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Child of Hate, Samurai of Fate

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Fire burned as the battle raged between the opposing forces, one side dressed in blues and greens, the other dressed in browns and grays. The soldiers clashed at times with the use of blades, fists, and elemental magics known to the ninja of the crowd as ninjutsu.

The battlefield was littered with bodies and debris from earlier charges on the enemy, great gashes stood in the earth a testament to the elemental ninjutsu utilized against the opposing force, broken weapons also lay like a offering to the god of battle, praying that he would choose one of each side to defeat the other and survive this war.

This did not hinder the spirit of the samurai and soldiers who held rank over the opposing enemies. Only the cold embrace of death stopped their march upon their enemies.

The forces in brown broke rank to show the enemies in green a single man walk through the gap he continued walking and stopped a stones throw from the opposing enemies' line. He was dressed in a crimson kimono, tied with a black sash holding it closed, on the left side of the sash an O'Katana rested with a wakizashi in the knot of the sash, securing both of them from being jostled or dislodged from their place. This look was completed by a black haori over it all hiding his arms from view.

They were immediately wary as the man's chakra flared and caused several of them to break out into a cold sweat. The single thought was, "We may lose without reinforcements quickly!"

Several ninja charged the man, who did not move. The 1st lunged with a kunai.... only for the man to seize his hand and neck twisting both, disarming him and breaking his neck. He snatched up the offending kunai and threw it imbedding in the head of another ninja. The remaining made a signal, and more came to the pair as the ninja drew his weapon, a short wakizashi and faced his opponent.

"Who are you?" the ninja called as he took a short stance. The man looked at the ninja and shook his head. "I am a Hojo Sanaruka, a samurai that my lord has sent to aid Tsuchikage-san."

The ninja bristled at this remark and yelled back. "Who the hell does your lord think he is? This is a ninja war there is no reason for him to meddle in affairs that he has no rule in!" The ninja leapt back as the pair behind him released twin cries of "Katon: Great Fireball Technique."

"He should have paid better attention he would have actually been a threat...." the ninja quieted as the flames dispersed to show him unharmed except for smoking clothes. The ninja bristled and took into account his weapons.

The O'Katana was of average length, but that is where its similarities ended. Its pommel was made of some blinding white stone, the handle was grey, wrapped in a black clothe portraying hexagons by their pattern. The guard was made of the same white stone, but was cast in the shape of a koi fish wrapping itself around the center, two startling purple ribbons were attached to the guard and blew in a nonexistent wind. The sheath was gray with black spiraling patterns. The wakizashi held the same designs except for the absence of ribbons. The man rested his hands folded over the handle of the katana. All in all they were both exquisite weapons.

"Samurai draw your weapons!" He shook his head. "I draw my weapons when it is required, never anytime else." The ninja began to redden from anger at being declassed as a threat. "I'll show him why the Uchiha Clan is feared." "Very well then I'll make you draw your weapons, Sharingan!" the man's eyes changed from black to red and held three black tomoes around a center.

The man known as Hojo tensed as the Uchiha charged with his wakizashi and swung. Hojo grabbed the blade and snapped it from the handle and tossed the blade through the chest of another charging ninja. He then grabbed the Uchiha by the neck and choke slammed him off his feet into the arms of three more allying ninja. While this happened one of the ninja ran off to retrieve their hokage for his aid.

"Enough playing around samurai, Katon: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" Several balls of fire flew forward at Hojo who just batted them away with the armor on his forearms and back of his hands. The Uchiha roared and leapt at Hojo only for the samurai to crouch and execute a rising star kick, which the Uchiha dodged because of his eyes and tried a punch which hit the samurai sending him back a step. The Uchiha attacked again with the fire ball attack only for the man to wave his arm and a crashing force of water shoot towards the Uchiha and cut him and the entire group behind him down much to the shock of the leaf ninjas and the Iwa ninjas.

