Hello my pixies, long time no see. Sorry this took so long but my life is in shambles. any way this is the last installment of A Broken Heart. It is short and sweet but I hope it is an okay ending to my little story here. I did have a lot of fun writing this and I hope that you had fun reading it. This will probably be the last story I post on this site because of all the rules about content but if you want to see if I am up to anything then you can find me on the writers coffee shop. I am in love with all that followed this story and reviewed it. you guys are the best.

I was settling into my new life quite nicely. Everything was the same but better. Smells, sights, touches, everything was enhanced. And I mean everything. Edward and I had been exploring every avenue of my new found immortality. My strength, my speed, my insatiable libido. I had to laugh at that one. After that first day of my new indestructibility, and endless harassment by Emmett, Edward and I had been inseparable. He never left my side and I never even dreamed of leaving his.

We were like the same being. Two souls who shared a body. When he moved so did I and even though it annoyed some people (Alice) we wouldn't, couldn't be separated. It was like we would stop existing if the other one was not there.

In all of my dreams I never imagined that I would have everything that I do now. The love and adoration of a god. The complete devotion of another family and immortality was mind boggling, even with all the extra space in said mind.

After everything that I had went through in my short eighteen years of life I felt that it was time that I had something good. I had my new life but I also had my old. My Dad didn't know everything but he knew enough to keep him in the loop. He didn't like how things turned out but he also didn't question too much. He liked life to be simple and didn't want to get to into the supernatural aspect of the world anymore than he had to.

As I sit and stare out the window overlooking the river beside my new home with the Cullen's, I think that life could get no better than this. My heart was full of love and there was no doubt that the vampire that just wrapped his arms around me felt the same.

"What are you thinking so hard about?" Edward whispered in my ear.

"Hmm?" I murmured.

"Just wondering what is giving you that look of contentment," he said as he kissed my neck.

"Oh nothing, Just realizing what a lucky girl I am." I sighed.

"No, I am the lucky one. I have you and that is all I would ever ask for," he kissed me again.

"I feel the same but I also have so much more. I have the love of a man that I can't believe wanted me of all people. It's like a dream that I hope to never wake up from."

"You still don't see yourself like everyone else does do you? You are smart, beautiful, caring, and the best lover I ever had," he snickered.

I turned and smacked him playfully on his chest. "I better be the only lover you have," I growled.

He laughed and kissed me hard. As our kiss deepened I couldn't help but think of all the things that this man has done and suffered for me.

He fought against the urge to kill me when we first met and even though my blood caused him pain he still found the strength to want to be around me. Most people shy away for anything that causes them pain but I guess the pain of not being with me was too much to bear. I know how he feels because I could never be without him. I lost him once and I will never let that happen again.

He has given me so much in our short time together. He has saved me on numerous occasions, putting his own life in jeopardy to do so but that is just Edward. He has rescued me more times than I can count but what the one thing that matters most is that he repaired a broken heart.


Goodbye all my lovelies see ya round the bend. ~pixdog~