, of course, her texts had never so much as hinted at the flood of pleasurable sensations involved!

"B- ... but I thought that ... that sort of thing only happened to men," she blurted out before she could stop herself. She cringed in shock at her own temerity.

"It can happen to a woman too," Sully clarified. "If she enjoys herself enough when she's makin' love ... or snugglin', like we were just now."

He fondly remembered Michaela's priceless reaction when he'd first used the latter word in her presence. Not long after their engagement, she'd discovered him in the clinic, thumbing through a medical text on "Human Reproduction" that he'd caught Brian and his friend inquisitively reading a few moments before. When Sully had asked her whether she'd ever spoken with Brian about "snuggling," kissing, and the like, she'd suddenly become very jumpy, in a transparent attempt to repress her reaction to the sensual words and his proximity to her. Even now, the memory brought a smile to his face.

Sully's smile puzzled his wife. "How can he be so amused, when all I want to do is curl up in shame and disappear?" she thought frustratedly.

Momentarily ensconced in his pleasant recollections, Sully took a bit longer than usual to detect the change in his wife's mood. He noticed her downcast eyes as she began to fidget fretfully in his arms, revealing her misplaced feelings of humiliation.

"Michaela, I live for pleasin' ya like that. When I saw ya reach your peak just now ..." he paused, struggling to find the right words to do her justice. "Well, I've never seen anything more incredibly beautiful in my life. I'll remember that breathtakin' moment for the rest of my days."

Michaela was amazed that he could find her attractive in such an uninhibited state; but she was deeply moved by the sincerity of his revelation. Taking her husband at his word, she banished her nagging insecurities and settled back into his embrace.

During their discussion, Sully's still-aroused state had not gone unnoticed by his wife. She wanted to satisfy him; to bring him the same pleasure he'd just given her. Hoping to signal her intentions, she began to gently run her hand up and down his virile body, each time, moving closer and closer to -- but carefully avoiding -- his most sensitive area. He groaned with pleasure.

Revived by Michaela's amorous caresses, an idea came to Sully about another new experience they could share together. He flipped onto his back, pulling her on top of him. Her legs were on either side of his hips; her warm, moist feminine center directly over his manhood. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he bucked his hips off the bed, indicating his utmost desire to his equally-aroused wife. She allowed him to lift her hips slightly, and then he slid home, embedding himself deep within her.

Michaela stilled, trying to get used to the new sensations. Sully was so deep inside her that it felt as though he could pierce her very soul. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, unsure of what to do next. Her sterile medical texts had left her wholly unprepared, as none of them had come remotely close to describing an experience as intimate as this! Immediately perceiving the reason for her hesitation, he gave her an encouraging smile and said, "There ain't no right or wrong here, Michaela. Just do whatever feels good."

Reassured by his words, Michaela moved her hips experimentally, almost imperceptibly. The resulting waves of pleasure that lanced through her caught her completely off-guard, and she gasped at the unexpectedly sensual surprise. As if driven by some unseen force outside herself, her body began to undulate slowly back and forth over Sully's sinewy frame, seemingly of its own volition. The more she moved, the more heavenly the sensations became.

Sully ran his hands lovingly down Michaela's body, over her soft breasts and taut stomach, settling them on her hips. He began to thrust his hips up from the bed, using his hands to guide her movements and bring their most sensitive spots into even closer contact. He allowed one of his hands to fall between her thighs, finding and caressing her feminine bud.

"Oh, Sully ..." she moaned, swept away. She looked down into his eyes, which were now almost inky-black with passion. The desire she saw reflected there drove her to even greater heights of ecstasy.

"That's it, love ... ride me ... let go ...," he whispered in low tones; so softly that, for a split second, he wondered whether he'd even uttered the words out loud. He wanted to let Michaela know how good she felt and how much he loved her, but he didn't want to shock or embarrass her with his erotic endearments. He needn't have worried. She blushed in response to his words, but from arousal, not discomfort. Terms that might have caused her to cringe in mortification in any other setting, only excited her further in the context of their intimate encounter. The knowledge that she was pleasing her beloved husband fed her own passion, sending her hurtling toward another climax.

Anchored by Sully's strong hands on her hips, Michaela's movements grew faster and more frenetic, which only served to intensify the unbelievable delight; the feeling of utter and complete oneness with the man she loved more than life itself. She felt her body reaching for another explosive conclusion like the one she had recently experienced at the hands of her loving husband. Higher and higher she climbed, the sensations growing more and more intense, until she shattered, her body racked with paroxysms of exquisite rapture. Unable to contain her ecstasy, she threw her head back and screamed Sully's name as she hit her peak.

Sully looked up at his gorgeous wife, enchanted by her as she unashamedly took her pleasure. He felt the change in her movements as she raced towards her climax. The telltale spasms began to run through her body, rippling though her female passage and gripping him like a silken fist. Her glowing skin broke out in an enticing sheen of sweat as she tossed her lovely hair back behind her like a glossy curtain. The movement threw her heaving breasts forward, her rosy nipples rigid with passion. When she arched her neck, as if to the heavens, and screamed his name, he was undone. With a groan that seemed to come from the depths of his soul, he grabbed her hips and drove himself deep inside her as he found his release, spilling himself in his Heartsong's clenching body.

Michaela collapsed onto Sully's broad chest, panting heavily as the last vestiges of her intense climax flowed through her. Spent and overwhelmed, she felt tears reflexively spring to her eyes as she tried to process the physical and emotional impact of what had just happened. Even as she basked in the security of her husband's tender embrace, she felt as though she had been stripped bare. Never before had she felt so vulnerable -- or so adored -- as she did at this very moment.

As he stroked his wife's smooth back, Sully felt her warm tears trickling down onto his chest. As moved as she was by what they had just shared, he understood that her tears weren't tears of shame or pain, but tears of joy and love. Eventually, he softened, slipping out of Michaela, and she rolled off him, laying her head on his shoulder and caressing the soft hairs of his chest. For a few minutes, they lay together in silence; the only sound in the room was their breathing gradually returning to normal.

"You alright, sweetheart?" he inquired, toying with her hair.

"I ..." she faltered, words failing her in her profoundly emotional state. "I never knew it could be like that," she confessed.

"When two people are blessed enough to share a love like ours, it can often be like that," he explained. "Remember when I told ya on our wedding night that the next time we made love, we'd reach paradise together?"

"Oh, yes," she softly replied. "At that time, I didn't know what you meant ..."

"But now, ya do. Thank you for sharin' paradise with me," he said, and tenderly kissed her cheek.

After a few more moments of comfortable silence, Michaela raised her head and looked into her husband's fathomless blue eyes. Her voice quaking with emotion, she said, "Thank you, Sully, for opening my eyes and showing me what true love is. I feel like a part of me that was hidden deep inside me has finally awakened."

"Michaela, it's me who should be grateful to you, for trustin' me enough to let go and reveal that part of yourself to me," he replied. "I'm honored and humbled ... more than you'll ever know. I'll always remember this night for as long as I live. I love you."

"Oh, Sully, I love you too, with all my heart and soul."

Having made their heartfelt declarations of love, Michaela and Sully wrapped themselves in each other's arms and fell into a contented sleep, dreaming pleasant dreams of their future together.

The End