Hojo walked towards the leaf ninja who were backpedaling as quickly as possible hoping to get away from the man who cut down almost the entire spearhead of their battle formation with one attack. "Leaf Ninjas," Hojo called as he stopped at their lines, "Forfeit and allow yourselves to be captured by Iwa and you will be unharmed under my command." The leaf ninjas roared back in anger causing Hojo to frown.

"Very well," he said quietly, "Iwa ninja retreat back for the final attack." The Iwa force shot back immediately as Hojo raised his arms. "Officer Skill Class 4: Ninjutsu, Firehawk!" The ninjas looked on in fear as the sky grew dark and a large light appeared in the distance, as it grew closer they could begin to make out a giant bird breathed in flame, which suddenly gave an unholy screech and divided into two birds of the same size. They both cawed and pulled up scaring the ninjas as their close proximity had scorched the ground beyond comparison, they looked up and saw nothing until they saw them both merge into the original one and dive down at a speed that should of been impossible and explode on impact, bathing the ninjas of the leaf in the equivalent of a nuclear firestorm.

The Nidaime had appeared just in time to see the attack crash into the ground and wipeout almost his entire army in its path. He quickly made handsigns and sent a tidal wave of water crashing down on the flames dousing them and saving his burning men. He then formed a water dragon and sent it shooting towards the caster of the attack.

Hojo looked and dived out of the way as the dragon went crashing by. He turned and saw the nidaime appear in a flash of blue with a clay object in his hands.

"What did you do to my men?" the Nidaime said as the man eyed him with interest. "I disposed of them as were my orders, by the Tsuchikage." The nidaime looked at the battlefield around him and noticed the complete absence of any life except for the retreating Iwa forces and the man in front of him. He nodded and tried to pull water out of the air to find it the equivalent of a desert and realized he was at a major disadvantage. He scowled and drew Raijin activating it. The man eyed the sword and reached for one of his own, except passing their handles and bringing a tanto out from behind him and crouching. Hojo then spoke.

"Nidaime Hokage understand that if you lose here your village will be destroyed in a flash of my power so if you are going to make a last stand now is your time to go down in history, for you will have crossed blades with Hojo Sanaruka and if you do somehow survive will be able to boast of this to your dying day." The Nidaime nodded as they both lunged at each other.

The guards from the wall of the leaf village paused as their Nidaime did battle with the odd samurai with his raijin expecting a quick cut and his death, only for the man to hold it off with the small tanto and deliver a variety of close killing blows to the Nidaime who briefly dodged each time. After a while the nidaime crouched low and cut the man's chest causing him to fly back.

Hojo stood and was facing the nidaime with blood gushing from his wound. He smiled and tossed away his broken tanto, instead choosing the option to do battle bare handed. The Nidaime charged only for the man to grab the raijin's grip and twist it, to pierce the ground and deliver a shock along the ground before cutting off. The Nidaime looked at his trusted weapon in shock and faced the man, only for the man's foot come crashing into his head and send it flying off to the side in a burst of blood. Hojo then fell to his knees and let out a torrent of blood from his mouth.

The samurai crawled over to the nidaime's headless body and sat as a horse came carrying the nidaime's head in his mouth. He took the head from it and the onlookers watched as it disappeared in a swirl of black, showing it was some kind of summon. He then placed the nidaime's head and connected it to the hokage's body.

Nidaime-san you are a true warrior. May we meet in the afterlife and offer each other our condolences. I leave this however, should anyone be in danger from your village or something within its connection all they have to do is find my swords here and they will be endowed with my summon of the horse clan, a scroll over the mandate of the samurai, and a means to reach their goal. Who knows perhaps they will also be able to communicate with the spirit of my swords on the scale that I do. This is my last request Kami-sama.

With this Hojo Sanaruka dropped his swords on the ground and watched as they were swallowed by the earth. He the lay on his back adjacent to the Nidaime Hokage and allowed his soul to be freed from its earthly remains.