Ow! There was something jabbing into my back! What was this?

I shifted over to avoid the sharp point, and hit into a soft barrier; what's going on? My bed's all screwed up! I opened my eyes. A gray splotchy ceiling glared at me. Where was I? I sat up.

And found myself pressed tightly against the back of an ancient couch.

Oh, right. This was Matt's crummy apartment. Now I remember. I glared at the spring that had been digging into my back all night and hopped lightly down from the couch. I could make out Matt's curled form on the mattress through the dark room.

I tiptoed around the couch towards the bathroom when suddenly CRUNCH. I froze, and looked down at my feet. I had stepped on something, but I wasn't sure what.

I lifted my left foot.

And there, beneath it, was a small square chip, a few delicate wires snaked around it.

Uh oh.

It was one of Matt's PS2 memory chips! I gulped, and glanced back at the sleeping form of my friend. He hadn't woke. I looked back, guiltily at the broken chip. What if it was important to Matt's video game career? What if it contained the data of the first Sith Lord he had killed in Star Wars Dark Side Revenge that he had had since he was seven and still in Wammy's House?

This was bad, bad, bad! My first day staying in Matt's place and I was already breaking his things! I was a terrible friend!

I scooped up the bits of the memory card and carried them into the kitchen. I laid them out on the counter and turned on a tiny light over the stove. It didn't look good; the entire chip was snapped in half; why do they make these things so flimsy anyway?

I carefully deposited the pieces into the pocket of my leather pants and crept back to my couch.

Maybe Matt wouldn't notice; the memory card littered his floors like chocolate wrappers had mine, when I still had a place.

I took the pieces from my pocket and brushed them under the couch. Judging from the amount of dust under there, Matt wouldn't find them for at least a decade...

*Later That Day*

Matt looked around the apartment and scratched his head. "Sheesh, this place is a mess!" he exclaimed. I nodded, absently.

"We should clean!" he said, excitedly. "I haven't cleaned in so long!"

"I can tell," I murmured.

Matt disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared with a broom. "I'll sweep under the couch!" he announced, "and you can dust the windows!"

Just my luck.