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Child of Hate, Samurai of Fate

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Chapter 20: Aid to Mist Allies.

Naruto stood in his hallway, staring at the door to Shinobu's room. It was a fairly nondescript door, except for frost forming around the edges and ornate carvings of butterflies in the wood. To him however it was like an entrance to the very gates of the Inferno, he half expected a groundless voice to beckon him forth to the chambers within.

He took a deep breath and looked down at his tonfa he had propped against the wall, as a universal gesture to show he was unarmed. He ran a hand through his hair and down his face and was starting to count as a voice permeated the air.

"Get on with it!" Naruto looked to see Guren sensei looking at him and kayane peeking from around the corner.

He knocked, watching as nothing happened. Then a strangled voice cuts through the wood.


"Shinobu it's me may I talk with you?" He waited as his words hung on the air till the door opened and she peeked out of the door. He winced as he saw her face.

She was crying and they froze as they fell from her face, clattering to the floor like so much of the precious stones. She nodded as she opened the door further and he walked in.

Naruto looked into the room with a some what singled thought, 'I have never been in here before, except for when I first got the house and carried her furniture in with Guren-sensei.'

The room was clean, cleaner than the rest of the house, but it was very lacking of individuality, it reminded him of apprentices' living rules under their masters, something what was that word………. Spartan, that's it, it was very Spartan existence. He pondered this as he seated himself on a cushion across form Shinobu and then looked at her cautiously.

She was not meeting his eyes, she was staring at a manuscript on flower arranging, and he felt somewhat sorry for the book as it seemed she was trying to glare through it.

"Shinobu I am sorry, I didn't…." "Slam!!"

Naruto was cut off as the blade like edge of her fingers, sliced through the book and it fell through her hands with a mighty bellow. Naruto had barely registered this when she saw Shinobu's flat handed edge slam into the side of his face.

"Thwap!, Thwap!, THWAP!, THWAP!, THWAP!"

xxxXXXxxx in the sitting room xxxXXXxxx

Kayane and Guren heard the sounds and looked towards the room, hiding behind the edge of hallway, wincing as the sounds continued, followed by thumps and yelps as the intensity increased.

Kayane was about to ask Guren sensei if they should stop it, until they both jumped at a soundless display of lightning crackled around the door way and Naruto's Oni spirit appeared looking like it had just faced the jaws of the beast. It took a step back keeping a eye on the door, phasing through the wall, reappearing in the kitchen doorway holding the blonde samurai's knife block.

The three looked at the door as the sounds stopped; they soon noticed a glow in the corner and turning they saw the wakizashi disappear.

Guren and Kayane's eyes widened, as the Oni took two knives into his hands seemingly prepared to throw and take down anything, except what they heard next.

"Naruto-kun I accept your apology."

Naruto emerged from the room several seconds later, nursing a bruised cheek and multiple cuts on his face. The three looked at him in somewhat surprised and knowing appraisal, two wincing from the bruise while the other just laughed behind his mask.

He walked till he reached the door, "Well I guess I deserved that." He suddenly bent his neck to a sharp angle causing both of his tonfa to fly by his head before colliding with the wall with a solid "thunk". Shinobu walked down the hallway before bowing before him and disappearing into the kitchen, making his oni spirit hop out of the way and merge back with his host.

"I am going to go and meet for the reading of the Sandaime's will, prepare the arrangements in any case should we need them." His sensei nodded as Kayane picked him up and carried him off to make the necessary precautions, if things did not follow through peacefully. Naruto nodded and picked up his staff. He smiled at it as he cradled it in his palms.

This new staff was his sign of successful apprenticeship as a sage, made of a highly nature conductive wood and imbued with chakra from this villages first Kage, it was near indestructible and self mending, there were two carved every five years, and the only other weapon capable of matching its strength was the 'River's Blessed' the tanto he had been given from Guren-sensei. He palmed the horse hair woven handle and looked at the first ornament he had adorned it with: Haku's mask shard.

He nodded as he laid both of his swords by the door, so the sisters would be ready just in case. He lifted his chin and walked out, ready for anything.

Xx Later xX

Naruto sat in a lotus position, his eyes closed and his breathing even, his staff across his knees. He hummed as he ignored the comings and goings of the people around him, his sole focus on focusing on his inner flow, or known to ninja's as the chakra network. He was focusing on an immense amount of wind natured energy and significantly less fire energy, the two easiest he had for storing and building up in his body. He let out a breath with just the smallest sliver of flame; he smiled, 'good I am ready for them.'

"Dem… Uzumaki you may enter now." The guard said with barely held restraint, as the blonde stood and entered the office, not before ruffling his coat at the guard making him bristle.

Sitting in the Hokage's office were his advisors and the War Hawk, what was his name? Naruto shook his head and sat down.

"Uzumaki by the will of the Sandaime you are to preside over the reading of your will and taking possession of the items left to you, do you accept the fore mentioned conditions?"

