Banana Cream Pie

Disclaimer: People I do not own Harry Potter!

Summary: Ron can't help but look at Hermione as she eats banana cream pie. This was just for fun nothing serious. Hope you like it.


Ron's POV

Look at her eat that pie. She doesn't even know what she is doing to me right now. My eyes go wide as she likes the cream off of her fingers.



I scream in my head. She makes it look so good I just want to rip it out of her hands and do… things to her. Things that would make my mother ground me until I turn one hundred years old. I love Banana Cream pie.

But she is makes it look like something that should be illegal. I feel my face blush and have to hold in a moan as she licks the spoon. Hermione please stop. You don't know what you're doing to me. Where's Harry? He's probably with Ginny off somewhere doing Merlin knows what. God. The one time I need him here to chat and distract me he is off doing things with my sister.

Dumb prat.

Don't you dare!


I feel my pants grow tighter as she puts some of the cinnamon and cream on her fighters and lick them. The worst part was that she moaned. God if your there I'm sorry for what every I did to obtain this punishment. I can't take it anymore. I get up from the table and run out the Great Hall, I'm in need of a cold... very cold shower.


Hermione's POV

That's right Ron squirm. I know it might be wrong but ever since I caught sight of him starting at me while I eat this delicious pie I had to have a little…. Fun. I have to hold in a laugh as he blushes when I… "accidentally" lick the spoon completely unaware of what I'm doing to poor Ronny.

That's right Ron I have the power. I see him bite his lip when I make a fake moan escape my lips as I obliviously enjoy this pie. He crosses his legs when I dip my finger in the cream and lick them. I see him out of the corner of my eye start to wiggle around even more then before.

I almost have him. You can do it Hermione! Just a little more and…

He gets up and runs out of the hall. I fall over laughing. People are staring at me like I am crazy but hey it was sidesplitting funny. Maybe this will make him realize he likes me. I laugh even harder as i remember his face.

He looked like he needs a shower.