me: I don't know what it is with my stories but some one is always getting hurt.

Demon piper: you, me, every one.

piper: *looks like shes about to kill*


me:*backs away slowly*

Demon piper: I will kill you!

*tries to strangle me*

piper was skipping down one of the many hhallways in the condor, humming, she was happy. She had another person added to her list of people that she has embarrassed publicly. First the pictures of Finn in a Toto. Junko in a bikini. Radarr with out any hair. Stork, well he was embarrassed by the fact he couldn't out fight a girl or at least stand his ground...............

'Yet in doing all those things, Aerrows was the funnest. He had had to sing his favorite childhood song. And Piper just might make some money out of it. She honestly might win Americas funniest home video. The funniest part was when Aerrow saw that I was recording it all............................' Piper thought to her self as she went to her room to grab the tape and ship it off. Once she safely had a hold of the tape she walked to the condors mail box.

What she didn't realize was that during her whole I'm better than you stage, Aerrow had conducted a plan that had succeeded. Aerrow had entered pipers room and switched the tapes. Taking his tape and switching the tape with one that he had recorded of piper. When she was younger. Piper in the tape was wearing a princess outfit while bullying all the other boys. Ever one except Aerrow. In fact In the tape she was caught making out with a picture of Aerrow..........

Aerrow had kept that tape forever. because of two reasons. 1.) Life was simpler then Piper and Aerrow had walked around the play ground holding hands and no one ever teased him or her. 2.) Piper was so pretty, So happy in the video

He would never forget it................. It was as if it was another life time...............another world.............another girl.

Me: Get demon piper.................

demon Piper: you wish

Piper : *recording it all*

Aerrow: you'll never learn