AN: This story was inspired by Rorschach's Blot and his story 'Make a Wish'. There will be skips in time, as I don't think it is necessary to detail all of the travel and training. After all, that would make the story much more similar to several others out there, and I want to get to other points in the story. I will add details when the plot requires them.

Plot Summary: After his fourth year at Hogwarts, Harry decides before leaving Kings Cross to leave the Dursleys and seek training to help him face Voldemort. With assistance from Gringotts, thanks to his friendship with them beginning in the summer before his third year, Harry and a companion in need leave England and travel around learning. After the summer of training and traveling, they return to Hogwarts and await what the future has in store for them.

Pairing: Harry/Daphne Greengrass

Time frame: Summer after fourth year and fifth year of school

Fourteen year old Harry Potter knew that he couldn't stay with the Dursleys this summer. Not even because Voldemort was back. After all, he needed somewhere to train up to defend himself and others since Voldemort seemed to have targeted him for some vague reason that Professor Dumbledore had neglected to tell him so far. Harry wondered how he could escape, but the opportunity presented itself as the Dursleys drove by the Leaky Cauldron.


"Why, Boy," Vernon asked, upset that the boy had yelled at them.

"I'll give you a couple gold coins."

"How do I know its real gold?"

"It's real," Harry said, showing him two gold galleons. "I don't know how much it is worth if you melt it, but you can take four of them if you let me out here."

"Will you call us to get you back to the house," Petunia asked.

"No," Harry said. "I swear on my magic that I will never set foot on Privet Drive again out of my own free will."

"Very well," Vernon said, as he looked startled at the flash that Harry gave off. "Just don't show up again."

"I promise I won't if I can help it," Harry said.

The teen handed his uncle four gold galleons and then got out of the car with Hedwig. He sent Hedwig to fly ahead to find him later, and then got his trunk out of the car. A few moments later, the Dursleys were traveling down the road and Harry was smirking. He'd gotten one over Dumbledore, and he'd sworn a magical oath that he wouldn't go back to Privet Drive willingly.

Of course, Harry had been planning this since he had found out that Dumbledore was his magical guardian and had not told him. Harry had found out during the summer before his third year when he spent several weeks in Diagon Alley after blowing up his Aunt Marge with accidental magic.

The goblins had been more than helpful to Harry, and had helped him move the items from the Potter Family Vault to a vault that Harry could access without Dumbledore's knowledge. It helped tremendously that Harry's mother was the heir of the Blackwood family, which was the only family of humans to ever own a portion of Gringotts. But they had given the shares back to the goblins in return for permanent preferential rates and services at Gringotts for their worthy heirs.

Harry's trust vault and the Potter Family Vault were under Dumbledore's direction, and he could tell if Harry withdrew anything from the vaults. But he wouldn't know if anything was moved to another vault, as that was handled as an internal Gringotts matter. Dumbledore could only see the amount of money in Harry's trust vault, as the contents of any Family Vault at Gringotts was only available to the Head of the Family or any designated person. And Harry was the Head of the Potter Family even if the Ministry didn't recognize him as a legal adult as they usually would.

There was something suspicious about that, but the goblins put it down to either Dumbledore or Fudge, who had an unhealthy interest in the Potter Estate since Harry's parents had died.

For now, Harry knew that he had to get back to Gringotts and they would help him establish an alternative identity to escape England and train for the summer, if not longer.

Due to Dumbledore's penchant for hiding things, such as the prophecy, from Harry, the teen hid things from the Headmaster. He hid how he was considered an adult by goblin law, and, as such, the Ministry would recognize him as an adult should he provide proof that Gringotts recognized him as a Goblin Friend and as an adult. At the suggestion of the bank manager, Lord Ragnok, Harry had withheld notifying the Ministry of Magic of his status as a Goblin Friend until he was recognized as an adult by the Ministry of Magic.

Furthermore, Harry was now an occlumens, and he hid his knowledge of things that Dumbledore wouldn't like him to know, or expect him to know, behind a special barrier. Not even truth serum could get him to reveal what he hid behind that barrier, but it was worth it to Harry. After all, the teen was becoming a brilliant rune scholar, thanks to the assistance the goblins provided him, including an undetectable goblin time turner.

He used the time turner regularly to study, and the time turner was special in that it took him to an alternate dimension whenever he was using it instead of using the same dimension. The alternate dimension was a goblin discovery, and it was virtually empty except when one of their time turners was used. The dimension would reorganize itself to meet the needs of the person using the time turner, and Harry usually had a nice house along with a large number of training aides, such as a spell range, a dueling arena complete with automated dueling dummy, and a house elf that joined him whenever he used the time turner. This was to provide him with a means of getting help if he was injured. The elf would be able to summon a goblin healer if he was injured or unable to respond for some reason.

