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Chapter One: The Story of Bella.

"Can Bella come out to play?" I asked impatiently, standing in front of my best friends house door. Bella's mother Renee turn around to look past the door to the staircase that led up to Bella's room. I was easily picturing the days when Bella fell, or tripped her way down that. I stomped my foot, more impatient.

"I think she's already outside hun, out in the backyard." She answered. I smiled, nodded a 'thanks', then took out running to the back. I jumped off from the brick pathway, and over the bushes. I quieted my walking, so that way I could do a sneak attack on Bella from behind. She hated it when I surprised her, so I did it all the time.

She was walking around the small plant area, looking intently down at the ground. I smiled, this was going to be perfect. Slowly, I was able to move around her. She was walking forward, in front of me. Keeping my grin I pounced on her.

"Rawr!" I growled jokingly, as I ran up behind Bella and tackled her to the ground. She laughed and squealed, desperately grasping at my hands and arms to pull me away from her. I kept my stance, pinning her down. She giggled some more, then gave up. I felt disappointed.

"Giving up already, huh? Loser!" I shouted, getting off from her. Bella sighed, and rolled over so her face was down in the grass. I looked down at her confused. She looked so tired. Her brown hair was spread out all around her as she just sorta laid there. My stomach made a knot, as I thought of something terrible.

"Bell Bell?" I asked softly, kneeing down next to her on the grass. She didn't respond, just stayed there. I swallowed loudly, as my hand timidly went out to reach for her. As my hand came to lay down on her shoulder, Bella screamed and rolled over. She got up, then tackled me to the ground. I was taken aback by her skills. Oh, dang it.

"Not fair! Not fair!," I kept repeating as she held me down. "I thought you were hurt or something! Not fair at all!"

She laughed, and got up off from me. I let out a breath, as I got up also. She smiled, then held out her hand. "Truths?"

"Truths." I answered, smiling.

"Bella! Dinner is ready! Go leave that Emmett kid alone, and eat!" Bella's mother Renee called from the screen door of their front house.

"No she can't leave! I'm keeping her as my slave!" I shouted back to her mom, wrapping my arms around Bella.

"Emmett, let go I have to eat." She said, squirming out of my hold. I frowned. These were the times I hated. When Bella had to leave. Me and her were best of friends, so when she left it made me sad. I loved spending my days with her. She was fun to play around with, and tackle. She was very clumsy too, so it was fun to watch her fall down and I could laugh.

"Fine," I pouted. "See you tomorrow Pack Man?" Pack man was her nickname. I gave it to her, when we we're around seven. She gave me a nickname too. I don't really remember how it started, but it stuck with us till this day.

She giggled. "Of course Monkey Man." We high fived each other, the sun now setting down. I had to get home soon. My mom might start worrying soon. We hugged one last time, then went our opposite ways.

"You get home safely, Emmett!" Renee said to me, and I waved back. Of course I would. Bella waved crazily from her door, till I got out of the distance. It was cool that I didn't live so far away from her. It'd drive me crazy if I did. Friends for a whole ten years.

I jogged down to the end of the block, to get to my house. I walked straight into the front door, greeted by the smell of food. Yum. I went into the kitchen to see what my mom was cooking. She smiled at me, as she stirred something in a black pan.

"Did you get to visit Bella today?" She asked, putting in some salt to the food she was cooking. I nodded my head.

"Yep, Pack Man was out in the backyard today. So I got her from behind, then she made this weird squealing sound, and tried to push me off. She gave up, then I got up. She stayed really still for awhile and I got scared, so I was like 'Bell?', then she turned around, yelled and tackled me!...I tell you, I didn't know she had tricks!" My voice was enthusiastic.

My mom laughed gently. "I'm glad you had fun. Why don't you go set up the table for me?"

"Sure." I replied, then quickly set up the table for my mom. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right. I was getting confused on which way, or side the fork went on. Then the spoon. I gave up, and just set the table up the way I knew how.

"Go tell your brothers, and sister that dinner is ready will you? I think they are all upstairs in Jasper's room."

"Okay." I answered.

I ran up the stairs, to go get my family. Mom was right, they were all chillaxing in Jasper's I got in the room, I told them that mom said that dinner was ready. They nodded then headed down the stairs with me. Edward shoved me against the wall a couple of times, then I did the same.

