Dean was past being stealthy. He was past thinking, caring, feeling... Right now, he was just one raw nerve, driving like a madman right through the gates of the "camp" Old Yellow Eyes had set up...

It had taken him three hours to get there, but, he was barreling through a cabin, until he pulled to a sideways stop just outside of his wreckage. Lana had been on the floor of the backseat with Ash, her head covered, but got up as soon as she heard the doors open, grabbing a machete and racing after Dean, Ash and Bobby following with weapons of their own.

"We have to split up!" Dean said quickly. "Be careful, all right?" he said to Lana, pulling her into a quick but passionate kiss before racing off in his direction.

The four of them raced off, looking everywhere, seeing the "children" that the Demon had collected in their various spots.

"Andy, oh, okay..." Dean panted. "Where's Sam?"

"Somewhere around here." Andy said, following after him.

"Not helpful, man." Dean said, his mind racing. What did this bastard want with his baby brother? What was he doing to him right now??

Bobby walked up with Ava and a blonde woman. "It's a deathmatch, Dean." he said quickly. "He's making 'em fight each-other. Last one standing gets to be his 'chosen', whatever that is."

"Two are already gone." Ava revealed.

"But, Sam?" Dean asked desperately.

"Far as I know, he's still okay. He's been lucky, no one's tried to fight him yet."

"Where is Jake?" Dean asked, a sudden worry clutching around his heart, making it constrict tightly.

"Disappeared, the little weirdo." The blonde shrugged.

Meanwhile, Ash had found Sam, fighting off some kind of apparition with an iron poker.

"Dude, come on!" Ash yelled.


"Yeah, we're here, so shag ass, buddy!"

Sam raced after Ash, finally coming around to where Dean and Bobby were. About three feet from Dean, Sam felt someone grab him from behind.

"No!" Dean swore as the young man put a knife to Sam's throat.

"Just back off me, man!" Jake threatened.

"Easy..." Dean swallowed, his heart beating so fast his veins were pratically vibrating, "just put the knife down, Jake."

"How do you know my name?" He demanded, fear creeping into his tone.

Fear, that wasn't good... needed him calm.

"I know what this place is." Dean said. "And, my brother, he doesn't belong here. It's all a big, huge ass mistake... just let him go, okay?"

"Can't do that. I have to be the one left standing."

"Think about this, moron: There's five of us and one of you. You so much as scratch him with that knife, you'll be dead before you hit the ground." Dean ground out. "I mean that. I will kill you. And it will hurt."

Jake hesitantly pulled away, and Sam started walking forward. Then, as if rethinking his options, perhaps more scared of Yellow Eyes than Dean, Jake lunged at Sam from behind, running towards him before he could turn. But, to his shock, he heard a lound "thunk" noise, and turned to see Lana standing behind him. She held up a hammer.

"Wrought iron." she said with a shrug. "Thought it could come in handy, so I keep it in my pocket."

Sam's knees went slightly limp with relief, his eyes rolling back into his head as the oxygen seemed to be sucked from his lungs, and he fainted. Right into Dean's waiting arms...

Chuck woke up in his apartment, rubbing his face wearily. Something felt very different, that he couldn't put his finger on... And, then he saw him. The man with dark curly hair, and an extremely nice trench coat...

"Ah... may I help you?"

"Prophet, I am Castiel, an angel of the Lord." the man greeted formally.

"Okay, yeah, right..." Chuck said. "Or... maybe you are..." he squeaked, as Castiel revealed his wings in the shadow.

"We have met once before." Castiel explained. "In another timeline. However... mistakes were made. I think, as you would put it... I have made some 'rewrites' for you..."

~The End? Or a New Beginning?~