He nodded and bowed his head just barely, before snapping it up into a more rigid position. The trio looked through the knowledge and cut open a canvas bag, causing two items to display themselves, one was a envelope and the other a heavily fortified red lacquer box, the fore mentioned people looked at the items till Koharu spoke:

"It's a blood seal Uzumaki, to ope..." She was cut off as he held his hand to it and the envelope opened itself with little to no difficulty, he then proceeded to rifle through the contents and found three pieces of paper, two embossed with the kage's seal. He removed the first and began to read.

'Naruto-kun in this envelope is a signed letter from myself one from your grand uncle, and your papers allowing you to leave konoha as one of the village's retainers.'

Naruto cracked a smile as he read that piece to himself.

'First I would like to apologize for the misfortune you have had with continual attempts to make your life easier; so as to make my soul rest some what more at ease I will leave you some very useful items in my stead: 1, the tears of the ocean, two chakra created spheres that are supposedly unmatched wells of natural energy, which I dare say will make your efforts as a sage somewhat easier. 2, Is a deed for land in country of cliffs, something my family has had their hands on but will probably never make good use of, so I leave it to you. 3, lastly I leave you an item you had commissioned as an A class mission to locate, and yes the item has been found. Your search for the harness of the moon stallion, the so called bridge in to which a summoner of the horse clan can call to themselves the master summon of the horse clan, this is my most important gift I could ever have given you in my opinion, and Naruto-kun it is beautiful'

(In depth story note: in my story the horse clan is one, if not the, oldest clans in the world. All clans have a boss, but I also believe they all have a master. Such as the toad Boss Gamabunta, and the masters being Ma & Pa, or the toad seer. Or the snakes whose boss is Manda, but the master would be the Orochi. Just thinks this makes sense.)

Naruto looked at the lacquered box in astonishment, they had found it. The legendary harness. His only possession that he needed to completely finish his mastery over the in depth workings of the horse clans, he now had it. He stopped his hand from reaching the box as he realized he was not alone.

"Uzumaki what is it?" Naruto looked to the old woman as he handed her the letter that was his dismissal, and incinerated the paper in his hand in a wisp of fire natured energy, the three jumped at the sudden appearance of the flame as it lit up the some what darkened room. He pushed the gathered fire natured chi to his throat and spoke.

"The Sandaime Hokage has given me my freedom from the village, that box apparently holds my funds from his employment, this paper;" he held up the only one left with the kage seal. "Is my warranted dismissal from active duty under the village of Konoha." He handed them the letter as he picked up his box and had it seal itself in to the pocket of his coat.

The three council members looked at each other in shock; the third had released the demon, by overriding the council and getting the daimyo to sign it. Koharu and Homura looked at Danzo. He shook his head and made a sign with his hand, thinking it was hidden by the older lady's side only for the blond to see it and immediately become somewhat more protective.

"I am sorry demon but there was something else that the Sandaime mentioned would be allowed after his death;" he took a light breath and faced the wide window of the kage's office.

"Quite simply you poor foolish boy, you belong to my organization now, NE Seize Him!!" The older man roared as the other two people in the room vanished in puffs of smoke to show two more Danzo, and then disappeared completely.

'Kage Bushin' Naruto spun as he heard roaring outside the door, he then glared at Danzo.

"You forget council member, I am never unprepared." He waved his hand and his staff jumped to it from across the room. He heard the door break down and he spun to face the dozen Ne anbu that had appeared. He smacked them back with his staff before calling out.

"Oni now!" With a display of crimson lightning his Oni phased out of his back and attacked the charging group, while Naruto faced Danzo. He put a hand seal up to the old man's face just for show and released the flame natured energy he had built up in the hallway right at him, blasting his ragdoll like shape through the giant glass window, before spinning and seeing his Oni standing on a heap of defeated enemies, looking around piercingly, till they heard more enemies appearing, and saw the running down the hallway.

Naruto ran for the door, sliding halfway, allowing Oni to leap over him and kick the desk's burning remains out of the gaping hole that was once the window, as Naruto breathed out his energy.

"Officer Skill, Offensive: Freeze!" With a display of his hand a massive wall of ice appeared, completely blocking the doorway. Naruto searched the defeated enemies' pockets and threw a role of explosive notes at the base of the ice, rolled up like a wad of bills, and ran over to Oni.

"We have officially overstayed our welcome; you retrieve the sisters and sensei I will meet you in forest, you will be able to find me because of my bond. Now Go!" The blonde leapt off of the building becoming a dot in the distance, the oni vanishing into the shadow of the rooms.


In the forest outside of the village…

Naruto shot through the underbrush, flying through the gaps in trees and smiling as the earth itself move out of his way before moving itself back into its original position. He leapt through the air again and ducked underneath a branch that suddenly sprouted shuriken; he turned and kicked the attacker, seeing one Uchiha Sasuke fall to the ground, having dodged because of the sharingan.