Now, Harry slipped on the runic bracelet the goblins gave him. The bracelet wasn't just a glamour charm. It transfigured his body using a runic transfiguration method that Harry was currently studying. His alternate identity was that of a 21 year old man named James Smith. James had brown hair and blue eyes, along with a build similar to Harry's true build when he wasn't hiding behind his goblin-made bracelet to hide his true changes.

Harry had finally thrown the yolk of the damage of the Dursleys, and, thanks to the time turner, he regularly exercised and had great meals. This time turner allowed him to go back as little as ten minutes in time, enough to get a quick bite to eat before getting back to the normal time stream. His true form was slightly different than what everyone else expected.

His body was a bit bigger, and he was more the size of his father. He didn't look like a clone of his father. That was due to a spell that was placed on him as a child to prevent him from using his Metamorphmagus abilities. It was placed on him by Dumbledore when he was dropped off at the Dursleys, and Harry understood why it had to be placed when he was younger. But he didn't understand why it wasn't removed when he was eleven and could learn to control his abilities. That was unacceptable to the teen, and he knew that Dumbledore would have to answer a lot of questions for Harry before he would ever trust the old man.

A few minutes after being dropped off by the Dursleys, Harry entered Gringotts to the bowing goblins. The goblin teller recognized him immediately, and then motioned for him to follow.

When Harry sat down, he was in the office of his account manager, Griphook.

"Mr. Potter, how can Gringotts help you today?"

"Have you heard about what happened at the end of the Tournament?"

"We are most curious, Mr. Potter. There are rumors that you fought the Dark Lord again."

Harry handed the goblin a phial containing a copy of the memory of the event.

"I am willing to swear an oath on my magic as to the veracity of this memory."

Griphook nodded.

"I shall take it to the Director as soon as we complete our business."

"Thank you," Harry said. "All I ask is that you consider your options at this stage. I would prefer if you helped me, but I can handle the goblin nation remaining neutral."

Griphook nodded. This was what he and his bosses liked about Harry. He didn't presume the goblins would help him every time, but, instead, stated that he was willing to earn their help, or allow them to remain neutral, something other parties wouldn't do.

"Albus Dumbledore asked William Weasley to start talking to our managers and get us to support him in the fight against the Dark Lord."

Harry nodded.

"I suppose Dumbledore has restarted his vigilante organization?"

"You are correct," Griphook said. "I can't tell you the membership, but it is assumed Mr. Weasley and his family are heavily involved, as are the previous members who survived the war."

Harry nodded.

"Griphook, is there a way I can use the large time ritual room to go back to train?"

"I will have to get permission from the Director for this, Mr. Potter. You could use the small time turner to make a lot of time in the alternate dimension. You know how it works and you can never see another alternate as long as you never leave the dimension."

"I am aware of that. But I feel that I need to travel and study magic around the world in real time. Books are great, but there is something said about having a live tutor to help."

"I agree. You do have the standing agreement for one of our mages to train you in the time dimension for up to six months."

"I remember. If you don't mind, could you inform Director Ragnok that I would like to take him up on that offer?"

"I will inform him," Griphook said. "If you will please wait here?"

Harry nodded his assent and the goblin left to speak with the bank director, and one of the leaders of the goblin nation. Harry knew that the goblins would entertain his request as a goblin friend, and he would have to help them out as he could. But he was already going to do that with a planned campaign to allow goblins and others to have advanced rights in the wizard government that they had previously lost due to the greed and prejudices of wizards.

While Griphook was gone, Harry pulled out his book on gobbledegook and started to study it again. He was trying to learn the goblin language, and he was learning it well. He was in the advanced book already, thanks to the equipment he had purchased from a traveling merchant the goblins introduced him to. This merchant provided Harry with all sorts of things, and Harry had used the merchant as the middle man to sell off the carcass of the basilisk that he salvaged from underneath Hogwarts using the time turner earlier this year. It made both men and the goblins quite wealthy, as basilisk parts were quite rare and got quite a bit of gold per ounce.

Harry had tripled his fortune with selling the basilisk carcass, and the goblins respected him for doing that. It was no easy feat to triple a fortune of about 100,000 galleons in less than a year. And there was even more money available in the basilisk that Harry was getting throughout the next few years since there was so much basilisk available. Of course, having read up on potions, Harry knew that the basilisk parts were great in potions, and he had saved a large portion of the basilisk parts for his own personal use, just as the goblins did.

Harry just finished the last page in the book when Griphook returned with Ragnok. Harry stood in respect to the elder goblin.

"War Leader Ragnok," Harry said, in gobbledegook. "It is an honor to see you again."

"It is an honor, Mr. Potter," the goblin replied in his native language. "Please, have a seat. I have come to discuss your requests."

