Full summary: Edward and Bella have been best friends for years, 15 to be exact. But one night after they are both dared by a 17 year old Emmett to lose their virginity they take their friendship a little further. What happens when Bella finds out that she's 15 and pregnant with Edward's child? She moves to Arizona with Renee without telling anyone but her big brother Emmett and her dad Charlie why. But when something bad happens and Bella decides she has enough and moves back to Forks. What will she tell Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme?

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Expect the Unexpected

Chapter 1: Wanting More

"Oh my God!" Alice Cullen squealed as my big brother, Emmett, pulled up to the Cullen residence. "Can you believe it? You're turning 15! You can get your drivers permit and maybe even talk Charlie into buying you a car! We totally have to go shopping and ill throw you a party, but we'll have to keep it simple 'cause we've still got next year, so I was thinking we just keep it within the family…"

I tuned out as Alice kept on about presents and cake, and I shot Emmett a look that I hoped to say help me! PLEASE!

"Alice, Alice, Alice. Why don't we go inside and find Eddiepoo?" Emmett said and I was thankful he helped me for once.

"Don't call me that" I heard a velvet voice say, and my breathing started to get faster. Now don't get me wrong, Edward Cullen and I have been the best of friends since we were born, him being a few weeks older than me, but lately every time he comes in the room, or in this case out of it, I would lose my breath. I mean wouldn't you if this gorgeous guy with bronze hair, the most piercing green eyes, and his abs, oh his perfectly sculpted abs. I have come to the conclusion that I am in love with my best friend.

"Earth to Bella," my personal Greek god said, breaking my train of thought. He came up beside me and gave me one of those awkward, but still affectionate side hugs. I felt my redden and again I wasn't able to breathe. He just chuckled at my reaction and led me inside behind Emmett and Alice.

We walked into the gorgeous Cullen mansion and saw Esme cleaning, Carlisle and Jasper in a deep conversion and Rosalie looking bored. Just like any other day, Emmett ran straight to Rosalie and the proceeded to start one of there common make out sessions. I had to look away because I don't really want to watch my big brother suck face with my best friend. Alice went over to Jasper, interrupting Carlisle and his conversation, and gave him a hug and a quick peck on the lips. Edward and I just stood there awkwardly until Esme came over and told me happy birthday. That got everyone's attention and they all started to sing the birthday song. I felt the familiar burn of my face and heard Edward chuckle beside me.

"Happy Birthday, Bella," Edward leaned down and whispered in my ear. I swear the boy is trying to kill me.

Esme wanted to open presents right away, but to her dismay we all decided we would call Charlie and ask him to meet us here for one of her delicious home cooked meals and open presents afterwards. So I walked into the kitchen to call Charlie.

"Hello?" he answered after the third ring.

"Hey dad! I was wondering if you wanted to come over here and eat tonight."

"Yeah, sure. That'd be great, Bells. Tell Esme I'll be over in about an hour."

"Ok, will do. Oh, and after dinner were opening presents, so if you want to you could give me yours here or wait till we get home."

"Ok, I think we'll wait, is that ok?"

"Yep! Perfectly fine with me!"

"Alright kid, see you soon."

"Bye dad."

I walked back into the living room and told everyone what Charlie had said. When I was finished Alice and Rose both squealed and yelled at the top of their lungs "BELLA BARBIE TIME!" I groaned and ran to hide behind Emmett who became a traitor, and picked me up and carried me upstairs. Oh joy,I thought, here we go.

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