"Meanie!" Edward yelled at me.

"Meanie bo-beanie!" I laughed, then pushed him again.

"Mom!," He shouted then at me said. "I don't know what to say next to that."

"Boys, stop it now! Wash your hands then eat dinner!" Our mom told us.

"Stupid seven year old brother." I muttered, then hurried up so I could go and eat.

Edward was seven. Jasper was fourteen. Alice was nine. And I was ten. My family was pretty cool I guess. My mom was the best, and my dad was a doctor. We functioned good as a family I guess, but it could get a little hectic around here.

"Mom, when is dad coming back?" Alice asked as she sat down, and took her fork digging into the noodle dish.

"He'll be here tomorrow morning, sweetheart." Mom kissed her forehead, sitting down herself.

That night we ate our dinner, brushed our teeth, talked, and got ready for bed. I was so excited to seeing Bella tomorrow. Me and her had plans to go to the ice cream shop, and to the park. I was going to kick her butt, to make up for what she did to me today.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of more food. That's what I loved about my family, especially my mom. She love to cook, and she was good at it. So I enjoyed it a lot. She was making pancakes for this morning. I got out of my bed, did some of normal routines.

As I was eating my pancakes there was a knock on the door. I smiled.

"Monkey Man! I got a new bike! Hurry!" I heard Bella's excited voice coming from the other side of the door.

Ooo, bike?

"Coming!" I shouted, running. I waved quickly to my mom, who laughed then kept reading her book. When I got outside, Bella was wearing a purple helmet, sitting on her new bike. She waved, laughing probably from my expression. It was early in the morning, like around ten or so.


"I know, right?" Bella smiled at me, then got off so I could look at it.

"Who gave it to you?" I shouted in awe, climbing onto it. It was so cool.

"My mom duh." She answered obviously. I stuck out my tongue at her.

"Can we take turns riding it?" I asked excitedly, playing around with the bike pedals. This was awesome! They turned backwards all the way, and front wards! Oh, totally sweet! The brakes to stop the bike, were up on the handles. The bike was like this fiery blue color. It popped out, with the colors.

"Go ahead, but after I want to play tag again. I liked watching you loose yesterday." She giggled.

"That was a cheap shot and you know it." I muttered at her.

"Just go." She laughed, then pushed the bike from behind to make it go forward. I cheered, and started pedaling around. I went twice around in a circle around her, who was watching me with a smile. Her brown eyes looked brighter than usual. Actually a lot of things looked different about her.

I stopped riding the bike, pressing firmly down on the brakes. "Bella...you look different today." I was saying slowly, getting in front of her. I looked into her eyes...they were weird. They were so light, almost clear. They were larger than usual also. Her skin was paler, then pale. And for the first time that I have known her, her rosy cheeks were gone. She wasn't blushing, at all. Her lips were thin, and her hair...oh wow her hair. It wasn't that brown fluff I was used to. It looked like frail strings.

"I know. But I feel fine." She assured. Her voice was the only thing that sounded the same.

"Are you sure about that?" I checked. She was my friend. I'd hate it if anything happened to her, or if she was ill. She was one of my best friends that I had ever had.

"Yes, I already said that. Now come on," She said light hearted. "Your it." She punched my shoulder, then took off running. I laughed running after her, forgetting about the bike. I chased her through my front yard, being careful not to step on my moms flowers. Me and Bella laughed continue sly as we had fun, tagging and tackling each other.

"Gottcha." I murmured out of breath, as me and her both landed onto the grass. I could feel my clothes get wet from the water that was in the grass. There would be stains and my mom won't be too happy about that.

"My head feels weird." Bella answered. I rolled over onto my side so I could see her.

"Come on, I think it was moving around too much." I got up, and held out my hand towards her. She took it and got up onto her feet.

"Ow." She said, running her fingers through her hair for a bit.

I gasped.

In Bella's hand was a big chunk of her hair. A big bald spot on her head. I stared, not sure of anything. My heart pounded unsteadily. My breathing was weirdly shallow, as I took in deeper breaths.

Bella looked at me with horrified wide eyes.

"Mom!!" I shouted watching Bella fall.

Bella left after that day. Just disappeared from Forks, and never came back. What happened to her?

I had no clue.


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