Harry nodded and waited for Ragnok to sit down in Griphook's comfortable chair before sitting himself. It was a mark of respect, and the goblins respected Harry for it. It was another reason he was a goblin friend.

"Mr. Potter, I cannot allow you to use the time ritual room. Unfortunately, it is being repaired right now and the Ministry is attempting to force us to destroy it. I cannot in good conscious let you use it or face the false accusations of breaking several treaties."

"I understand," Harry replied.

"As for the goblin mage, I can provide you with a goblin mage to train you in combat magic, warding, healing, and curse-breaking. You won't be able to learn all of our magic due to the way you humans must use magic and our rules, but I promise that no other human will know as much about goblin magic as you will."

"I am honored to receive whatever you deem me worthy," Harry said.

Ragnok gave a toothy grin.

"Mr. Potter, that is the reason that we are willing to help you as much as possible. I can say that we will support you as much as our neutrality will allow us to do. Due to the fear that we will be on the wrong side of a conflict, goblin law prohibits us from taking an active part in any wizard conflict between wizards or between other magical beings. We cannot afford to lose the business that fighting on either side would ensure we lost. And if we were on the losing side, the goblin nation would lose a lot more than gold."

"I understand. If I can get your promise of neutrality, I will be more than happy to respect your wishes."

"I can give you a promise of neutrality, Mr. Potter. As a goblin friend, however, we can help you train to learn more magic than a human can normally learn from Gringotts. And I will ensure that your preferential rates are extended to any vault you personally open, even if there are others who may legally access the vaults."

Harry nodded.

"Thank you, sir," Harry said, respectfully.

"Mr. Potter, you should return tomorrow using your portkey to the inner sanctum of Gringotts after 18 hours. At that time, your tutor will be introduced to you, and you will be given another batch of the potion to restrict your aging. And we will allow you to learn how to make this potion as long as you don't allow anyone else to learn how to make it."

"I am willing to sign any and all confidentiality agreements for this training," Harry said. "If it would make you and your people feel better, I will sign a blood oath not to teach anyone else what you allow me to learn without your express written permission. Of course, I would feel better if I were given an extensive list of knowledge that I cannot teach another without your permission."

"We can arrange that, Mr. Potter," Ragnok said. "The first agreement will be signed before you are trained. Then, when you return, we will provide you with a list of items that you cannot teach another. It will take some time to come up with this list, though we have already prepared a list of items that we are allowed to legally teach you."

Ragnok stood, and Harry and Griphook did the same.

"Mr. Potter, I do wish I could do more to help you against this Dark Lord. Gringotts goblins know that he will turn on us if your side loses, but our laws and several treaties prohibit us from taking up arms against wizards. When you return tomorrow evening, we will sign the contract and provide you with the list of items you cannot teach another. I will also go as far as to provide you with a list of potential tutors in magical subjects. We will contact them about training you to see if they would be amenable to discussing training options along with payment for the training while using a goblin time turner.

"This method will allow you to train in an alternate dimension while having time to rest and have a vacation that you richly deserve."

"Thank you, Director," Harry said. "I will remember how much you have helped me so far."

Ragnok and Harry shook hands, and then Ragnok left to return to his duties. Griphook sat down and motioned for Harry to do so.

"Mr. Potter, is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No thank you, Griphook. Unless there is something you have for me?"

"I do have notice that Mr. Dumbledore has been asking around about accessing the Potter Family Vault. As you know, it now contains the family jewels, and the heirlooms that you did not remove to your other vault. I can promise you that he will not be given access to this vault.

"Minister Fudge has made discrete inquiries as to the status of your accounts, and he has used Ministry resources to place a monitoring requirement on your Potter trust vault, which is the only Potter vault you can legally access right now due to your age and status."

Harry's other vault was still held under the name of Blackwood so he could access it without raising suspicion. He had a linked debit card, money bag, and wallet that would allow him to withdraw any denomination of any currency in the world. It was also this vault that contained the proceeds from the basilisk. And Harry knew that he could transfer assets between family vaults that would be combined into one once he had full access to all of them. But he couldn't transfer things from the Potter Family Vault to his Potter Trust Vault. Nor could he transfer from the Blackwood Family Vault to the Potter Trust Vault. It was only because of a loophole that he was able to fully access everything from the Potter Vault, including his family heir ring, which he wore on his right ring finger.

"That's fine, Griphook. Please let me know if they attempt to enter the vaults or stop my access at any time."

"As always, Mr. Potter. But I can tell you in confidence that Director Ragnok will demand evidence of any wrongdoing before that is allowed. And we know that you have not performed any crimes. Otherwise, you would not be a goblin friend."

