AN: This is a long-awaited epilogue. I just finished rereading the story today and decided that it needed an epilogue of sorts to clear up some loose ends that people wanted closed.

After healing from his injuries, Harry returned to Hogwarts for a hero's welcome. The press and the public hounded him for days, so much that Harry and Daphne chose to go public with their training. It was necessary for their plans, as they had to reveal their true mental and physical ages for the public to accept that Daphne was pregnant.

Once their history was revealed, Harry and Daphne resigned from Hogwarts, though they continued to study in the areas they had begun for their own reasons. After leaving Hogwarts, the Potters purchased a new house and Harry warded it to his highest standards, meaning that few people could get into the house. It was necessary due to his fame for defeating Voldemort permanently, as well as the revelations that he had traveled in time.

Within eight months of Voldemort's defeat, Daphne gave birth to Daniel Jameson Potter. She would later give birth to two more children, Andrew Steven Potter and Delilah Minerva Potter. She would continue her work as a potions mistress and a healer, spending part of her time at St. Mungos, and the other part researching healing potions.

Harry would spend much of his time studying Merlin's Book of Magic, and he would develop or modify spells in this book that he would release to the public, gaining fame and accolades for his work in rediscovering ancient magic. He, too, would study healing, but his focus was on spell damage. When he wasn't studying or spending time with his family, Harry was at St. Mungos working as a Spell Damage consultant, or working as a warding/curse-breaking consultant for Gringotts, Hogwarts, and the Ministry of Magic, leaving him with plenty of things to do when he chose to work on them. He remained as a Hit Wizard, but only in a part-time, reserve status.

Fleur would eventually return to Harry and Daphne after her attempts at dating. She couldn't find anyone who she wanted to have more for a husband, so, with Daphne's permission, Fleur and Harry had a public ceremony to proclaim their relationship status, with Fleur being publicly named and shown as his concubine through the public ceremony. Fleur and Harry would have two kids together: Dominique and Laura. Fleur would eventually become a healer, and she, when not working her full-time job as the Hogwarts Hospital Wing Matron, would help Daphne and Harry perform research into healing spells and potions.

Hermione would eventually marry Neville, and the couple would travel the world learning. Neville would study plants, and Hermione would study other forms of magic. Hermione and Neville would eventually work together to discover a new magical species of plant. The plant led to Daphne discovering a potion that would allow Alice Longbottom to recover from her injuries enough to have something resembling a life. Frank, however, died from his injuries, having never recovered despite the use of the best potions and healing techniques wizards, and muggles, knew.

Ginny, who had been on the straight and narrow since being caught, eventually married Dean Thomas when she realized that Harry was not interested in her at all. She would enjoy her life as a chaser for the Holyhead Harpies before she became a mother and a sports reporter.

Ron would never forgive Harry for marrying that Slytherin bint, as he called her. Instead, he barely got into the NEWT classes, and he barely got his NEWTs. He would later find a job working for minimum wages as an equipment manager for his beloved Chudley Cannons. He would never manage to make it to play Professional Quidditch, nor would he become more than an assistant coach.

Sirius eventually settled down after the war, marrying Annabelle, whom he had gotten to know when she had come to spend time at Hogwarts. It wasn't unusual to have Adrienne in their bed as well. He would have several children of his own, and he would dote on them until he died in his sixties of a heart attack after a rousing night of sex with his Veela lovers.

As for Magical Britain, things slowly changed when people realized that it was their society that allowed the war and damage to happen. Their country slowly rebuilt itself, with Minister Bones leading the charge. Harry and Daphne would offer advice to those who asked, but neither wished to take a position in the Wizengamot, at Hogwarts, or the Ministry beyond what they had already done. The public liked them much better that way, and no one person would ever have as much statutory control over the Wizarding World as Fudge or Dumbledore ever had.

Not to say that people didn't have a lot of influence. Harry and Daphne continued to be positive influences in the wizarding world until their deaths three-quarters of a century after Voldemort's defeat. Fleur joined them in death a few years later.