Lana walked down the steps into the Talon. She was about to go off to college with Chloe, share a dorm room, but... Sighing, she put a hand on her small bulge. Jason--- ah, Dean... yes, Dean, had left about four months ago. She didn't know where, and she didn't have a way to contact him. After he'd finally admitted to her who he really was, she'd reacted badly.

Truthfully, considering she had been posessed by Isobel Theraoux, it wasn't that hard to buy that he was into hunting the Supernatural. It wasn't even that hard to buy that as a hunter, he had been working undercover, searching out that particular spirit. But, she'd never known who he truly was until the end...

"There was never a good time to tell you--- by the time I fell for you I felt like it was too late..."

Of course, he had eventually told her, but... it had only served to make her angry. The fact that the past few months had been... well, a lie... She couldnt' help but miss him, though. Still dream of his slow, sexy smile in the dark, the taste of him, the musky smell she couldn't get enough of... Clark would be there for her, she knew, but she refused to do that to him. To use him in that way, when she was carrying another man's child... another man's son...

Meanwhile, outside on the street...

"Dude, I don't think this is a very good idea."

"Dean, you had a girl that you almost married. That's... something huge." Sam said. "I mean, I'm surprised you didn't tell me about her before now."

"Because, two days after we broke up, I went to go get you at Stanford." Dean said. "And, we broke up because I was honest with her about who I am--- who we are."

Sam let out a slow whistle.


"Dude... I never even had the balls to tell Jess..."

"Yeah, well, you thought it wasn't true anymore, didn't you?" Dean said, and Sam winced, the impact of those words hitting him. How hurt Dean had been by his leaving...

"Dean, I---"

"That's where she lives." he interrupted, pointing to the coffee shop.

Sam nodded, nudging him towards the door.

"I'm goin', don't shove me, Bitch."

"Jerk." Sam smirked back at him.

Dean and Sam walked in slowly, and noticed the place was empty, except for Lana, whose back was turned. And, then she turned...

"Holy shit."