Harry knew the goblins detested criminals, so a goblin friend who committed a series of crimes against the goblin law would no longer be goblin friends and would lose any preferential benefits. If they violated a wizard law but didn't violate goblin law, the goblin friend could seek asylum at any Gringotts around the world to be transferred to another country that allowed them to receive asylum. This was the goblin's way of protecting their friends from the unjust, prejudiced wizard laws that supported the purebloods in countries, especially in Europe and in communist countries such as China or dictatorships such as Iraq.

After thanking Griphook for his assistance today, Harry left Gringotts with a goal in mind. He was going to gather up the things he would need for traveling, and he knew that his trunk was sufficient to hold all of his belongings. He had to organize everything, and he would get a room at the Leaky Cauldron and spend the evening hours and morning hours determining what he had and what he needed. After all, he didn't want to purchase anything he didn't have to.

Though he was wealthy, Harry knew that to maintain that wealth, he would have to spend less than he had come into his account. He was considering ways to have an additional income, but all of the ways he knew so far were not going to be helpful right now. He wasn't knowledgeable enough about magic to create things to sell, nor was he able to patent a spell that he could sell to the highest bidder. The only way he had income right now was from the interest his Gringotts account received and the basilisk parts he sold through the traveling merchant.

Harry knew the man would be back in town later that day and he would be at Gringotts for the goblins and the few humans the goblins allowed in their inner sanctum to purchase things from him. They could also place orders and the man would do his best to legally find the items the clients wanted.

And this would be a good chance, as the man had a large selection of merchandise, though he didn't peddle books, other than rare tomes worth a good bit. But the goblins would allow Harry to purchase copies of certain books they had, and Harry had taken advantage of that to increase the size of his library. One of the goblin archivists had assisted him, for a fee, in taking an inventory of his family library and copying it so he could carry copies of the books in his trunk. He had an accurate list of the books he owned, and knew that he had several thousand books that it would take him years to read and study.

The Potters had a great selection of books on warding, defensive magic, and combat magic. The Blackwoods had a large selection of books on potions, runes, and spell creation. Both libraries had the requisite books for study to the NEWT level or even beyond in most legal areas in the wizarding world. They even had books that were named illegal after they had legally purchased them. Neither library had many ancient books other than heavily edited translations the owners sold.

After making up his mind, Harry decided to go to the Leaky Cauldron and get a room. He signed in as Richard Smith, using the middle name of his alias, James Richard Smith. It would throw off anyone looking for him, as he was sure that Dumbledore was looking for him now. Tom delivered a great dinner to Harry and the teen retired to his room for the evening, taking his trunk and using the time turner to go into the alternate dimension to take an inventory of his belongings and check it off against the items he thought he might need for a world-wide journey.

Albus Dumbledore sighed as he looked at No. 4 Privet Drive. It was in flames, as the Death Eaters had appeared, along with Voldemort himself, when the wards had fallen. The Ministry Aurors had responded in force, thinking Harry had illegally used spells, but Voldemort himself killed a few of the Aurors before the Order of the Phoenix and Albus Dumbledore arrived.

Now Voldemort was in the open after a failed chance of taking out Harry when he was thought to be relatively undefended. Minister Fudge had been in shock, and Amelia Bones had initiated proceedings to remove Fudge as Minister of Magic until his part in concealing the return of Voldemort was determined. Lucius Malfoy had been killed by Aurors on the scene, and Peter Pettigrew had been captured by responding Order of the Phoenix Members.

The shock of capturing a live Peter Pettigrew vindicated Harry's efforts, and Minister Fudge had seen the writing on the wall. Director Bones had ordered that Aurors Shacklebolt and Tonks guard Pettigrew and keep him unconscious until his interrogation so he couldn't escape. Dumbledore even placed anti-animagus charms on Pettigrew to keep him from transforming into his animagus form.

But there was another problem. The Ministry and the Order of the Phoenix wondered where Harry Potter was. The Dursleys had perished in the spell fire after it was found out he had not returned to Privet Drive. That avenue of gaining information was closed, so Dumbledore sent out his people to find Harry, starting first at Diagon Alley, as that was one of the first places Harry would go. He would need money if he were to rent a place to stay.

And Dumbledore would go query the Gringotts Goblins to see if any withdrawals had been made from Harry's trust vault.

Several hours later, a mystified Albus Dumbledore knew Harry had not withdrawn money from his trust vault, nor had anyone seen him in Diagon Alley. Severus Snape reported that Voldemort had people looking for Harry, so Albus knew that it was a matter of time before he was found and captured by Voldemort's forces. After all, the boy was untrained and wouldn't be able to handle the Death Eaters if they ganged up on him. And he definitely wouldn't be able to escape Voldemort without an insane amount of luck since he wouldn't have a portkey to escape.

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