The avenger glared at him before drawing a kunai from his pouch, finally realizing that the blonde only had his staff and those silly tanto of his. He smirked as the blonde looked over his shoulder at the smoke in the distance.

"You have lost, I caught you, give up" The Uchiha said this as the blonde looked around, then sent out his sensory abilities, and almost cracked a smile, the village's golden boy, they're prodigal son was alone. He straightened up and looked at the avenger.

"Uchiha you really seem to be at a misunderstanding, your orders are missing something of a strong and very big break point of negotiability." The avenger looked at him like he had sprouted a second head.

"You're all bark and no bite, Sasuke." The Uchiha flushed with anger and charged the blonde, only to be kicked away, and throw knives while he was in the air.

Naruto smacked all of his opponents attack away with his staff, before feeling his eye starting to change, but having to stop it, he couldn't use the sage training and his bloodline at the same time. He looked only to see his opponent to slam a heel into his face, sending him rolling backwards.

"See loser. You can't beat me, now come and grovel at my feet, isn't that what samurai do for their masters?" As the blonde pulled himself from the dirt, glaring at the little rat of a ninja.

"I will not bow to you Sasuke, you are not my better, nor my equal, and sure as snow that you won't be my master anywhere in Kami's domain." The Avenger grew red again and somehow drew a bolt of lightning into his hand and charged.

Naruto let his sage control over the elements fade and focused on his own body already analyzing his charging attacker, it was just a very strong thrust, just like he did to tsunade with fire energy, but lightning had such a weak link so close to the earth, and Naruto now had every affinity a ninja could ever hope to have due to his training. He pushed every bit of his newly achieved X-Rally into his right arm, and jumped left, his enemy attack millimeters from him. 'Nowhere near the power of kakashi, yet this was his chosen pupil?' Naruto then threw his hand forward in a palm strike, going straight through the flimsy body of the Uchiha and sending his left three lowest ribs blasting themselves out of the Uchiha's back ripping muscle and skin to shreds.

"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the boy fell to the ground looking at naruto's hand like it was some evil thing. Naruto stood above the Uchiha and looked to the direction of the village, feeling their sensei and a medic ninja quickly approaching. He looked down to see the Uchiha still conscious, fighting its dark hold as odd markings moved across his body and began to cover the wound for it to heal. Naruto just pulled his tanto from his sleeve where he had hidden it and drew the blade across the origin of the attack, a small somewhat odd looking mark, drawing a line of ink from the body, and watching as it washed away in the flow of the Sasuke's blood.

"You were foolish to come after me Sasuke, you could not have beaten me, not with the training you had. I have fought itachi and I have come out victorious, and Itachi used you as a rag doll, what does that tell you? Kill itachi and seek me out and I will face you, and your death might welcome you or it might be me who is coldly embraced. If you wish to challenge me after your revenge against your brother, you must only speak to a horse and I will be informed. Then I will meet you where I have so delicately removed your ribs, but do not worry I will come armed with only what I have this time. Good Bye………… Teme."

Naruto turned just as the sisters and his teacher appeared his Oni melding back into his body. He told them where to go, saying he would meet them there. The Ice pass in the land close to the Northern Kumo border. The group nodded as he gave his sensei the land dead from the sandaime and asked him if he could make it live able. His sensei nodded and vanished in a wave of blue and green fire.

He looked out to where the capital was; knowing now that he would never gain his position guaranteed by the Daimyo, he hung his head. He looked to the Uchiha as he saw his sensei appear at the opposite end of the clearing.

He nodded to the furious Uchiha and looked at Kakashi, spooking the Jounin with the look on his face. He looked just like his dear departed sensei.

"Goodbye Kakashi, I will however tell you the future of your team, as a parting gift, think of it as an apology for your trouble."

Kakashi looked at his student with a look that absolutely nothing he would do could be any more shocking as the thing he did to his teammate. The medic was already healing the Uchiha in a few seconds after she had arrived.

Naruto's voice changed to that of a much older man, with an almost mystical quality.

"The one sharp voice and deep mind will find the ability to heal all in time and of family and future she will be happy to find that a foreign ninja will make his and her dreams thine."

"The man of great anger and selfish loath, will achieve all the power he could ever behold. He will slay his evil brother only to die by a gift of his clans' eternal father. In deep battle he will pass on, but no one shall sing him in song, as one that was glorious warrior will die as a vain insane man."

"The spirit bound to a demon at birth, will be the one who has achieved most goals on earth. His skill will rise like a star to the heavens, only to be destroyed by one who fights in evens. His life is even and up to him but it will only end with painful recollection."

Kakashi looked at his student till he suddenly glowed blue and disappeared in a flash of great lightning, and left them there as the arch flew off into the air in a burst of bright energy, off to save those who he truly needed to.

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Chapter 21:regardless of life.